War Graves in UK-Staffordshire

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  1. AndyBaldEagle

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    Now I have finally got my act together I would be grateful if anyone could assist with providing pictures of headstones from the following cemeteries.A couple of general views of the cemetery/churchyard would also be appreciated.

    Burntwood (Christ Church) Cemetery

    B.1089 Lysons 1180195 RAFVR 21/02/1945

    Heath Town (Holy Trinity) Churchyard

    Old Ground Row 51 Grave S/3 Elwell 5120812 AAC 13/6/1943
    Old Ground Row 52 Grave N/1 Hill 4037933 1 Border 7/9/1942
    Old Ground Row 14 Grave 9 Hollowood 104 ATC/5 GTS 09/09/1943

    Hednesford (St Peter) Churchyard Extension

    D.26.32 Martin/D 3030950 RAFVR 14/09/1945

    Kidsgrove Church Cemetery

    Old Part East Side 35. Grave 31. Knapper/ F Pte 5049489 2 S/Staffs 24/07/1945

    Lichfield (St Chad) Churchyard Extension

    Grave 32 Evans 119782 RAFVR 7/9/1942

    Pennfields (St Philip)

    K.233-234 Morris 47081 RAFVR 28/04/1944

    Stoke on Trent (Burslem)

    CB.55 Sherry AAC 13/02/1947

    Stoke on Trent-Hanley

    Grave 16054 Lowndes 7048068 RUR 18/6/1945
    Grave 13266 Malbon 5049499 AAC 26/2/1945

    West Bromwich

    C.1196 Brown/T RAFVR 22/03/1943


  2. glosterman

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    Hi Andy

    Please find attached photos for Rolleston, Burslem, Fenton, Hartshill and the Stoke on Trent, Crem. The others I have not done.


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  3. AndyBaldEagle

    AndyBaldEagle Very Senior Member


    Thanks for those... Is the damage to Staley's headstone new or does it appear old?
    I think an email to CWGC might be in order if old damage.

    Thanks once again

  4. glosterman

    glosterman Senior Member

    Hi AndyBaldEagle

    The Staley headstone is an old photo. The CWGC had left a notice on it. I had intended having a look at it after I left Burslem Cemetery to day, but the snow had started. The Burslem ones I have redone and in the next hour or so I will send them on to you

  5. glosterman

    glosterman Senior Member

    Hi AndyBaldEagle

    Attached, replacement photos for Burslem

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  6. AndyBaldEagle

    AndyBaldEagle Very Senior Member

    Further cemeteries/chuchyards/names added if anyone can assist!


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