War Diary - 6th Bn the Lincolnshire Regiment - April to June 1940

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    Personnel of 6Lincolns mentioned in the 6Lincolns War Diary; April to June 1940:

    Lt Col S.B. Harrison, (Sydney Brewster Harrison, DSO ‘Jumbo’ Harrison, 1901-1963)

    Major G.S. Jones, 2nd in Command (“Major Gilbert Sidney Jones, 6th Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment, who won a DSO for his part in evacuating the Dunkirk beaches, 1/2nd June 1940. Major Jones stood up to his chest in water and under heavy shellfire assisted exhausted soldiers into the boats. He was a dentist in Stamford, dying in 1959, aged 66.”; undated press cutting)
    A/Major W.A. Hastie, Adjutant

    Capt Anderson
    Capt K.G. Barrell
    Capt Bell
    Capt Burton
    Capt. W.E. Porter, O.C. “B” Coy.
    Capt. E.D.S. Powell, O.C. “C” Coy. (Edward Dudley Sagar POWELL, killed 02/06/1940 Service No: 39353)

    Lieut J.E. Arnold
    Lt B. Benson Brown
    Lt N. Oughtred, (of Heckington)

    2/Lt R. D'O. Aplin (of Grantham)
    2/Lt G.F. Catlin, (George Francis CATLIN Captain, Lincolnshire Regiment who died on Wednesday, 12th July 1944. Age 33.Son of John Holland Catlin and Mary Emily Catlin, of Grantham, Lincolnshire; husband of Ruth Bernrose Catlin, of Grantham. III.D.21. Bayeux War Cemetery, Calvados, France.
    2/Lt J.E. Fletcher (Jack Fletcher of Gedney)
    2Lt H.W.P. Golden (of Holbeach, 1921-2008)
    2/Lt Graham
    2/Lt M. Mould
    2Lt A.S. Newill
    2/Lt J.N.P. Richards
    2/Lt D.L.K. Smith, (presumably Derek Lusmore Holdich SMITH Captain, 6th Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment who died on Thursday, 4th March 1943. Age 24. Son of Frederick Holdich Smith and Mabel Beatrice Smith; husband of Sheila Mary Smith, of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery, Tunisia)
    2Lt T.F. Trollope-Bellew, (Thomas Fleming TROLLOPE-BELLEW, of Crowcombe, Somerset and Casewick, Lincs, 1920-93)
    2/Lt F.J. Taylor (of Grantham)
    2/Lt J.W. Turnbull
    2/Lt A Young

    Rev H.P. Lawrence

    RSM Bett

    Sgt Burley G. 4797753
    Sgt Ellum, the OR Sergeant
    Sergeant Chef Roussell

    Cpl Allett, “B” Coy, had a severe operation,
    Cpl Connelly
    Cpl Greetham
    Cpl Lilley (wounded)
    Cpl Wattam, Officers' Mess Cook,
    Cpl Williamson (storeman)

    L/C A. Daniels

    Pte Billings, “D” Coy,
    Pte King
    Pte Oswin
    Pte Poole “B” Coy.
    Pte Wilson 4803706 (possibly an error for 4803206) admitted to hospital
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    Obituary of Colonel Bill Bell (Francis Cecil Leonard Bell)
    Decorated soldier who, in many ranks, saw action throughout the war
    Daily Telegraph; 20 Jan 2013
    Colonel Bill Bell - Telegraph

    I have transcribed the War Diary of 6th Bn the Lincolnshire Regiment - April to June 1940 if anyone wants info
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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Lance Corporal P.G. Dowdall served in D Company of the 6th Battalion and mentions in his personal diary that when he got to the beaches, the Second in command, Adjutant and about 200 men were the only ones they found when they arrived.

    L/Cpl Dowdall sustained a shrapnell wound in the leg during a bombing raid on the beach, but was evacuated off the mole at Dunkirk along with the rest of the men, on HMS Venemous.

    After recovering from his wound, he was posted to the newly formed 7th Battalion, which later became 102 LAA Regiment, RA. He rose to the rank of Battery Sergeant Major and was to be awarded the MBE in North West Europe.

    He also commented in his diary, that the OC of C Company, Captain E.D.S. Powell had been killed by shell fire along with Corporal E.M. Scholes.
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