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    Now I have got my act together I wonder if anyone is able to assist with pictures from the below cemetery, in the Czech Republic ( if that is the correct terminology- if not I apologise as it was taken from the CWGC website). Pictures of the headstones and a few gerenal views of the cemetery would be appreciated

    Prague War Cemetery

    Kroesing M/10865 RCIC 19/1/1945 3E11

    Crabb 14433489 AAC 16/12/1944 4A7
    Morris 7948079 AAC 16/12/1944 4A9

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    Of all the countries you listed today the only place where there isn't an Aussie is in Prague.

    Leaving out the main areas, I have lads buried in other somewhat unusual European countries. Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Serbia & Montenegro, Spain & Switzerland.

    There must be other "strange" places where there are allied burials.

    This is the full list where the RAAF lads are buried. Good to see that in most cases they lie with their comrades.

    Don't forget to click the images twice to make them legible.



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