War Diary: 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, Jan - Oct 1945

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    1 August 1945
    Lieutenant-Colonel R. DAWNAY took over command of the Battalion.

    2 - 6 August

    7 August
    In conjunction with 2nd HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY REGIMENT a sweep was made through the STAATFOREST BENRATH 3373, to round up stray Displaced Persons and other lawless elements that have been responsible for local looting.

    8 - 23 August

    24 August
    Operation TARANTULA - a 24 hours road check to examine the passes of all civilian vehicles and impound the illegal ones. Several arrests were made.
    The chief events during the month have been:-
    All small arms ammunition has now been collected and moved from the Battalion area.
    The OSSENDORF Camp has been cleared of its 4,600 Russian Displaced Persons who have been repatriated.
    A 24 hour night Patrol has been set up in COLOGNE to prevent the looting of food warehouses, several of which have been attacked recently.
    Routine Curfew checks and checks on civilian and Displaced Persons continue. Looting and Crimes with violence have decreased but are still very frequent.
    Company route marches to the area of Lake CONSTANCE have been organised and two of the Companies have now made their marches.
    Attached Appendix A. Weekly Security reports for August.
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    August Appendices




    Lieutenant-Colonel R. DAWNAY - Commanding Officer
    Major The Honourable G.W.ff. DAWNAY, MC - Second-in-Command
    Captain P.W. LOYD - Adjutant
    Captain J. PEREIRA - Intelligence Officer & German Disarmament Officer
    Captain & Quartermaster P.H.K. MERRIAM - Quartermaster
    Lieutenant C.N. ACHESON GRAY - Education Officer

    Captain J.B. INGRAM, ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS - Medical Officer
    R.S.M. E. MOORE - Regimental Sergeant Major
    R.Q.M.S. C. PYE - Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
    Drill Sergeant J. COWLEY DCM
    Dril Sergeant F. CLARK

    Major A. GIBBS - Company Commander, H.Q. Company
    Lieutenant D.C.G. JESSEL - Signal Officer, H.Q. Company
    Lieutenant W.A. WESTERMAN - M.T. Officer, H.Q. Company
    Lieutenant P.G.E. GREENWELL - Pioneer Officer, H.Q. Company
    C.S.M. S. OWEN - Company Sergeant Major, H.Q. Company
    C.Q.M.S. J. CONNELLY - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, H.Q. Company

    Major A. WATKINS - Company Commander, No. 1 Company
    Lieutenant J.K. AMBLER - Second-in-Command, No. 1 Company
    Lieutenant A.J. BELL - Platoon Commander, No. 1 Company
    C.S.M. W. STEELE - Company Sergeant Major, No. 1 Company
    C.Q.M.S. F. ROGERS - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, No. 1 Company

    Major C.G. TENNANT - Company Commander, No. 2 Company
    Captain J.D.G. FORTESCUE - Second-in-Command, No. 2 Company
    Lieutenant E.M. HERBERT - Platoon Commander, No. 2 Company
    2/Lieutenant R.H. LUCAS - Platoon Commander, No. 2 Company
    C.S.M. J. GREENWELL - Company Sergeant Major, No. 2 Company
    C.Q.M.S. E. HAYES - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, No. 2 Company

    Captain A.C.M.B. SCOTT - Second-in-Command, No. 3 Company
    Lieutenant A.S. CLOWES - Platoon Commander, No. 3 Company
    Lieutenant R.P. LAURIE - Platoon Commander, No. 3 Company
    C.S.M. J. GROVE, MM - Company Sergeant Major, No. 3 Company
    C.Q.M.S. A. TOWNSEND, MM - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, No. 3 Company

    Captain J.F.L. BAILEY - Company Commander, No. 4 Company
    Lieutenant The Honourable G.H. BOSCOWEN - Second-in-Command, No. 4 Company
    Lieutenant C.J.S. FRENCH - Platoon Commander, No. 4 Company
    C.S.M. N. REID - Company Sergeant Major, No. 4 Company
    C.Q.M.S. H. OXENDALE - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, No. 4 Company

    Major M.V. MILBANK, MC - Company Commander, Support Company
    Lieutenant D.E. PLATER - Anti-Tank Platoon Officer, Support Company
    2/Lieutenant R.B. BARTER - Carrier Platoon Commander, Support Company
    C.S.M. T. MOODY - Company Sergeant Major, Support Company
    C.Q.M.S. G. BRUNDLE - Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Support Company

    Captain J.A.L. LEE - Attached H.Q. 32 GUARDS BRIGADE
    Lieutenant E. STRAGHAN - Attached H.Q. GUARDS DIVISION
    Lieutenant M. BENDIX - Attached H.Q. 32 GUARDS BRIGADE
    Lieutenant E.R.S. FIFOOT - Attached Training Cadre, DANISH ARMY
    Lieutenant The Honourable M.E. JOICEY - Attached H.Q. 32 GUARDS BRIGADE
    Lieutenant M. BONSEY - Attached Division Transport Company

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    Subject:- Security Report, Week Ending 5.8.45


    A. The Police continue to be helpful. Most of the local police H.Q.s have an extremely good knowledge of their areas and have been able to give great assistance in rounding up lawless Displaced Persons and in finding ammunition dumps, minefields, etc.
    The civilian population have been greatly astonished by the results of the election. Very few have every before heard of Mr. ATTLEE and most of them seem to think that Labour is synonymous with Communist. It seems that a certain amount of instruction s to our present political situation should be included in our propaganda to dispel this misunderstanding.

    B. Thefts of cars have been very frequent. In COLOGNE there have been nearly forty cases in the last three weeks, so there must be a very large number of illicit cars on the road at the moment. It is hoped that when the road checks begin again, we will be able to catch some of these.
    Curfew offenders are in many cases being shielded by Americans who take them out in trucks after the curfew, and it is suggested that in future Military as well as Civilian cars should be stopped and searched during the night checks.
    Checks carried out this week will not have been completed in time for inclusion in this report, and will be included in next week’s.

    C. Reports from the Police say that they know of houses which are the scene of large Black Market dinner parties, and it is intended to include some of these locations in our future house checks.

    Signed R. DAWNAY
    Commanding 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS
    4th August 1945
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    Subject:- Security Report, Week Ending 12.8.45


    A. There has been a quite definite decrease in incidents recently and local law and order has greatly improved. At present the chief worry and concern of the local authorities in the housing situation. The populations of COLOGNE is still rising and consequently conditions become increasingly overcrowded and insanitary in some districts. There is an acute shortage of labour in the building trades and so the repairing and reconditioning of more houses does not go ahead very fast, could Prisoners of War builders be released on the same basis as farmers and miners?

    B. Checks carried out - 1 night check, 1 railway check, 2 road checks, 2 house checks. 8 curfew offenders were arrested. 2 Black Marketeers were arrested with Army rations, one man was arrested for driving a stolen car.
    Almost half the cars stopped on the road checks have not yet got their new registration labels. In most cases they had a paper from Mil. Gov. to say that their old label had been handed in and a new one would be issued shortly, so for the moment the majority of cars on the road have no ES label at all.

    C. The resources of news available to civilians still remain very poor.

    Signed R. DAWNAY
    Commanding 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    11th August 1945
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    Subject:- Security Report, Week Ending 18.8.45


    This week, the chief points have been as follow:-

    1 . Several raids have been carried out on food dumps in COLOGNE. The people responsible for these raids are Germans, generally armed and with transport, so that, on occasions, they have made quite considerable hauls. In conjunction with Mil. Gov., special patrols are being organised to deal with this matter.

    2 . Farmers are complaining that it is impossible to lift their potato crops owing to civilian looters. Every time a crop is taken in, ten to twenty people arrive and compete in the gathering of potatoes, so what the farmer himself gets in is very small.

    Signed R. DAWNAY
    Commanding 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    3rd September 1945
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    August 1945 APPENDIX A

    Subject:- Security Report, Week Ending 25.8.45


    A. As is to be expected, the effects of the food, housing and clothing shortages are becoming increasingly noticeable and more and more come to be the only matters that anyone is real interested in. Disputes over houses and who shall have which room grow daily more bitter and frequently have to be settled by the Polie. The greater part of every household’s cash and time is absorbed by sorties to the Black Market, as rationed food, which by coupon value is only just sufficient to meet their needs, is not fully available and it is impossible to get anything like the theoretical ration. In general, it may be said that the Winter Decline appears to be about to begin and shows up in innumerable ways every day.
    Whereas one month ago, only a few people expressed alarm or concern about the coming winter, it is now their chief obsession, particularly in the urban areas of COLOGNE, which are several degrees worse off than the outlaying districts, which have small gardens, and farms close at hand to supplement their needs.

    B. The most noticeable feature about the road checks has been the steady decline in the numer of illegal cars on the road. Over the 24 hours during TARANTULA, only a fraction of the number of cars stopped during the three-hour checks last week, we impounded. Military Government attribute this to the fact that Registration is now more under control, but it was also clear that after the first few hours, there was a sharp decline in the volumen of traffic. Although the “checked labels” saved a great deal time and trouble, by midday, their use must have broadcast Operation TARANTUAL all over the country-side, and very few illegal vehicles on the road in the latter part of the day.

    C. Comparatively little interest in what is going on in the outside world is shown by the man in the street, but they would like much more news about what is happening in GERMANY. Couldn’t this be taken as an opportunity to publish more about what we are doing to solve the Displaced Person question, get foot to the markets - etc - etc?

    D. The Catholic and the Evangelical Churches are, still, plugging their immemorial lines.

    (a ) Could the results of the Political Briefs and Brigade Weekly Security Reports be distributed down to Companies on the same basis as the Intelligence Summaries were?
    (b ) This also applies to the 21 ARMY GROUP Progres Maps which at present it seems, only reach Military Government Detachments.

    Commanding 5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS
    24 August 1945
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    APPENDIX September 1945

    Subject:- Monthly Report

    2nd Battalion SCOTS GUARDS
    3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS
    5th Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS
    2nd Battalion WELSH GUARDS

    1. Attached hereto please find copy of Monthly Report for this Detachment for September 1945.

    signed W. WHITE, Captain
    622 (SE) Det. Mil. Gov.




    1. Area of responsibility: Stadtkreis KöLN

    2. (a ) Normal 800,000
    (b ) Present
    (i ) Police registrations WE 22 September 1945 - 396,000
    (ii ) Food ration cards issued WE 22 September 1945 - 369,000
    (iii ) Estimated to date - 400,000

    3. There is a general reluctance on the part of all political parties to become associated with the Civic Administration and shoulder a share of the unpopularity for an uncomfortable winter.

    4. Christian Democratic Party held its inaugural meeting which went as expected.

    5. The angling of political parties for the votes of former NSDAP members is preventing the formulation of a concise policy.

    6. No change - limitation in number of arrests has to be accepted owing to shortage of officers to deal.

    7. The Civic Administration is not yet functioning as a co-ordinated organisation and is much handicapped by following departments being definitely below standard:
    (a ) Transport
    (b ) Housing
    (c ) Public Health
    (d ) Housing

    8. Cases of bribery among minor officials continue to come to light and are death with.

    9. Most important happenings during September were:-
    (a ) assault by ninety youths on warder of KLINGGELPUTZ Prison
    (b ) three robberies on:-
    (i ) 6/7 September against Police H.Q.
    (ii ) 7/8 September against 808 L/R/ Det Mil Gov H.Q.
    (iii ) 7/8 September against RATHAUS
    obviously co-ordinated and presumably indicating present of subversive organisation.

    10. It is considered that effective control cannot be maintained with present number of PS officers.

    11. 808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    MFA & A
    12. Priority 1 accorded to the provision of 10 masons, 2 joiners and 2 roofers for work on KöLN Cathedral.

    13. Zinc press sheeting for roof has been acquired and work is in progress.

    14. 808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    15. 808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    16. Commerce
    (a ) POL allocations are still considered inadequate.
    (b ) Almost entire absence of consumer goods.

    17. Food & Agriculture
    (a ) 180 hg fallow land is being brought under cultivation as market gardens and household allotments.
    (b ) Distribution to consumers has been satisfactory within the limited scope of the present rationing system.
    (c ) Potatoes, milk and meat are in short supply and it has been impossible to supply all consumers.
    (d ) Action on plans for emergency feeding has been suspended on instructions of 714 (P) sub-det BONN.
    (e ) There has been a slight decrease in vegetable Black Market and a corresponding increase in the quantities available through normal channels.

    18. Forestry
    (a ) An intensive cutting and collection programme for fuel wood within the Stadtkreis has been ordered. Major difficulties are Transport and Labour and it is is not expected that the target of a three months’ supply by the 1st of October will be reached.
    (b ) The programme has been given to the Civic Administration as FIRST PRIORITY.

    19. Textiles and Light Industry
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    20. Chemical Industries
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    21. Building
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    22. Armaments and machine tolls
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    23. Mechanical Engineering
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    24. Shipbulding
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    25. Aircraft
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    26. Instruments & Signals Production
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    27. Metallurgy
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    28. Electrical Industry
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    29. Coal
    (a ) Great difficulty is being experienced by Civic Administration in collecting its coal allocation.
    (b ) Only 885 tons had been collected by 25 September 1945 against the total allocation of 8438 tons.

    30. Public Utilities
    (a ) All utilities continued repair programmes at a satisfactory pace, main restrictions being shortage of transport, heavy clearance tackle, piping, timber and welding gas.
    (b ) All water supply is now being chlorinated.
    (c ) Electricity consumers increased to over 125,000.
    (d ) Work has started on repairs to sewer syphons under the RHINE to the new disposal farm on East bank.
    (e ) Tramways and narrow gauge railways are being used for removal of rubble.
    (f ) Street lighting is being installed at request of PS.

    31. Movement
    808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    32. A forwarding agents’ association has been formed which embraces all carriers and haulage contractors within the Stadtkreis.

    33. Vehicle registrations during the month - 1659.

    34. ES labels issued during the month - 911.

    36. Population continues to increase and the estimate at 1 November 1945 has been increased by 20,000 to 430,000.

    37. Supplies of building materials through Mil Gov resources are inadequate but may improve under the new distribution scheme controlled by R.E. Skilled building labour is scarce.

    38. The apathy of the population towards the self-help repair scheme requires constant checks by Mil Gov.

    39. 808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    40. 808 L/R Det Mil Gov responsibility.

    41. 6 N.C.O’s and 12 men deficient for MINIMUM requirements.
    (714 (P) Det NR/COORD/1216/1 dated 11 September 1945 refers)


    APPENDIX E - EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX G - PTT - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX H - PUBLIC HEALTH - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J4 - TEXTILES & LIGHT INDUSTRY - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J5 - CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J6 - BUILDING - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J7 - ARMAMENTS & MACHINE TOOLS - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J8 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J9 - SHIPBUILDING - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J10 - AIRCRAFT - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J11 - INSTRUMENTS & SIGNALS PRODUCTION - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J12 - METALLURGY - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J13 - ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX J16 - MOVEMENT - Not required from this Det
    APPENDIX N - FINANCE - Not required from this Det

    signed J. ALAN PRIOR

    Commanding 622 (SK) Det Mil Gov
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    APPENDIX A issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. The reviving interest in politics commented upon last month is considered to have decreased in the period under review. This is attributed to the change in the weather acting as a sharp reminder of the more immediate need to prepare for the winter.

    2. All indications point to the fact that the majority of all classes earnestly wish for a thorough and energetic purge of all former party members. It is generally though that denazification to date has only affected civic officials and those mino Nazi office holders who through lack of other employment or means of support were given minor rank in the party, to collect subscriptions and carry out administrative duties etc. The real culprits i.e. the professional people who fully realised the implications of the national socialist creed and the large industrialists who financed the movement at all stages are commonly believed to be left in peace to enjoy the financial advantages they have received during the last 12 years. This feeling is considered to be a political factor of some considerable importance.

    3. In contrast to the above it is most noticeable that the sponsors and party organisers of the three principal parties in this area are very fully alive to the fact that the next election will be decided by the party who is able to reconcile its conscience with drafting its real programme in such a manner that it will attract the votes of the former National Socialist members. In other words, unless former party members are deprived of their vote for a specified probationary period, political power will be achieved by the party which obtains their support. This realisation has resulted in some vague appeals for the formation of an anti-fascist movement but nowhere making a point of eradicating Nazi-ism as such.

    4. Generally speaking all political leaders and organisers emerging are those who were prominent before 1933. German politicians prior to 1933 were normally elderly before they obtained prominence and therefore the existing leaders are well past the stage of their life at which they are able to absorb new ideas. The only party that possessed young leaders before national socialism was the communist party and that has principally been liquidated in concentration camps etc.

    5. The formation of Trade Unions had given prominence to the complete lack of political thought or maturity of the vast mass of the populations. The old men who were acquainted with Trade Unions prior to 1933 are but little interested in view of the ban on the discussion of time, wages etc. The social aspect of Trade Unions appears to be quite unknown in GERMANY.

    Votes at last free election: 138,584 (aggregate of all parties within coalition)

    6. For parties constituting this new group see report for month ending 31 August 1945.

    7. The inaugural meeting of the Christian Democratic Party for the RHINELAND took place in KOLN during the mont and the following personalities emerged:

    Secretary General: P.J. SCHAEVEN
    Committee of Presidents:
    Dr. ADENAUER, Oberburgermeister
    ALBERS, Trade Union leader
    DESELAERES, farmer
    Dr. PFERDMENGES, President of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce
    Dr. LEHR, Assistant senior president of the North RHINELAND
    Miss FRANKEN, head mistress
    Dr. L. SCHWERING, managing president.

    Committee of management:
    ALMSICK, solicitor, ESSEN
    ARNOLD, Trade Union leader, DUSSELDORF
    ERNST, miner, AACHEN
    HENNES, Chief engineer, WUPPERTAL
    Emma HORION, housewife, DUSSELDORF
    KAES, administrative employee, SOLINGEN
    MUELLER, president of the chamber of agriculture at BONN
    POTTHAST, solicitor, KOLN
    ROTT, baker, BONN
    Dr. SCHARMITZER, publisher, KOLN
    SCHMALENBACH, University Professor, KOLN
    SCHMIDT, solicitor, WUPPERTAL
    Christine TEUSCH, teacher, KOLN
    WARSCH, Burgomaster, KREFELD
    WOLFF, school inspector, AACHEN
    HENSEL, town councillor, DUSSELDORF

    8. As far as SK KOLN is concerned, the merger of the old Catholic ZENTRUM party with the smaller parties to form the Christian Democratic Party has not greatly increased the local support. Many ardent Catholics express themselves as unable to support a party which is treating the three confessions on an equal footing and accepting all for members even including ex-party members.

    Votes at last free election: 91,673

    9. This part has not yet been registered within the Stadtkreis but has been informed that permission will be given on request to hold a small meeting to elect officers etc.

    10. The main difficulty about this party is the many factions who hope to obtain the lead. The most active faction and the most vocal followers is that headed by the following:
    First Chairman: HERMANN ZILLES
    Second Chairman: HEINZE NIESEN

    The minor factions rather fear ??????ation and intend to keep in the background until the party is recognised and the first public meeting is held.

    11. Underground organisation
    The organisation reported in last month’s report as being under the leadership of Mr. LOWENSTEIN is now operating under a Mr. Tony FLEISCHHAUER. The Oberburgermeister with the approval of this H.Q. has ordered this organisation to close down as the functions advertised as being performed are adequately covered by a Branch of the Civic Administration. The position is somewhat aggravated by interference with the duties of various Branches of the Administration rather on the lines of the British vigilantes.

    Votes at last free election: 65,056

    1. This party is holding its first meeting on Saturday 29 September 1945 in the KOLN University. The personalities who have arisen are:-

    Chairman for North Rhine Province excl DUSSELDORF: R. GOERLINGER
    Chairman for SK KOLN: Dr med H. BRAUBACH

    In addition the following will address the meeting:


    13. German Labour Party
    An application has been received for the formation of a party wishing to be known under the above title. Little is known of the sponsors of this party and it is considered that they lack both reasonable support and popular backing. The proposed leader is Mr. HENRICH HAMMER. Investigations have shown this party to be something left of the Communists. However, it is considered that it will not be taken seriously.

    14. Peace Party
    An application has been received for the formation of a party wishing to be known under the above title, under the leadership of PETER SCHEER and MATH. FRIEDRICH. So far investigations have been unable to establish the background of this party.

    15. There appears to be a genuine demand for German speaking lecturers, literature, pamphlets etc regarding British and American ways of life, institutes, political manifestos, etc. It is recommended that facilities to give access to the above be provided as a matter of urgency. In this connection there was a great demand from all parties for the recent election manifestos of the British Labour party, this appears to be viewed in the light of a magic talisman.
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    APPENDIX B issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. Following are the particulars of cases brought to the notice of this section with disposal
    (a ) Arrest report forms received - 463
    (b ) Cases sent to German Courts - 101
    (c ) Cases taken before MIL GOV Courts - 358
    (d ) Released from detention - 83
    for the following reasons:
    (i ) Insufficient evidence
    (ii ) Subject to recall in event of further evidence being produced
    (iii ) Medically unfit for detention
    (iv ) Compassionate release, appearing on issue of summons
    (e ) Cases now prepared for presentation - 19
    (f ) Cases complete, but not prepared - 7
    (g ) Cases incomplete, owing to lack of evidence or other reasons - 27
    (h ) Proceedings instituted by summons - 27

    2. Categorise of offences committed as shown on arrest report forms received during the month:-
    (a ) Black Market
    (b ) Illegal slaughtering
    (c ) FSP
    (d ) Curfew
    (e ) Attempted burglary - 8
    (f ) Resisting arrest - 2
    (g ) Looting - 2
    (h ) Sex offences - 4
    (i ) Stealing Allied property - 8
    (j ) Concealing - 2
    (k ) Impersonation - 4
    (l ) False papers - 5
    (m ) Robbery - 3
    (n ) Without pass - 7
    (o ) Driving vehicle without authority - 7
    (p ) Possession of foreign currency - 1
    (q ) False statements - 16
    (r ) Possession of weapons - 6
    (s ) Bribery - 1
    (t ) Smuggling - 4
    (u ) Attempted riot (juveniles) - 8
    (v ) Theft - 35
    (w ) Corruption - 4
    (x ) War crime - 5
    (y ) Assault - 9

    3. Nationalities claimed (other than German) as stated on the arrest report forms:-
    (a ) Polish
    (b ) Italian
    (c ) French
    (d ) Belgian
    (e ) Jugoslavian [Yugoslavian]
    (f ) Swiss
    (g ) Roumanian [Rumanian]
    (h ) Czech

    4. Ages and sexes of alleged offenders were:-

    (a ) Ages of accused persons were:-
    (i ) 10 to 19 - 91
    (ii ) 20 to 29 - 158
    (iii ) 30 to 39 - 97
    (iv ) 40 to 49 - 71
    (v ) 50 to 59 - 20
    (vi ) 60 to 69 - 26
    (b ) Sexes of accused persons were:-
    (i ) Male - 355
    (ii ) Female - 108
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    APPENDIX C issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. The Civic Administration is not functioning in a fully co-ordinated manner. Individual Branches have now achieved some measure of efficiency, bu they are naturally handicapped by the shortcomings in other Branches on whose work they depend.
    The following Branches are considered to be extremely inefficient:
    and the inspection sections of:
    Public Health

    2. It is to be much regretted that the absence of a Transport Officer in thie Det renders trained assistance impossible, especially as the shortcomings of thie Department adversely affect the whole Administration.

    3. The above shortcomings are in direct ratio to the number of senior officials purged on account of party membership.

    4. An open criticism is that the Administration is too office-minded and is inclined to be satisfied with well defined plans on paper and nothing on the ground.

    5. One former second grade employee has been reappointed during the month under review and four former party members have been appointed to specialist jobs. These officials were of the “employment discretionary” category. No other suitable personnel were available.

    6. There have been 40 dismissals of the mandatory removal category personnel during the period under review but none of these have held first grade appointments.

    7. (a ) On all vacancies occurring the functional officer consults the officer concerned at L/T Det and discusses the possibility of obtaining a suitable trained replacement from elsewhere.
    (b ) The Oberbürgermeister puts forward names and recommendations in order of priority.
    (c ) If the appointment warrants it, local political leaders are consulted and asked to put forward recommendations.
    This method has the result of undermining any subsequent criticism of the appointment on political grounds and if the person appointed is a former PG it satisfies everyone that a suitable non-PG applicant was not available.
    (d ) The approval of the Det Comd is then given to the applicant considered the most suitable to fill the appointment.

    8. Town Council
    Negotiations are now completed for the formation of a Town Council consisting of representatives of political parties, Trade Unions, professions, women, etc. The first meeting of this Council will be opened by the Det Comd at 1600 hours on 1 October 1945. The members and the basis of appointment have been agreed by all concerned and are as follows:
    SCHAEVEN (Christian Democrats)
    GOERLINGER (Social Democrats)
    ZILLES (Communist)
    PFERDMENGES (President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    Dr. BAUWENS (building contractor)
    SCHULTZ (wholesale dealer)
    Dr. BRAUBACH (dr of medicine)
    K. KLUTH, GUNTHER (chamber of Trade)
    FILZ (farmer)
    A. KOPPMANN (chemist)
    QUADEMECHELS (architect, manager of Board of Control of Building Trade in KOLN)
    Trade Unions:
    L.E. BOECKLER (free Trade Union)
    P. SCHLACK (Christian Trade Union)
    KLEMMER (Communist Trade Union)
    FINK (free Trade Union)
    ALBERS (Christian Trade Union)
    GERARD (Communist Trade Union)
    BRAMSON for Jewish Community
    H. HAMACHER for former inmates of concentration camps
    TEUSCH (Christian Democrats)
    J. ESSER (Social Democrats)
    M. FENSKY (Communist)
    To be named later on.

    9. This committee, subject to the overriding authority of MIL GOV, will be invested with the powers of the Town Council prior to 1933 and the rules of procedure will be as for the RHEINISCHE STAEDTEVERORDNUNG.

    10. The question of enlarging this committee to conform to the rules of 50 members and 1 for every additional 30,000 over the first 200,000 will be considered at a later date.

    11. Local committees
    The 47 local committees mentioned in last month’s report have now been formed and chairmen and members have been addressed collectively on matters affecting their duties. This medium is considered invaluable for explaining the difficulties that are facing the Civic Administration and to give a forecast of what is to be done.

    12. In addition to representing the views and sentiment of the 47 Orts of the Stadtkreis to the Civic Administration these committees are being provided with a copy of this H.Q.’s directive on Denazification (ref 120/PW/G/2). It is considered that the onus for bringing forward virulent Nazi supporters on the population themselves wil do much to stamp out the reckless denunciations and should prove valuable in indicating persons who should receive the attention of Special Branch and FSS.

    13. A summary fo terms of reference provided to every committee is shown below:
    (a ) representation of local opinion
    (b ) control of the following:
    (i ) removal of rubble and reconstruction work (organisation of voluntary work)
    (ii ) observation of farmers etc (black market)
    (iii ) collection of fuel wood
    (iv ) organisation of neighbourly help
    (c ) supply problems:
    (i ) observation of retailers
    (ii ) clearing of agricultural land
    (iii ) voluntary harvesting schemes
    (iv ) assistance of the police by information, observation etc.
    (d ) housing problems:
    (i ) assistance of housing office by information regarding unused and not fully used apartments
    (ii ) advice to citizens on methods of using building materials in connection with self-help scheme
    (e ) welfare problems:
    (i ) collection of clothes and furniture for needy citizens in cooperation with the local welfare organisation
    (ii ) investigation and recommendations regarding discharged prisoners of war and repatriated citizens.
    (f ) (i ) assistance of police
    (ii ) information concerning stolen property
    (ii ) denazification in accordance with directives issued.

    14. Police registration is working satisfactorily and maintains an approx. 20,000 lead over figures obtained on the issue of food ration cards.

    15. No compilation of an electoral register has so far been undertaken.

    16. Extraordinarily inadequate supply of transport.

    17. Acute shortage of building materials for all purposes incl hospitals and accomodation.

    18. Growing temper of population at receiving no coal coupled with the knowledge of large stocks and restricted output of mines.

    19. Almost entire absence of furniture and consumer goods.

    20. Destruction of remaining buildings and public utilities by demolition charges in connection with Rhine clearance.
  11. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX D issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. General
    Patrol in pairs during hours of darkness.

    2. Strength
    (a ) Regular - trained 389 (includes KRIPO 25)
    (b ) Auxiliary - untrained 844 (includes KRIPO 85)

    3. Recruits
    59 joined during period.

    4. Training
    50 vacancies allotted at Police School COLGNE
    40 vacancies allotted at Police School DUSSELDORF
    6 vacancies allotted at HIPTRUP Training School for instructors.
    Station training continues.

    5. Schools
    None under control of Stadtkreis.

    6. Uniforms
    Blue uniforms worn by Stadtkreis Police with few exceptions.
    Recent recruits wearing green uniforms. All ranks now issued with green great-coat.

    7. Armament of Police
    White truncheon slung from belt will be carried in a pocket in near future.

    8. Communications
    Telephone, pedal-cycle, motorcycle, motorcar.

    9. General efficiency
    Owing to lack of trained men - poor.

    10. General
    Food larcenies increasing - otherwise fairly satisfactory.

    11. Criminal statistics
    Number of crimes has increased especially those committed by D.Ps.

    (a ) Crimes
    Murders - four cases involving 4 DPs / 2 Germans
    Robberies and looting involving 57 DPs / 5 Germans
    Burglaries involving 1 DP / 172 Germans (unknown)
    Theft involving 38 Germans (unknown)
    Rape involving 1 German

    (b ) Arrests
    (i ) Disobedience to MIL GOV Ordinance
    Black Market - 1 Russian / 7 DPs / 104 Germans
    Curfew - 3 Germans
    Possession of Fire arms - 4 DPs
    (ii ) Normal Crimes
    Robberies and looting - 6 DPs / 3 Germans
    Burglaries - 56 Germans
    Theft - 54 Germans
    Rape - 1 German

    12. Outstanding crimes
    During the 24-hour period (night 6/7 to night 7/8 September 1945) and obviously connected series of burglaries took place at
    (a ) H.Q. 808 L/R Det MIL GOV
    (b ) Police Prasidium
    (c ) Rathaus

    Permits, rubber stamps, ES labels, etc were taken. The technique indicated careful planning and inside information.
    It is considered that this may well indicate the existence of an organised subversive element. FSS were informed immediately. All MIL GOV Dets informed also.

    13. Black Market activities
    Police patrols prevent assembly of persons on the streets, The black market and been driven underground but remains active specially in foodstuffs.

    14. Cases of Disorder
    One case reported. Approximately 90 juveniles attacked a Wachtmeister of the KINGENPUTZ prison. Eleven offenders arrested by MPs but 4 escaped. It is reported that youth are members of “Edelweisspiraten” and “Navajos”. It is also reported that these names represent a communistic youth-group.
    On 24 September 1945 a further meeting belonging to his movement was broken up by German Police. All participants were arrested for questioning. Enquiries proceed.

    15. Surrender of arms
    Amnesty produced 33 weapons at Police stations. Armed robberies indicate fire-arms still in possession of civilians and DPs.

    16. Prohibited articles
    Nothing to report.

    17. Vetting and Purging
    Considerable delay in return of Fragebogen from special branch continues.

    18. Denazificiation
    There is considerable confusion regarding record of removal of Party Members. It is the practice of certain functions at H.Q. 808 L/R Det to remove Party Members from Civic Administration without informing this Det.

    19. Number and Location of DPs.
    Report submitted by 808 L/R Det MIL GOV

    20. Rate of Evacuation

    21. General Behaviour
    It will be seen in para 11 (a ) Displace Persons are responsible for 62 serious crimes and 18 have been arrested. DP arrests include 6 for robbery and 4 or being in possession of fire-arms. The behaviour of DPs is bad.

    22. None in SK area.

    23. Presents no problem from police point of view.

    24. See para 14 above.

    25. 808 L/R Det responsibility.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX F issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. COLOGNE Cathedral continues to be damaged by blasting operations on the HOHENZOLLERN Bridge. It is impossible to prevent this damage but the following measures have been taken to minimise:-
    (a ) provision of 10 masons, 2 joiners and 2 roofers for emergency repair work
    (b ) zinc press sheeting acquired and being placed in position

    2. This Branch is unable to function as there is no Officer available.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX J1 issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. All applications for release now pass through civilian channels to the Landeswirrschaftsamt who authorise release on instruction from P Det.

    2. Estimated requirements for September 1945 - Petrol 120,000 gallons ; Diesel 125,000 gallons
    Supplementary requirements for September 1945 - x x
    Total demand - Petrol 120,000 gallons ; Diesel 125,000 gallons
    Received - Petrol 93,949 gallons ; Diesel 53,252 gallons

    Deficient - Petrol 26,051 gallons ; Diesel 71, 748 gallons
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX J2 issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. There has been some improvement in the efficiency of the German organisation, but experienced executive staff are still lacking.

    2. Cultivated land within the Stadtkreis - 6, 579.63 ha
    Unploughed land and fallow-land - 866.86 ha
    Market gardens to be put under cultivation 1945/46 - 180.00 ha
    Balance of uncultivated land - 686.86 ha

    3. The bulk of the 686 ha. uncultivated land is heath and poor pasture. It is doubtful, in view of the shortage of fertilizers, whether any useful purpose will be served by ploughing this up.

    4. The following numbers of dealers are at present operating in the Stadtkreis:

    Class / Number / Average no. of persons served
    Bakers / 375 / 980
    Butchers / 343 / 1,070
    Wholesale Grocers / 264 / 1,390
    Retail Grocers / 1210 / 320
    Potato wholesalers / 29 / 12,690
    Wine & Spirits / 225 / 1,640

    5. It is considered that the number of dealers functioning is adequate for both effective distribution and control.

    6. The number of registered consumers is given below:
    Week ending / Total number / Increase over previous week
    8 September / 349,685 / 7,7749
    15 September / 359,185 / 9,500
    22 September / 368,146 / 8,961

    7. Registration by family groups:
    Size of family / Number of families
    1 person - 35,214
    2 - 3 persons - 58,493
    4 - 5 persons - 14,939
    6 persons and more - 3,329

    8. There has been no change in existing rationing policy and an analysis of the 78th period (see statements attached) confirms the fact reported in the last monthly summary that great numbers of consumers not living in the Stadtkreis, are buying in COLOGNE. The figures are summarised as follows:

    Commodity / Number of additional persons buying in the Stadtkreis 77th period / … 78th period
    Bread / 109,416 / 106,994
    Fat / 184,476 / 43,587
    Sugar / 181,852 / 297,088

    9. Registration by family groups with a particular retailer for meat and vegetables has been introduced during the month and a fairer distribution of the limited supplies available is anticipated.

    10. The numbers of meals supplied in restaurants and works canteens were as follows:
    Week ending / Average no. of meals (day) Restaurants / … Works Canteens / Total / Percentage of population
    8 September / 13,000 / 29,000 / 42,000 / 12.0
    15 September / 15,350 / 29,000 / 45, 150 / 12.6
    22 September / 15,400 / 29,900 / 45,300 / 12.3

    11. Action on plans for emergency feeding have ben suspended on instructions of 714 (P) sub-det BONN.

    12. The supply of meat is most unsatisfactory. Figures for the current month are not yet to hand, but an examination of the figures for the 78th period, which have become available during the month, reveal that whereas during the 77th period 54.890 rations were not supplied, during the 78th period the number had risen to 113.420. A slight improvement is anticipated during the current month.

    13. The supply has been adequate to meet demand and stocks have been maintained at a satisfactory level.

    14. A branch of the Corn Trading Company will shortly operate in KOLN and will deal with and coordinate all purchase, transport, milling and distribution of flour and grain.

    15. The two mills operating in KOLN have both been badly damaged and present output does not exceed 150 tons per day of flour and Schrot. Building plans have been submitted and production can be raised to 500 tons per day in 1 year if the necessary building materials are available.

    16. This is in very short supply and the ration cannot be fully met.

    17. The milk received in KOLN is given below:
    Week ending / No. of litres
    8 September / 563,872
    15 September / 614,297
    22 September / 640,058

    18. The above compares most unfavourably with an average of 1,632,896 litres/week supplied to KOLN in September 1944 at which time the population was 449,732. Reasons for the present shortage are:
    (a ) No more supplies are being received from the French zone.
    (b ) Shortage of transport and tyres.
    (c ) Direct sales from farms to consumers and the large quantities of milk demanded by farm workers in lieu of wages.

    19. Small quantities of potatoes are no being received in KOLN from the surrounding farming district. The limited supplies received by train are still being used to meet coupons for the 79th ration period. The position is summarised as follows:
    Potatoes received 1 - 15 September 1945 - 717,000 kgs
    Coupons still outstanding for the 78th period - -kgs
    Coupons stil outstanding for the 79th period - 2,100,000 kgs
    Net deficiency at the beginning of the 80th period (16 September 1945) - 2,?00,000 kgs

    20. Partly as a result of constant road checks the quantities of vegetables which are passing through the central market have increased as show in the following table:
    Week ending / Quantities sold in Markthalle
    8 September / 748 tons
    15 September / 468 tons
    22 September / 534 tons
    Total / 1750 tons

    average per week - September - 583 tons
    average per week - August - 298 tons

    21. Malt stocks have been allocated to the METZMACHER Brewery in FRECHEN, which is brewing for NAAFI under MIL GOV permit.

    22. A ration of cigarettes/tobacco for the current month has been made. Only one ration has been made previously since the Allied occupation.

    23. (a ) Rail
    Close liaison has been maintained between this Det, RTO and the Food Office and as a result the turn round of food trains has ben considerably improved. The following trains have arrived in KOLN during the month
    Commodity / No. of trains / Total tonnage
    Flour / 6 / 3340
    Potatoes / 3 / 2150
    Carrots / 2 / 931
    Cattle / 1 / 0
    Wheat / 2 / 1298
    Seed potatoes / 1 / 700

    (b ) Road
    Vehicles for the following carrying capacities are licensed in KOLN:
    (i ) Converted passenger cars and trailers - 928 tons
    (ii ) Load carrying vehicles - 2,950 tons
    (iii ) Horse drawn vehicles - 962 tons
    Total - 4,840 tons

    Of the 2,950 tons registered under load carrying vehicles it is reported that only 100 tons capacity is available for long distance hauls.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX J3 issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. Instructions have been issued to the Oberburgermeister to intensify cutting and collection of fuel wood, and to organise collection of fuel wood from bomb damaged buildings. All possible timber will be cut with the exception of that allocated for:-
    (a ) pit prop trees
    (b ) trees for housing timber
    (c ) pulp wood
    (d ) forest trees

    2. Private ownership and ornamental timber will not be spared.

    3. The Oberbürgermeister has appointed an official of the Civic Administration to devote a major part of his time in coordinating cutting, storage and distribution within the SK and to keep this Det fully informed of all progress.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX J14 issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    Total allocation (all types) - 8,438 tons
    Collected as at 25 September 1945 - 885 tons
    Estimated forfeit - 7,250 tons

    Acute shortage of transport is responsible for the large amount of coal uncollected; any portions of the September allotment not collected by 30 September 194 being forfeit.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX J15 issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. GOLDENBERG generating station has been given first priority for repairs, followed by FORUNA, which latter station furnishes power to COLOGNE.

    2. Of the eight transmission-line underground cables, Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 are badly damaged, particularly where bridges have been blown up. Repairs are in progress. Nos. 5, 6 an 8 are operating, one being kept as a reserve. No. 7 is under repair. One overload line BRAUWEILER - MERKENICH - STAMMHEIM is operating at 110 KW.

    3. Repairs to PIUS, NIPPES and SPRINGBORN sub-stations were continued and are almost complete. Repairs to ZUGWEG have been held up due to lack of roofing material.

    4. Service is now being given to 200 industrial and 125,000 commercial and residential customers. Maximum demand for month was 20,180 KW and output was 7,378,100 Kwh.

    5. Plan of street lighting is being prepared. The installation of lights on No. 250 Route is under way.

    6. The steam generating station at ZUGWEG was not operated, as no coal was allocated.

    7. Cable defects in high-voltage distribution grid repaired during September numbered 78. On several occasions feeder cables went out of service due to water penetration, damage by bridge blasting, and accidental cutting by excavation workment.

    8. Employees have risen to over 700.

    9. The following are urgently needed:
    (a ) Transport and tyres
    (b ) Acetylene and oxygen-gas for welding
    (c ) Transformers and transformer-oil

    10. Chlorination has been carried out continuously. No testing equipment is yet available to measure free chlorine.

    11. Repair work on 700 mm pipe on Ring Streets has been continued, and some 60 breaks in other main pipes have been repaired. New breaks have continued to be caused by debris from demolitions.

    12. Employees now number 423.

    13. Total consumption for month was 1,714,370 square metres.

    14. The Department is still short of dump trucks, building repair-material and welding gas.

    15. Chlorinating equipment has been repaired and used continuously.

    16. New water-feed line for boilers has been installed.

    17. Suburb of Deutz now being supplied.

    18. Repair of centrifugal pump has been completed.

    19. Total consumption for September was 575,000 square metres.

    20. Only 10 employees were added, bringing total to over 150. Another 75 could be used. Other shortages are same as on West Bank.

    21. Repairs on gasholder and regulating station, and on gas mains, were continued during September.

    22. Gas pipe and jointing material are still in short supply. Forty spark plugs (BOSCH DM 175D2 and 145D2) are needed for pressure pumps in WEILER station.

    23. Employees remain at 20, plus some 170 labourers on repair of gas mains.

    24. No increase in gas from pipe line is in immediate sight.

    25. Gas supplied to WEILER water pumping station and FORD Works amounted to 90,000 square metres during September. Pressure has fluctuated, causing much trouble in water supply.

    26. No gas was received during September.

    27. Repairs to mains and services have been continued; those in STAMMHEIM and FLITTARD suburbs have been completed. The main regulating station at MUELHEIM is expected to be repaired by 31 October.

    28. Repairs have continued at a good rate, 18 breaks having been repaired and 42 under repair.

    29. The number of men employed has dropped to 309. Many men have been withdrawn by ARBEITSAMT as being skilled in trades, without any replacements being supplied. The ARBEITSAMT is being pushed to furnish replacements.

    30. The debris of the damaged syphon on pipes under the Rhine was blasted away on 26 September, and divers will now be able to penetrate into the pipes and assess damage.

    31. There is a serious shortage of timber for shoring, also transport, tyres and petrol.

    32. Herr GIESEN has taken over Department from Dr. SCHWEYER.

    33. This Department has also been taken oer by Herr GIESEN.

    34. Several more streets have been cleared for traffic. Over 220 damaged buildings have been demolished.

    35. Twelve narrow gauge railways have been installed for rubble removal, and tramway system is now operating a service from Brabanterstreet to BICKENDORF, for same purpose.

    36. Paving repairs, salvage, preparation of parking places, etc, have been continued. A sweeper has been put into operation on main streets.

    37. Lack of transport and heavy material are still the controlling factors.

    38. Total employees number 2176, absentee rate stays around 25%.

    39. This Department has also been taken over by Herr GIESEN from Dr. SCHWEYER. The latter now controls only Housing, First Aid Repair, and Real Estate.

    40. Some park clearance has been carried out, particularly along the Rhine Embarkment and the Military Ring. Trees blocking traffic have been removed, about 100 men being employed on this work.

    41. It is hoped to have all cemeteries cleared by All Saints Day. All cemeteries are in use; MELATEN, SUEDFRIEDHOF and DEUTZ are badly damaged. The others are in fair condition.

    42. Employees total 566.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX K issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    1. The following are the types and classes of vehicles issued with ES Labels and vehicles registered but not licensed as at 22 September 1945.

    Type (a ) / Nos. issued with ES labels (b ) / Registered not issued with ES labels (c ) / Totals Registered (d )
    motorcycles / 1024 / 693 / 1717
    cars / 1408 / 1096 / 2504
    buses / 77 / 30 / 107
    lorries up to 25cwt & vans / 1371 / 747 / 2118
    lorries from
    25cwt to 3 ton / 933 / 337 / 1270
    3 ton to 5 ton / 360 / 112 / 472
    over 5 ton / 108 / 27 / 135
    road tractors / 146 / 117 / 263
    agricultural tractors / 69 / 15 / 84
    special vehicles (garbage vans, post, fire, etc) / 173 / - / 173
    tankers / 17 / - / 17
    TOTALS / 5686 / 3174 / 8860

    2. Practically none of the vehicles mentioned in column (c ) above are in a mechanical condition to operate and require repair and spare parts.

    3. Main shortages of spare parts are:
    (a ) connecting rods
    (b ) complete clutches
    (c ) steel rims
    (d ) spring bolts
    (e ) starters
    (f ) sparking plugs
    (g ) lamps
    (h ) spotlights
    (i ) electric fittings

    4. The position in regard to repair workshops has also been investigated. Most of the bigger establishments are heavily damaged namely OPEL, ADLER (approx. 60%) and MERCEDES BENZ. The latter are still in need of supplies of glass and cement.

    5. The control by REME over workshops for repairs of civilian vehicles is being put into operation.

    6. There is a shortage of skiled labour and the demand has been notified to the labour office, but the result is no likely to help the position.

    7. For the immediate requirements of the city the following vehicles are applied for:
    (a ) cars - 30
    (b ) lorries
    0 - 1 ton - 35
    2 - 3 ton - 250
    3 - 5 ton - 190
    (c ) trailers - 170
    (d ) buses - 20
    (e ) tankers - 3
    (f ) ambulances - 6
    (g ) cranes - 10
    (h ) excavators - 20
    (i ) tractors
    10 ton - 55
    TOTAL - 789

    8. The following vehicles have been allocated to the city since 1 September 1945.
    (a ) lorries
    1 - 3 ton - 10
    4 - 6 ton - 2
    7 ton - 2
    (b ) new Ford trucks (3t) - 40
    (c ) trailers
    2 - 3 ton - 5
    3 ton or over - 3
    (d ) 20 ton tractors - 4

    The undermentioned vehicles have actually been received during month:
    (a ) booty vehicles - 11
    (b ) Ford trucks - 20
    (c ) new Ford trucks - 40
    (d ) trailers - 3
    (e ) 7 ton lorries - 2

    9. During period 1 - 22 September (3 weeks)
    8,597 lorries and vans carried 146,450 tons

    10. An Association has been formed and a committee appointed representing all branches of transporters operating on long and short distances, international forwarding agents, forwarding agents for collective loadings and furniture removers. Chairman is Mr. Max HOFFMANN of the firm Hoffmann & Brassart. 2nd Chairman is Mr Jean ALT of the firm Alt, and secretary is Mr. ROGGENDORF. The office will be opened at Gladbacherstr. 10 III.

    11. Notices have now been received and have been distributed for posting in the city.

    12. On 22 September 1945 the number of horse drawn vehicles was:
    drays - 826
    ordinary vehicles - 124
    special vehicles 430
    TOTAL - 1383

    Number of horses:
    light horses - 365
    medium weights - 881
    heavy weights - 387
    TOTAL - 1633

    Total carrying capacity, worked on an average of 2 ton per vehicle: 2766.
    It has been ascertained that all horses are in a fit physical condition to do the haulage work required.

    13. (a ) Staffing
    An appointment of a “Fahrbereitschaftsleiter” for Stadtkreis (Dr. W. KAMPMANN) has been made. Previously the work was carried out by the “Gruppenfahrbereitschaftsleiter” who did the work for the SK as well. Arrangements are contemplated for providing separate offices for these officials to enable Stadtkreis responsibilities to be dealt with entirely apart from R/B responsibilities.

    (b ) Office accommodation
    As a result of an inspection of the accommodation of the Transport branch the building branch has moved to 30 HANSARING and the vacated rooms allotted to Transport branch.

    (c ) Supply and Distribution of motor fuel
    The “Landeswirtschaftsamt” DÜSSELDORF controls the SK KOLN in the supply of motor fuel.
    This was the organisation in operation during the wary.
    The system for estimating monthly quantities and distribution of fuel among operators of vehicles as well as the allocation made to the municipal services of the city is being investigated.
    A cursory examination of the system indicates that a very elaborate method of distribution of motor fuel, based on carrying capacity, probable journeys to be made, type of vehicle used and allocation of coupons for supplies from the filling stations, is in operation, but criticism of the failure to discriminate between large carrier firms and the small haulage contractors has been made by the newly formed Association (see para 10). The complaints are being investigated and a detailed report is awaited.

    (d ) Issue of ES labels
    A complete review of all ES labels for passenger vehicles is being undertaken and all existing holders have to submit within 10 days a statement substantiating the need for the renewal of the licence, failing which the label will be cancelled and the vehicle withdrawn.

    14. See annexure 1.

    15. The following was the position as at 22 September 1945.
    (a ) lines working - 51.1 ams
    (b ) lines repairable - 11?. kms
    (c ) lines actually under repair - 13 kms on the undermentioned routes:

    Aachenerstrasse (JUNKERSDORF to OPERNHAUS) - repairable in approx 3 weeks
    Luxemburgerstrasse to Ring (Barbarossaplatz) - repairable in appox 10 to 14 days
    Ubierring to Wooden Bridge - repairable in 10 days
    Opladen - Mulheim - Weisedorf - being used already
    Opernhause - Neumarkt - repairable in 3 weeks

    During week ending 22 September 1945 the number of tram kms run was 37.596 and the number of passengers carried 980,000.

    16. The total length of bus routes is 55 km.
    The number of bus kms run was 10,069 and the number of passengers carried 70,000 (for week ending 22 September).
    Present bus service route Luxemburgerstrasse to Klettenberg will be abandoned for the tram service and changed into bus service Luxemburgerstrasse to Zollstock once the tramline has been repaired.
    Most of the buses at present operating carry passengers to and from Mulheim.
    There are twelve buses in servie (according to information acquired from the City) and another two coud be put into operation if tyres could be supplied.
    The tyre shortage is acute.
    Twenty additional buses are urgently required to cope with the city traffic and no new routes can be opened until this is done.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX K issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945

    1. Auxiliary bridge 50m upstream of Hindenburg bridge

    This bridge regulates east-west traffic in the axis of Reichsstreet 55. On the west bank of the river the bridge leads to the thoroughfare Heumarkt-Gurzenichstreet, Neumarkt-Schildergasse, Mittelstreet, Aachenerstreet. Prolongation of the bridge on the east river bank: Deutzer-Freiheit, Deutz-Kalkerhaupt street, branching off at Deutz to Dusseldorf and Siegburg.

    2. Bailey bridge off Deutscher Ring - Bastei

    This bridge will be opened to traffic towards the end of the year. Approach: in the axis Deutscher Platz - Deutscher Ring. From Deutscher Platz branch off”
    Reichsstreet 9 to DÜSSELDORF
    Reichsstreet 59 to GREVENBROICH
    via Opera to Reichsstreet 55.

    From Auenweg on the east river bank connection in north-eastern direction:
    Reichstreet 8 to DÜSSELDORF
    Reichstreet 51 to WUPPERTAL
    towards north:
    Reichstreet 55 to OLPE
    Reichstreet 8 to SIEGBURG, FRANKFURT/M
    There is no need to block these thoroughfares while the bridge is under constructin.

    3. Substitute bridge - Hindenburg bridge
    This bridge will be built on the piers of the destroyed Hindenburg bridge and is expected to be opened to traffic towards the end of the spring of 1946, when the wooden bridge will be pulled down and traffic as described under 1 will be directed across the new bridge. The erection of the new bridge does in no way interfere with traffic across the wooden bridge.

    4. Substitue bridge at COLOGNE-MULHEIM
    First stage of reconstruction will be finished in autumn 1946.
    The bridge is intended to ease traffic conditions on the Bailey bridge and the new Hindenburg bridge. Easy access via Rihlerstreet and Ringstreet to:

    Reichstreet 55 to AACHEN
    Reichstreet 264 to DUEREN
    Reichstreet 265 to LIBLAR-ZULPICH
    Reichstreet 51 to EUSKIRCHEN, BRUHL
    Reichstreet 9 to BONN

    The building of this bridge does in no way interfere with traffic. One-way traffic, detours and street repairs are not necessary.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    APPENDIX L issued with 116/Gen Report/D/2 dated 27 September 1945 for period 1 - 27 September 1945


    PART I
    1. 808 L/R Det responsibility.


    1. Housing problem in Stadtkreis continues to be critical. The main problems are:-
    (a ) Can MIL GOV allocate sufficient building materials
    (b ) Can sufficient skilled labour be made available to use materials allotted.
    (c ) Transport

    2. (a ) Population
    The flow of returning evacuees to COLOGNE is as follows:-

    Week ending / Total population / Weekly increase
    1 September 1945 / 368,000 / 11,000
    8 September 1945 / 577,000 / 9,000
    15 September 1945 / 388,000 / 11,000
    22 September 1945 / 396,000 / 8,000

    Numbers returning are slightly in excess of estimate. The revised population estimate as at 31 October 1945 is 430,000 against 410,000.

    (b ) Building materials
    Civic Authority repair material indent for total period of first aid repairs has been revised. Indents are submitted weekly. Indent for period 24 - 19 September 1945 is as follows:-
    (i ) Cement - 200 tons
    (ii ) Lime - 150 tons
    (iii ) Gypsum - 100 tons
    (iv ) Pumice stones - 50,000 pieces
    (v ) Pumice sheets - 1,000 sqm
    (vi ) Heraklith sheets 2 1/2cm - 200 sqm
    (vii ) Sheets of Gypsum 1 1/2 cm - 1,000 sqm
    (viii ) Sheets of Gypsum 5 -6 cm - 1,000 sqm
    (ix ) Timber - 20 cubic metres
    (x ) Wood for joiner - 20 cubic metres
    (xi ) Sheets of wood fibre - 1000 sqm
    (xii ) Plywood - 500 sqm
    (xiii ) Tiles - 100,000 pieces
    (xiv ) Roofing felt - 5,000 sqm
    (xv ) Iron and tin - 150 tons
    (xvi ) Profile iron - 20 tons
    (xvii ) Nails and screws - 3 tons
    (xviii ) Glass - 5,000 sqm

    (c ) Building materials allotted by MIL GOV
    Total materials allotted by MIL GOV for September 1945 are:-
    (i ) Cement - 800 tons
    (ii ) Glass - 22,000 sqm

    Of the 22,000 sam of glass allocated only 7,000 sam were available.
    It is known that the Civic Administration have obtained additional materials from resources within Stadtkreis.

    3. Skilled labour continues insufficient to implement first-aid repair scheme. Registration of all skilled building tradesmen and labourers is taking place. Results so far prove disappointing. Up to Monday 24 September 1945 only 100 tradesman had registered. Labour obtained through this registration will be directed to the building industry through the normal channels of the Arbeitsamt.

    4. Evacuation scheme prepared for 60,000 persons. Present indications are that evacuation will be unnecessary.

    5. It is considered that the first-aid repairs scheme will provide shelter for the population of Stadtkreis for the coming winter. Problems are being tackled by Civic Administration who realise the utmost importance of the scheme to the Stadtkreis. Given a steady supply of repair materials there is no reason why the problems of labour and transport should not be overcome.


    1. 808 L/R Det responsibility.

    1. 808 L/R Det responsibility.

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