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    I've always assumed that the Copy No. on the actual WE table was filled in on tables sent to units, and the PRO staff utilised the space for their page numbers when filing them in WO24. That's what I used to use for online ordering, until they completely changed the system at least.

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    Thanks so much guys.

    I know that I said that the 8th Army one would be the last one, but I was not expecting the HQ Cyrenaica Command. Would it be possible to have that one as well please.

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    Headquarters, Cyrenaica Command
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    Thank you very much once again!
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    Time to resurrect this thread to see if in the preceding 18months or so anyone has come up with any M.E.W.E for Commonwealth Infantry Division HQs?

    Thanks in advance.
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  6. Hi David,
    Recently I collected the WE of the Eighth army in 1943 which are attached here

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    Hello David

    Perhaps you would be so kind as to detail what steps you have taken over the past 18 months to gather this information yourself.

    Even if you came up empty handed, it would help others to know where not to look so as to avoid wasting time going over the very same ground and also coming up empty.
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    I'm looking for details of the War Establishments for late 1941 Light and Heavy Anti Aircraft Batteries and Regiments in North Africa - at the time of Crusader (Nov-Dec 1941).


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