War Diary for 147 Regiment RAC

Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by stag, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi folks

    If it is of use to anyone I have copied the war diary of 147 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps covering the period just before D Day until just after VE Day.

    For the cost of postage I can put it onto a CD for you.


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  2. geoffypres

    geoffypres New Member

    Hi Stag

    Just seen your post. I'm interested in a copy of the 147 RAC war diary. Please let me know postage and how you want payment.

  3. Dave Allan 1956

    Dave Allan 1956 New Member

    HI Stag, I also just found your post, I'm interested in Feb 1945 and wondering if I can simply get a copy of that part simply.... thx Dave
  4. Paulus52

    Paulus52 New Member

    Hallo Stag,

    I'm looking for infortion on the 147 Regiment RAC while supporting the US 104 Infantry Division during OP Suitcase, October 1944. Specific in the region Zundert and Achtmaal, Holland.

    Is the offer stille valid?


  5. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Post 8 May have the following:
    147th (Royal Hampshire) Regiment RAC temporary command 1st Canadian Army less B Squadron
    Regimental Headquarters: unknown – to Ochtrup south of Münster 13 May 45

    They were command 34th Armoured Brigade have their War Dairies but the location is not recorded

    Hope you can help
  6. Paulus52

    Paulus52 New Member

    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your responce.
    During OP Suitcase (20 October - 8 November 1944) 147 Regiment RAC supported 104 US Infantry Division (Timberwolves. They released the 49 British Infantry Division (Polar Bears) in Wuustwezel (Belgian) from 23-25 October. They also toke over the 147 Regiment RAC. Every US Infantry Regiment was supported by one Tank Sqn. In the book Timberwolves Tracks you will find some information of this support when de Unfantry Regiment fought in the Belgian/Dutch boundery; from 25 to 27 of October. I'm very intersted in the tank support of A-Sqn 147 Regiment RAC, which was linked to the 415 US Infantry regiment, while advancing on Achtmaal. In this way I hope to find an answer to local stories in Achtmaal that a tank, type unknown, has been there for several days because of a damaged track.


  7. EvoBlue_NZ

    EvoBlue_NZ Member

    stag you wouldn't happen to still have a copy of that war diary floating around would you?
  8. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi EvoBlue.. I have a master copy on disc that can be copied onto another disc if you are looking for one.
    Stag (Ian)
  9. Dunc8543

    Dunc8543 Junior Member

    Hi Stag,

    Is it possible to get a copy of the war diary please.


  10. Croc

    Croc New Member

    Hi Stag, I have just found this site and signed up. My uncle served in 147 RAC and so I would really like a copy of that war diary. Please let me know what you need.

    Many Thanks,

  11. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi Alan,
    No problem at all. I can burn one into a disc for you if you let me have your name and address by PM.
    Do you know which squadron your uncle was with and where about he served? I’m currently researching my father’s time in NW Europe in 44/45 so have a lot of info around that.
  12. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi Dunc
    Not a problem, I can burn it onto a disc if you wish.
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  13. Dunc8543

    Dunc8543 Junior Member

    That would be great, let me know what you need.
  14. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi Dunc
    Would you prefer it on a memory stick? If you can send me one I can get that done for you. PM me and i can let you have my address to send one to.
    Kind regards
  15. MattHam

    MattHam New Member

    Hi Stag. My Granfather served with the 147 Regiment. Would it be possible to also have a copy of their war diary?

  16. stag

    stag Active Member

    Certainly, not a problem. If you can let me have your details, address etc I can get it organised. It usually takes a little while as because I’m a technophobe I have to get the wife to do it!
    Do you know which squadron he served in with 147 or where he went etc? If you want you can DM me.
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  17. mar649

    mar649 New Member

    Hi Stag, Finally, my Grandfather's military records arrived yesterday after waiting for over a year! Looking through them today Cpl William Kenneth Jones (5508567) joined the 147th RAC B Squadron on 1 Dec 1941. He landed at Normandy on 2 Jul 1944 and remained with the 147th until his transfer to 107th RAC on 7 Nov 1945. He was hospitalised a couple of times but thankfully returned home in Jan 1946.

    If your offer of a copy of the 147th RAC war diary is still open, I would be extremely grateful as I would like to find out what/where he was when he was injured. He mentioned that he was involved in liberating a concentration camp, but again I don't know where.


  18. m kenny

    m kenny Senior Member

    Why not post it here then no more need to supply copies? If it is just the daily write-up it would be a fairly simple task.
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  19. stag

    stag Active Member

    Hi Mark.
    Not a problem. I’m away from home for a couple of weeks but will sort it out for you when I get back. I’m not sure that it mentions injuries by name in the diaries. Interestingly my father was also 147RAC B squadron!
  20. stag

    stag Active Member

    Unfortunately It’s a photo copy of all the regiments diary and runs to about a hundred pages

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