War Diary - 282 Coy RASC (Gen Tpt) - 1944

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    These details are from WO171/2422.

    I was interested in this company as it landed early in Normandy and was issued 4 x 4 3-ton lorries for the assault and I was seeking evidence that some of the lorries were Austin K5 4x4 3-ton GS lorries having found a record in the war diary of 2 Army ST Branch (WO171/245) from 26 Jun that 282 Coy needed replacements for 4 x Ford 4x4 WOT6 and 4 x Austin K5 4x4.

    There are references to the coy being issued with 4x 3-ton lorries in May 44 and also later references to replacement vehicles being needed in Sep and Oct 44. No details of numbers of Fords or Austins issued though, and no detail of type of vehicle needing replacement in the autumn.

    It would be great if anyone can help clarify these questions.

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    Source: WO171/2422 – 282 Company RASC (Gen Tpt)

    C.O.: from 20 May 44: Major M.A. Holmes

    [nothing earlier re type of veh; no wd for Mar or Apr 44]

    8 May 1944 Camp 69
    Pls engaged in cleaning up vehs in preparation for waterproofing.
    No training carried out.

    9 May 1944
    Maintenance and I.E.

    10 May 1944
    Instructions received that op. whiskey could be purchased. Cheque despatched forthwith.

    11 May 1944
    Maintenance as usual and G 1098 kits [?] sorted out.

    12 May 1944
    Maintenance and interior economy.

    13 May 1944
    Instructions received that all waterproofing to be completed by 28th May. This would present some difficulty as only a dozen or so 4 x 4 vehs in possession. Preload amn drawn.

    14 May 1944
    NAAFI Packs (14) delivered. 30 more 4 x 4 received.

    15 May 1944
    Maintenance and interior economy.

    16 May 1944
    Maintenance and interior economy. Instructions received that Capt Warrington [??] would be posted to No 5 Control Centre (F.M.A.) 1 Corps on 17 May. More vehs received now only 32 to be changed over.

    17 May 1944
    Capt Warrington [?} departed for No 5 Control Centre.
    Lieut W.W. Parker (276513) promoted Capt vice Warrington and assumed duties of Adm Offr.
    Lieut R.H. Joffe [??] posted and joined from 297 Coy to fill vacancy.

    18 May 1944
    Orders received for Home Details to be posted to No. 1 Holding Bn.

    19 May 1944
    Orders received for remainder of Residues to go to Poperinghe [??] on 24 May.

    20 May 1944

    Major J.E.G. Harwood admitted to Hospital and relinquishes command. Capt M.A. Holmes posted from CRASC 30 Tpt Coln and promoted to Major. Assumed command.

    21 May 1944
    Remainder of Residues moved to Aldershot. Home Details departed for No. 1 Holding Bn.

    22 May 1944
    No activity so far as training. Pls busy on waterproofing.

    23 May 1944
    Maintenance and waterproofing but unless more kits turn up waterproofing must stop, only enough kits for 20 vehs received.

    24 May 1944
    Maintenance and checking of vehs waterproofed.

    25 May 1944
    East Coast serials moved from 69 to S4 and WS [?] portion.

    26 May 1944 Camp S4
    Settling in.

    27 May 1944
    Waterproofing kits obtained for vehs and cleaning up of vehs proceeded with.

    28 May 1944
    Waterproofing far advanced.

    29 May 1944
    Waterproofing completed and to be inspected by REME at 1230 hrs.
    1430 REME Inspection of waterproofing. Declared satisfactory.
    1900 DR arrived from 69. Reported all vehs had now been changed over and waterproofing at 69 nearly completed.

    30 May 1944
    Vehs now loaded and checked over.

    31 May 1944
    No work at all. To move from Camp G to Camp H on the morrow. Final odds and ends of kit drawn and 2 casualties replaced from RHU.
    Strength 10 and 389.

    1 June 1944 Camp S4
    Moved from Camp G to Camp H. To go to Hards [?] on 2nd.

    2 June 1944
    Serial 1565 moved to Hards.
    0730 Remaining Serials moved to Hards.
    2359 All Serials embarked.

    3 – 5 June 1944 On High Seas
    On high seas being conveyed to destination. No enemy activity.

    6 June 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    All serials arrived in Bay and disembarkation expected. Serials under comd Lt Burns + Lt Carter disembarked.

    7 June 1944
    Serial under comd Lt Joffe disembarked.
    2330 Enemy air raid. Bombs dropped on location. Capt Groves and 6 ORs injured and taken to F.D.S. 1 veh destroyed.

    8 June 1944
    Remaining serials disembarked.
    0600 Enemy sniper wounded 1 OR in throat. Man taken to FDS.
    1200 By now all serials in location and all except 12 men accounted for.
    1600 All men now accounted for. Permission received to move Coy HQ, WKsps, B + D pls to new location. Pers + vehs pulled out to MR 7E/5 982838. Wksps move back to old location.
    1030 – 0130 9 June Enemy air raid. Old location hit. 5 vehs destroyed and 2 M/C. No pers cas.

    9 June 1944
    0500 – 0600
    Stand to of all ranks.
    0900 Wksps moved to 7E/5 982838.

    10 June 1944
    Stand To. Enemy activity overnight, but no bombs on or near Coy area. Pls engaged on moving stores from beaches to dumps.
    1915 Cpl reported a veh lost and driver in FDS.

    11 June 1944
    Stand To.
    1127 A Pl veh found. Had been shot at by enemy plane and come off road over a bank. A total loss.
    1800 All cas evacuated to UK this afternoon.
    2300 Pls worked on both beaches and docks and cleared considerable stores.

    12 June 1944
    Stand to. No enemy activity.
    1630 108 vehs engaged on beach clearance of stores and cleared about 1000 tons.
    2230 Enemy air raid commenced, and lasted about 1½ hrs. Bombs dropped about 100 yards from Coy location but no casualties.
    1500 Wksps moved back to Chateau du [??] in Bernieres.

    13 June 1944
    Wksps reported bombs dropped on Wksps location destroying one veh of Wksps and 4 of A Pl. No casualties to personnel.
    0500 Stand to. No activity.
    1630 114 vehs employed. 1107 tons lifted from NAN and Docks and 6 vehs to MIKE for salvage all day.

    14 June 1944
    Stand to. Enemy activity overnight but no bombs dropped in Coy area.
    1630 107 vehs employed on beaches and docks. 1077 tons lifted. 6 vehs cleared salvage from MIKE.

    15 June 1944
    Stand to. Enemy planes overhead during night but no activity in coy area.
    1630 85 vehs on beaches. 1339 tons lifted. 6 vehs on Mike clearance for salvage and 2 at OBD for stores clearing.
    2359 Wksps reserves not yet arrived but expected tomorrow.

    16 June 1944
    Stand to. No activity overnight.
    1500 Reports wksps vehs landed but no trace of them.
    1630 105 vehs employed. 726 tons lifted from Nan and docks. 6 vehs on Mike clearance and 2 to HPOG for clearing German ammn [???].

    17 June 1944
    Stand to.
    1000 S/Sgt Witterington [??] reported. Had been disembarked on wrong beach, had been shelled and had to disperse. Had been sent South to THAON but had eventually found where Coy now located.
    1037 Wksps vehs in.
    1600 107 vehs employed on NAN and Docks and 1167 tons lifted.

    18 June 1944
    Stand to. Some bombs dropped overnight but not near Coy location.
    0900 Wksps started to move out to Garage at Courcelles Sugar Beet factory. Should all be moved by 1200 hrs.
    1150 Wksps reported arrived.
    1600 102 vehs on Docks and NAN. 1350 tons lifted. 6 vehs on MIKE for salvage and 3 to PDG [?] for German amn.
    Lt Bruin [??] promoted to Capt yesterday and Lt Johnson sent to C Pl as pl comd. Lt Carter to HQ as HQ Subaltern.

    19 June 1944
    Stand to. No activity over Coy location.
    1600 102 vehs employed. 1029 tons lifted mostly amn and RE.

    20 June 1944
    Stand to. D PL reported bombs dropped 25 yards from location. No personnel casualties but 2 vehs slightly damaged by blast.
    1600 22 vehs on Docks. No work at NAN owing to rough sea. 212 tons lifted.
    1100 Conference of officers. No stand to in future unless op necessary.

    21 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    No working at docks or NAN due to rough seas. 30 vehs lifting Sommerfeld track for RAF. Only 90 tons lifted since 1600 yrs yesterday from Docks.
    2100 Reported shelling in A + C Pl location. No casualties. Weather clearing somewhat.

    22 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    3 vehs to 37 P.A.D., 1 to 20 Stores Sec RE, 2 to 19 Stores Sec RE, 6 to MIKE, 6 to NAN GREEN and 4 to 8 Beach Gp for NAN WHITE.
    1050 1 veh and Breakdown to DOUVRE to collect RADAR eqpt of the German station captured a few days ago.
    1530 3 vehs to ELBOW for tp carrying.

    23 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather poor and not much work could be done today. 94 vehs cleared only 99 tons from Dock area. Advantage taken of this situation to get maintenance fairly up to date as up to now vehicles have been working practically to capacity.

    24 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather has distinctly improved the last 24 hours. 1044 tons have been lifted from the Docks. [??] now have to go 30 miles to BAYEUX thus making a longer turn round.

    25 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather inclined to worsen a bit, but 1134 tons cleared from Dock with 95 vehicles. B Pl moves today to a new location at 998849. Information received that Coy HQ may move to location in COURSEULLES vacated by 102 Beach Sub Area. Such would be better than present HQ location.

    26 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    1107 tons of RE and Sups lifted from Docks with 84 vehs. Weather has brightened up and is now more like it was on D day. Singular lack of enemy activity this past few days, though nearly every night one or two enemy planes have been around. Seem to come over just after our planes have grounded.

    27 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather much better today. Quite hot. 95 vehs lifted 1122 tons from Dock. Coy seems to be working Dock exclusively now.

    28 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    1260 [??] tons lifted with 100 vehs, pls working well and in spite of longer turn rounds we seem to be shifting more. Weather still […??], but there are reports of a change.

    29 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Intermittent rain all day but in spite of this 1469 tons were lifted from Dock by 102 vehs. Intermittently [??] loads were to be delivered locally, thus accounting for large lift. […] Instruction received to collect 4 vehs from 17 Veh Coy and 17 reinforcements from 101 R.H. Gp tomorrow.

    30 June 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    […] 876 tons […] lifted by 98 vehs. 4 new vehs could not be collected as Veh Coy had none to supply […]
    2300 Rft Gp located and reinforcements will be collected tomorrow.
    Strength 9 and 309 [??].
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    1 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    100 vehs working Dock and Nan lifted 1051 tons of various stores.
    Weather has been variable and some rain follow.
    Coy HQ moved at 1000 hrs to KERANICK on the outskirts of Bernieres (Map Ref 987848).

    2 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather still continues squally and though work not affected vehs are finding difficulty in negotiating tracks at Depots. 104 vehs working and 942 tons lifted. More vehs of other Coys now working on Dock and so vehs can be rested and maintained better.
    1145 Some air activity and bombs dropped but not near beaches.

    3 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    873 tons lifted with 91 vehicles. Pl of 709 Coy now under Comd this Coy.

    4 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Only 78 vehs required for work as roads etc in bad state. 726 tons lifted mostly on local deliveries.

    5 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather changing for better but seas still inclined to be heavy. 89 vehs employed and lifted 645 tons mostly on long hauls.

    6 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    81 vehs employed and 718 tons lifted. Weather improved and sun all day […?].
    1800 Def Plan issued. Appx A

    7 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Only 21 vehs employed due to bad weather which suddenly developed. 378 tons lifted.

    8 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Weather improved. 89 vehs took 547 tons from Dock and Nan.

    9 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    275 tons cleared by 17 vehs of 709 attached for today. Much stores to clear. We had 102 vehs out and lifted 966 tons.
    4 vehs Z casualty.

    10 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Only 51 vehs needed. 273 tons cleared.

    11 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    No work before 1600 hrs today. 83 vehs out and 336 tons lifted.

    12 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    72 vehs employed on Nan. 318 tons lifted.

    13 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    564 tons lifted from Nan White by 91 vehs.

    14 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Only 57 vehs required due to bad weather but even so 777 tons cleared since last night.

    15 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Excellent weather has prevailed and over a thousand tons has been shifted from LBVs by 115 vehs. Tonnage 1125 tons.

    16 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Good weather still continues and 1025 tons lifted by 114 vehs.

    17 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Still good weather for beach work and only 1 less veh than yesterday employed (ie 113). 1233 tons lifted mostly ammunition, supplies of food and RE Stores, on short lifts.

    18 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Not so much stuff came ashore today. 750 tons by 95 vehicles.

    19 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    A hundred vehs in use today but due to delays and the like only 1.6 turn round down. 486 tons cleared. Not as good as over the past five days.

    20 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    99 vehicles cleared 777 tons from Nan. Very windy and seas whipped up making off loading into vehs unpleasant.

    21 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    No working from beaches today due to sudden change in weather and expected squall. To this time the squall hasn’t developed to the extent expected.

    22 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    76 vehs to clear 228 tons, but work did not start until late morning because of heavy seas running.

    23 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    456 tons lifted from the beach with 456 tons. [?? – that’s what it says!]

    24 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    More transport needed today and 108 vehicles employed to clear 822 tons.

    25 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    93 vehicles employed and 597 tons cleared.

    26 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    84 vehicles employed. 672 tons lifted mostly on short lifts.

    27 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    951 tons cleared by 107 vehicles.

    28 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    112 vehs employed and 822 tons lifted.
    PAD Orders issued. Appx C

    29 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    Only one tide worked today and 576 tons cleared by 106 vehicles.

    30 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    113 vehs employed on one tide and 894 tons lifted from the beaches.

    31 July 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    498 tons cleared by 104 vehicles. Only one tide worked.
    Strength 9 and 392. Appx B
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    Appendix ‘A’

    6 Jul 44


    Ref. Maps. 1/25,000 Sheets 37/18 S.E. and 40/18 S.W.


    1. ENEMY.
    (a) Posns of enemy tps are liable to daily variations and are not therefore enumerated, but the following tps are in the area:-

    21 Pz Div – Low Category, short of personnel and tanks.
    12 SS Pz Div – better quality Div in every way.
    Pz Lehr Div – Low Quality trg div with few tks.
    2 Pz Div – A better type of Div not yet committed to the battle.

    (b) The enemy forces are closest to BERNIERES to the S.E. in the area CAEN 6268.

    (c) 8 Para Div has not yet been committed and may be used against B.M.A.

    2. OWN TPS.

    (a) 3 Cdn Inf Div are on our immediate front with three Bdes up, and with 30 Corps on the Right and 3 Br Inf Div on the Left to the R. ORNE. 8 Corps is to the right in res and one Bde of 51st (H) Div is on our left in res.

    (b) 8 Beach Gp and A.A. elements are stationed in BERNIERES with 4 and 7 Beach Gps on the right (in areas COURSEULLES and GRAVES sur MER respectively) and 6 Beach Gp on the left in area LANGRUNE sur MER. The area between 6 and 8 Beach Gps is undefended.

    These Beach Gps have an orgn. similar to our own except for No. 4 Gp which has no Inf. Bn.

    The Dump layout, as per First Key Plan, forms a screen approx 2000 yds fwd of the BERNIERES locality.

    (c) British have air superiority over the battle area.


    3. 8 Beach Gp and tps under comd for local def will work the beaches while responsible for NAN WHITE and NAN RED sector unless strongly threatened by enemy ground action, when they will deny the sector to the enemy.


    4. General Plan.

    (a) Tps will work from bivouac areas in proximity of beaches and will in general deny the sector to the enemy from the vicinity of these areas.

    (b) All pl. locations will be sited for all round def.

    (c) 282 Coy RASC (Gen Tpt) is held in reserve.

    (d) On receipt of code word to take up defensive posns, Coy HQ will notify all pls.

    (e) Comd Post will be est immediately, in A Pl. location, consisting of:-

    O.C. Coy.
    Capt. O’Driscoll.
    Chief Clerk.
    All HQ S.Rs.

    (f) Coy HQ, Wksps and all Tpt Pls will stand-to in locations and will man def posts. They will deny progress to the enemy in their sectors and report immediately to Comd Post.

    (i) Any action by or against the enemy.

    (ii) Number of enemy engaged.

    (iii) General situation in their sector.

    (g) No withdrawal from def locality will be made except on orders from Comd Post.


    5. (a) Amn. Beach Gp amn res is at 996853.

    Pl amn res will be held in Pl. locations.

    (b) Sups. Drawn by Coy as already arranged.

    (c) Water. All Pls will hold one day’s water supply in res in addn. to full water bottles. Water sterilising tablets will be collected and held centrally, on pl level.

    (d) Med. R.A.P. at 996854. If wounded are still held at original F.D.S. site, light sec of 34 FDS will continue to look after these while R.M.O. and stretcher bearers 5 R. Berks set up R.A.P. as above.


    6. By D.R. or telephone.

    7. ACK.

    Method of Issue. D.R.L.S.

    [Sgd: Parker Capt for]

    Major RASC.

    Comd 282 Coy RASC (Gen Tpt).



    Capt. Barwell.

    Capt. O’Driscoll.

    Capt. Parker.






    CRASC 30 Tpt Coln.

    War Diary.



    Appendix “C”

    282 COY RASC (GEN TPT)

    P.A.D. ORDERS.


    The following attacks are possible:-

    (a) Bombing with H.E., anti-personnel, and incendiary bombs.

    (b) Long range shelling.

    (c) Machine Gun attacks by E.A.

    (d) Attack from surface or under-water craft.

    (e) Gas by spray and bombs.


    To ensure that enemy attack does NOT interfere with the off-loading of stores and personnel across the beaches.

    3. METHOD.

    (a) P.A.D. control centre is established at HQ 102 Beach Sub Area.

    (b) Sector Control is at Adv. HQrs 8 Beach Gp, under control of duty Offr.

    (c) Unit Control Centre is established at Coy HQ under control of duty Offr.

    4. FIRE.

    (a) All pls will draw up fire orders in accordance with Sec. VI of Coy Standing Orders and fwd a copy to this HQ.

    (b) In the event of fire, the person discovering it will shout “FIRE”, and endeavour to put it out. The Army Fire Service (M.R. 994848) nr. Church, will be called immediately by D.R. or ‘phone, (call “Urgent – Fire Call”), and will be given location of fire. There is a direct line from A.F.S. to Rear Hqrs. Exchange. Unit Control will be informed, who will inform Sector Control.


    (a) Slit trenches will be normally dug for all pers., both at their places of work and sleep. Civilian shelters will NOT be used.

    (b) Tps sleeping indoors will occupy slit trenches in the event of bombing or heavy A.A. fire.

    (c) When enemy aircraft are overhead pers NOT working will take cover. They will NOT stand about and gape.

    (d) Parked vehs will be completely concealed and camouflaged or, when complete concealment is impossible, they will be widely dispersed.

    (e) Stores will be as widely dispersed as possible, and properly concealed. G. 1098 Amn. and small supplies of Pet should be kept below ground level. Locations of such dumps will be notified to Coy HQ.


    Except where essential lighting is permitted for unloading of stores, etc, complete black-out will be enforced during the hours of darkness. Veh lighting will conform with 11 L of C Area Order 72 dated 15 Jun 44, which is republished at Appx. ‘A’.


    A light Rescue Party of 1 N.C.O. and 6 men as detailed in Appx ‘B’, eqpt. as far as possible to the scale laid down in Appx ‘C’ will be ready to operate on instructions from Unit Control.


    A Working Party of 1 Offr and 20 men as detailed in Appx ‘D’, eqpt. as laid down in Appx ‘E’ will be ready to operate on instruction from Unit Control.


    (a) All ranks are personally responsible for their own protection against Gas.

    (b) Pl. Comds will ensure that their anti-gas equipment is always complete and serviceable.

    (c) Personnel should have their respirators beside them when resting.

    (d) Measures for co-ordinated defence against gas will be issued as occasion demands.


    Ambulances and P.A.D. vehs will not normally be bound by local traffic regs. P.A.D. vehs will carry a sign “PAD”, painted black on a white background, in a conspicuous posn when on duty. Vehs shown in Appx ‘C’ and ‘E’ will be classed as PAD vehs for this purpose. Each pl. will prepare and keep in an easily accessible place in pl. office two such signs.

    11. MED.

    Cas will, as far as possible, be dealt with at B.D.S. (M.R. 996854).

    12. INTERCOMN.

    (a) To Unit Control by D.R.

    (b) To Sector Control by ‘phone or D.R.

    13. INCIDENTS.

    (a) The following will be reported by pls immediately they occur, and irrespective of whatever damage or casualties have been caused. State if assistance is required.

    (i) Incidents arising from the form of attack shown in para. 1. Explosion of amn and pet dumps will also be included.

    (ii) Location of UX. missiles.

    (iii) Incidents arising from delayed action mines, booby traps, etc.


    Crashed aircraft will be reported to Unit Control who will inform nearest RAF HQ advising Sector Control. A guard of 1 N.C.O. and 3 men found from the pl nearest the scene of the crash will mount guard on the aircraft until the arrival of RAF.

    15. WARNINGS.

    (a) Air Raid Warnings will be passed to any units requesting same, e.g. Units which have tps engaged on particularly dangerous or exposed tasks.

    (b) Gas Warnings are as follows:-

    (i) All forms of attack other than spray – rattle, or shout “GAS”.

    (ii) Spray attack – verbal warning “Spray”.

    16. LOCATIONS.

    The following must be known to all ranks:-

    P.A.D. Control Centre – HQ 102 Sub Area 968853.

    8 Beach Gp Sector Control – Adv HQ 994855.

    Beach Dressing Station. 996854.

    A.F.S. – near Church. 994848.

    [sgd: ??]

    for Major RASC.

    Comd 282 Coy RASC (Gen Tpt).

    28 Jul 44.

    DISTRIBUTION. All Officers (1 each)

    HQ, A, B, C, D, Wksps Pls (1 each)

    CRASC 30 Tpt Coln (1)

    War Diary (2)

    APPENDICES to 282 Coy RASC (Gen Tpt) P.A.D. Orders

    Dated 29 Jul 44


    Under no circumstances will vehs drive at night in the rear areas without lights.

    One headlight will be carried on the offside of all vehs (screened in accordance with existing instructions) as well as two sidelights and a rear light. The headlight will be extinguished during enemy air action.

    Vehs in convoy will continue to employ the normal convoy lighting.

    On beaches, the above instructions may be modified as local conditions demand.


    Month. Personnel.

    January. 1 NCO and 6 men from A Pl.

    February. 1 NCO and 6 men from B Pl.

    [and so on…]


    1. Tpt. 1 x 15 cwt lorry.

    2. Eqpt. Picks 3 Shovels, GS 3

    Axes, hand 1 Axes, felling 1

    Saws, hack with 6 Crowbars, 4 ft 1” 2

    blades. 2

    Saws, hand. 1 Levers, 12 ft, iron shod 1

    Torches, electric 2 Lamps, hurricane 2

    Rope, manilla, 40 ft Sandbags 30

    Lengths 1½” circ 1 Ladders, short 1

    (a) Baskets, debris 3. Ladders, medium 1

    (a) To be improvised locally.


    Month. Officer. Men

    January OC D Pl 10 each from C & D Pls.

    February Capt. O’Driscoll 10 each from A & B Pls.

    [and so on…]


    1 x 3 ton lorry provided by the pls as follows:-

    Month. Pl. Month. Pl.

    January D July C

    February A August B

    [and so on…]
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    1 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    438 tons taken over Nan White beach with 108 vehs.

    2 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    61 vehs took 342 vehs over Nan.

    3 August 1944 BERNEIRES-SUR-MER
    309 tons lifted. 90 vehs used. Unit now 5 task vehs deficient.

    4 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    6 vehs employed on permanent details and 97 on beaches. 408 tons cleared.

    5 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Location airburst experienced over HQ location.
    0900 Ascertained that airburst was from shrapnel shell from direction of Ousitreham by enemy.
    1630 90 vehs to convoy 384 tons off beaches.
    2340 2 shellbursts heart [??] of HQ location. No damage or casualties.

    6 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    501 tons taken off craft by 90 vehs. Destination of commodities radically changed. Turnrounds should now be lower.

    7 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Large number of bursts overhead and monitor in bay adding to the noise. No damage or casualties.
    1630 91 vehs on beach. 7 on permanent details, 7 on local details.
    Deficient vehs now reduced to 2 but 1 water tanker evacuated after accident.
    516 tons cleared from Nan by 91 vehs.

    8 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Shellbursts in area; no casualties; no damage.
    1630 90 vehs to clear 582 tons.

    9 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    103 vehs employed on beach and 849 tons cleared.
    1920 Information received that Cpl. Twiddy fatally injured in an accident on the beach and died within a few minutes from crushing of the lower torso. Funeral arranged for tomorrow at 1500 hrs.

    10 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Guard mounted at HQ Comd 30 Tpt Coln, for 7 days.
    1500 Cpl Twiddy (deceased) buried at British Cemetery at La Delivrande.
    1630 95 vehs took 660 tons off the beaches mainly supplies to No 2 Army Roadhead.

    11 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Some shelling and gun fire by the monitor in the bay. 8 rounds noted, one of which pitched about 200x from HQ location. No casualties or damage.
    1345 Dvr Ireland died. A post mortem to be carried out at 77 Gen Hospital and funeral to be arranged by them.
    1630 90 vehs took 687 tons off beach to Depots.

    12 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    666 tons cleared by 90 vehs.

    13 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Shellbursts overhead. No casualties but some in Marine Group about a hundred yards north.
    1630 Still using 90 vehs on beaches and 714 tons cleared today.
    Now no vehicle deficiencies except one breakdown on which the girder portion forming the crane has snapped off.

    14 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Information received that NAAFI opened up in Bernieres – at last!
    1630 92 vehs employed but as only one tide working in progress only 444 tons lifted.

    15 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Confirmation received that ADST visit for 19 Aug would be carried out by Lt.Col. McDermott OBE (successor to Lt. Col. Wilson), ADST 11 L of C Area.
    1630 Only 357 tons cleared but only 66 vehs required.

    16 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    327 tons lifted by 90 vehs – a new ‘low average’.

    17 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    372 tons by 73 vehicles. Nearly as bad as yesterday but it seems the time for loading is very short. Tides change tomorrow.

    18 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Inspection of pl and Coy area in preparation of ADST visit tomorrow.
    1630 81 vehs employed to lift 363 tons. Two tides now being worked.
    1930 Information received that DST (Brig. Collings) will visit the area tomorrow.
    2045 Information received that in view of DST’s visit the visit of ADST is cancelled.

    19 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    DST (Brigadier Collings) visited the area and NAN WHITE. Time would not permit his visiting unit or unit area.
    1630 90 vehs used to clear 504 tons.

    20 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    489 tons by 79 vehs cleared from NAN WHITE.

    21 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    79 vehs employed. 330 tons cleared.

    22 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    No working on beach due to inclement weather. It looks as though this might happen frequently now.

    23 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    71 vehs used to clear 468 tons.
    2 vehs declared Z casualty and evacuated.

    24 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    678 tons lifted. 90 vehs used to do it. Majority RE Stores.

    25 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    90 vehs on NAN WHITE 675 tons cleared.
    1915 Information received that from tomorrow 102 Beach Sub Area become 6 L of C Sub Area and beach is controlled by P.M.L.O.

    26 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Came under comd 6 L of C Sub Area.
    1630 696 tons lifted from beach by 90 vehs.
    2000 Heard Coy is likely to shift at any time and at short notice possibility of move to OUISTREHAM.

    27 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    OC and Adm Offr recce OUISTREHAM in case of move. Found Port and Dock not in fit state for working and surrounding built up area unsuitable for veh parks.
    1630 786 tons cleared by 90 vehs and 15 vehs employed on dumping programme.

    28 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    90 vehs used on beach and 441 tons cleared on one tide. One tide working for next few days.
    5 vehs now Z casualty.
    2015 Information received that move imminent. Coy has been placed on unofficial four hours notice. Port recced on 27th not the place, developments awaited. Training in mine clearance to be overhauled.

    29 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Weather unsettled and sea running a bit heavy. 525 tons lifted by 93 vehs.
    Cpl. Shirley asked to revert to ranks. Granted.

    30 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Only 270 tons lifted from beach with 90 vehs.
    1800 Tpt detail received for 2 vehs to load with Duwk [??] tyre tubes and brake fluid and to take to 297 Coy up by the SEINE.

    31 August 1944 BERNIERES-SUR-MER
    Lt Joffe and 2 vehs left for 297 Coy.
    1630 405 tons lifted with 90 vehs.
    2000 OC to CRASC Conference. Orders received for 1 Pl to load from 5 ESBD and tpt to US Army Eng Dump near PARIS also that Coy be placed on short notice to move.
    1145 Tpt details received to move carious portions of dumps which appear to envisage a general surge forward.
    Strength (26 Aug) 10 Offrs + 395 ORs.
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  6. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    1 September 1944 Bernieres Sur Mer
    Message received from CRASC 30 Tpt Coln that from 0130 hrs Coy would be on 1 hrs notice to move and that rep [?] would attend at HQ CRASC 22 Tpt Coln at 0630 hrs for instructions and further that all details previously notified cancelled and permanent details cancelled.
    0230 Conference of all officers when gen infm given.
    0630 Capt O’Driscoll reported to HQ CRASC 22 Tpt Coln.
    0940 Capt O’Driscoll returned and reported 4 pls were required (with others) to tpt sups and POL to 30 + 12 Corps North of PARIS which Corps were in very short supply. D Pl detailed for POL and A, B + C for sups. Lt Bantry [??] assumed comd of A Pl in absence of Lt Joffe.
    1030 D Pl left location for BAYEUX there to load.
    1115 A Pl left location.
    1130 B Pl left location.
    1145 C Pl left location.
    1500 Lieut G.A. NORRINGTON reported for duty from RHU.
    2000 OC to conference at CRASC 30 Tpt Coln when told that Coln was likely, and under orders, to move at short notice and the Coy would come under command of (probably) 44 Tpt Coln.

    2 September 1944
    OC to 44 Tpt Coln and thence to CRASC 41 Tpt Coln when informed Coy would come under command 41 Tpt Coln wef 1600 hrs today. Also informed that 4 pls of Coy now part of 2 Colns carrying POL and sups to Second Cushion.
    1005 Lt Joffe returned from detail to 297 Coy at EVEREAUX & DOUAINS.
    1600 Coy came under comd of 41 Tpt Coln.

    3 September 1944
    HQ & Wksps cleaning up preparatory to pending move to a new location.

    4 September 1944
    Wksps moved to a new location near BAYEUX.
    1930 A, B & C Pls returned from Second Cushion and harboured for night at new location.

    5 September 1944 Nr BAYEUX
    HQ left BERNIERES-SUR-MER and arrived at new location.
    Coy under comd 28 Tpt Coln but in absence of that Coln unit would be adm by 22 Tpt Coln.
    1400 HQ est.
    1800 D pl reported in. A, B & C reported out to go to BRUSSELS.

    6 September 1944
    Coy received orders to move to location near ARRAS.

    7 September 1944
    OC and Capt O’Driscoll proceeded to new locn to recce same.
    Coy HQ & Wksps to move at 1800 hrs and meet at RV at No 3 Cushion at 1000 hrs 9 Sep.
    1800 Coy HQ & Wsps moved from locn.
    1930 HQ & Wksps staged for the night.

    8 September 1944
    HQ & Wksps pulled out on route to RV.
    1930 HQ & Wksps arrived at TALMAS and staged for night.
    2000 OC & party arr at Gezancourt and found a locn. Also ascertained Coy would come under comd 21 Tpt Coln.

    9 September 1944 TALMAS
    HQ & Wksps left for RV.
    0930 Guide met Coy HQ coln at BEAUVAL and guided into new locn.[GEZAINCOURT]
    1000 Coy HQ & Wksps arrived at new locn and Coy HQ was est in the Hospital (formerly used as a German billet).
    1100 D Pl reported in.

    10 September 1944 GEZAINCOURT
    Orders received that Coy would come under comd 46 Tpt Coln due to move of 24 Tpt Coln.
    1600 Comds A & C pls reported in passing.

    11 – 13 September 1944
    Nothing to report.

    14 September 1944
    Orders received to recce area SW of AMIENS with view to move.
    1600 Recce completed. Coy HQ & Wksps to move tomorrow.
    0800 OC to HAL where B Pl located and having trouble.

    15 September 1944
    Coy HQ + Wksps moved to new location [SALEUX].
    1100 Coy HQ + Wksps arrived at new location. Route attached. Appx “A”
    Coy HQ est & reported.
    1120 D Pl reported in, en route to ALBERT.
    2000 D Pl returned to location.
    2330 Lt. Norrington to report to CRASC to explain delay. OC accompanied.

    16 September 1944 SALEUX
    C Pl reported in.
    1800 A Pl reported in en route to Brussels.
    1830 C Pl moved out to ROUEN.
    1845 Half B Pl reported in. 6 vehs immediately to go to DIEPPE.
    2030 Remainder of B Pl reported in from BRUSSELS.

    17 September 1944 SALEUX
    5 vehs of B to report to 31 & 32 MPFC.
    0600 6 vehs of B to report to ROUEN.
    1400 Infm received from CRASC that ADOS 11 L of C would supply the Unit.

    18 September 1944 SALEUX
    14 of B Pl to proceed to GRANDE ROULECOURT for ferrying pet to CORBIE Sta.
    28 vehs now for evacuation.
    1550 Warning Order received from CRASC that Coy would move to next location p.m. 20 Sep.

    19 September 1944 SALEUX
    OC to conference at CRASC 46 Tpt Coln.
    1030 Conference of Offrs. Told Coy would move on 20 Sep to area SOTTEVILLE (1801/1802) nr ROUEN and task would be to be link between “Railtails” W of SEINE and “Railheads” E of SEINE. Such task to last about 10 days until railway b rest over river when Coy would move forward probably to BELGIUM. Coy HQ & Wksps to move at 1100 hrs. B Pl to move when all vehs reported in to location. Recce party to proceed immediately.

    20 September 1944 YMARE
    Coy HQ & Wksps moved.
    1545 Coy HQ & Wksps arrived at new location. HQ est & reported. Route att. Appx B
    B pl arrived in location.
    1950 A pl arrived in location.
    2200 Message from CRASC that A + B pls to report to 44 Tpt Coln at NEUBOURG to carry commodities from Railtails to Railheads.

    21 September 1944 YMARE
    Capt. O’Driscoll reported A + B Pls have reported to 44 Tpt Coln where they have been detailed to go to RMA there to pick up bridging and carry to BOURG LEOPOLD in BELGIUM.
    1100 Capt Boswell and party left to proceed to ROTS to take over 30 new vehs.
    1200 OC [Major MA Holmes RASC] left to go to RMA to rectify detail situation and arrange for new vehs to be taken over by A + B Pls.

    22 September 1944 YMARE
    OC returned.

    23 September 1944 YMARE
    Detail for 25 x 3-ton to report to 44 Tpt Coln.

    24 September 1944 YMARE
    Detail to 44 Tpt Coln cancelled. Instead 25 x 3-ton to report to 245 Pet Depot for det at Formerie.
    0600 C pl proceeded to FORMERIE.

    25 September 1944 YMARE
    D Pl arrived in location and proceeded to DARNETAL there to ferry petrol to Station from MPFC.

    26 September 1944 YMARE
    Coy Comd conference at CRASC 34 Tpt Coln when told Coy were under comd that Coln wef 27 Sep.

    27 September 1944 YMARE
    A Pl arrived in location.
    1200 Message received from CRASC 46 Tpt Coln that Coy would be under comd 34 Tpt Coln wef 27 Sep.
    1600 B Pl arrived in location.

    28 September 1944 YMARE
    Message received from 41 Tpt Coln that one pl would proceed to RMA at 0715 to convoy NAAFI stores to area Brussels.
    0400 B Pl detailed for NAAFI tpt detail.
    0745 Detail to B Pl cancelled and A Pl substituted.
    0930 A Pl left locn to fulfil NAAFI detail.

    29 September 1944 YMARE
    OC to conference at CRASC 34 Tpt Coln when told that HQ would on 30 Sep move to area DOULLENS and two pls of this Coy would be located there together with an Adv HQ and one half W/Shops also that work at FORMERIE would soon cease and that the pl there would then proceed to DARNETAL until work ceases there. Ultimately HQ and 2 pls and remainder of Wksps would join Adv Coy HQ and det at DOULLENS and move forward to (probably) a Channel Port.
    2315 OC’s Orders given. Det under comd Capt. O’Driscoll and HQ Sub to proceed area DOULLENS 1100 hrs 30 Sep.

    30 September 1944 YMARE
    Det as ordered left for area DOULLENS.
    1230 Major Cullen (34 Tpt Coln) att as rear CRASC HQ.
    1330 Message from OC C Pl that FORMERIE Sta would close down at close of work 30 Sep and pl would be ready to move by 1600 hrs 1 Oct.
    0800 B Pl left for 41 [??] Tpt Coln to complete a detail which would finish at DOULLENS.
    1550 OC and Major Cullen to FORMERIE there to give OC C Pl his orders.
    Strength: 10 Offrs and 391. Total: 401.


    Appendix A to War Diary for Sep 44



    Appendix B to War Diary for Sep 44

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  7. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    1 October 1944 YMARE
    CSM returned and reported new Adv Coy HQ located near HALLOY and that O.C. Adv Party had had an accident and his dvr and DR were injured and in hospital, the former to be discharged on 2 Oct.
    1030 OC left locn to go to 36 RHU to collect Dvr O’BRIEN (ex Hospital).
    2030 OC returned. Dvr O’BRIEN had left 36 RHU and was believed to be reporting to the unit under his own arrangements.

    2 October 1944 YMARE
    C Pl reported in from detail and OC left to visit HQ Adv.
    1400 34 CRASC (R) informed unit that it had been arranged with CRASC 47 Tpt Coln that one pl this unit would take over from pl of 364 Coy at DARNETAL at 1000 hrs on 3 Oct also to take over billets occupied by that pl. C Pl detailed.
    2300 Instruction varied in that C Pl would take over at 0700 3 Oct.

    3 October 1944 YMARE
    Detail at DARNETAL taken over by OC C pl.
    1330 OC returned from visit to Adv HQ. Gave orders that Coy HQ would move to join Adv HQ on 4 Oct leaving location at 0930 hrs at latest.

    4 October 1944
    Coy HQ left location at YMARE to proceed to Adv HQ. Route – YMARE – ROUEN – NEUFCHATEL – AUMALE – POIX – AMIENS – HALLOY.
    1500 Coy HQ arrived at Adv HQ location at GRENAS (MR 5/N2388).
    1515 Coy HQ established.
    1530 Message to CRASC 34 Tpt Coln reporting.

    5 October 1944 GRENAS
    OC B Pl reported in and that he with 20 vehs had been to DIEPPE and taken on a load of [??] to convey to 2 BAD at WATERLOO.

    6 October 1944 GRENAS
    Detail received from CRASC 34 Tpt Coln to send 10 vehs to DIEPPE to collect and deliver mail to BRUSSELS.
    1100 10 vehs of B Pl under Sgt ROBINSON left to fulfil mail detail.
    1830 Representative of Town Major at DOULLENS called and required to take away beds ex-enemy to accommodate tps moving into DOULLENS.
    Having inspected huts and found our men were sleeping on the floor he was satisfied and went away.

    7 October 1944 GRENAS
    Detail received for 10 vehs to proceed to DIEPPE to carry mail to BRUSSELS. A Pl detailed.
    1100 Detail received for 17 vehs to proceed to VERMELLES COLLIERY to carry bridging to BRUSSELS. A Pl detailed.
    1230 B Pl reported in from detail to BRUSSELS (20 veh detail).

    8 October 1944 GRENAS
    Detail received for DIEPPE – BRUSSELS carrying amn. B Pl detailed.
    1415 Detail for Dieppe reported.

    9 October 1944 GRENAS
    A Pl reported in.

    10 October 1944 GRENAS
    Pl at Darnetel and Wksps placed at 4 hrs notice to move as from midnight.

    11 October 1944 GRENAS
    Sgt. Robinson’s detail reported in.
    1600 Detail received for 9 vehs to collect mail at DIEPPE and carry to Brussels.
    1915 Detail for Dieppe left locn.
    1930 Wksps Officer arrived from France to join HQ.

    12 October 1944 GRENAS
    Capt. O’Driscoll departed HQ to visit det at Darnetal and to contact 41 Tpt Coln regarding possibility of Darnetal railtail being taken over by other tpt and this unit relieved.
    2000 DR despatched to Darnetal to contact Capt. O’Driscoll and order Wksps det to vacate premises at [??] and proceed to join Pls at Darnetal.

    13 October 1944 GRENAS
    Capt. O’Driscoll returned from Darnetal and reported Wksps had moved to Darnetal and were installed in waterworks near D Pl also he had reconnoitred another location there.
    1800 CQMS reported no rations available at DID AMIENS as one Coy in the Coln had drawn for all Coys. Messing Officer proceeded to DID to regularise the situation.
    1900 Warning Order received that Comd 34 Tpt Coln would visit unit on 14 Oct (AM) and that Comd 16 L of C Area would probably visit in afternoon also that interviews for Lts Johnson and Stollard postponed until Monday 16th Oct at 1030.
    2345 Messing Officer returned mission having been successfully accomplished.

    14 October 1944 GRENAS
    Lt Col H Husham [??], comd 34 Tpt Coln visited the Coy and noted adm points for Comd 16 L of C Area’s visit.
    1030 Lt. Stollard departed to Brussels to visit RHUs in that area with view to getting release of any unit drivers.
    1430 Brig. Underhill, Comd 16 L of C Area visited Coy.

    15 October 1944 GRENAS
    Detail under comd Sgt Robinson returned to location.
    1530 Detail under comd Cpl Griffin returned to location.
    1630 Detail under comd Sgt Page returned to location.
    2230 Lt. Stallard returned but no unit drivers at RHUs contacted.

    16 October 1944 GRENAS
    OC to conference at CRASC 34 Tpt Coln when ordered to send 2 further sections to Darnetal and informed that HQ CRASC would deduct 10% from veh availability and detail tpt accordingly.
    1130 OC to conference at CRASC 34 Tpt Coln.
    1200 Lt. Stallard and Lt Johnson reported for interviews at HQ 34 Tpt Coln.
    1430 Additional tpt for Darnetal departed.
    1440 Detail under comd Sjt. Bennet reported in location (less 2 vehs which had been used for mail from Brussels to Dieppe).
    1215 Detail received for 10 vehs to Dieppe for mail.

    17 October 1944 GRENAS
    Lt Johnson completed 15 months commissioned service in RASC.

    18 October 1944
    [no entry]

    19 October 1944 GRENAS
    Band Concert for 34 Tpt Coln held at Coy locn.

    20 October 1944 GRENAS
    OC to conference at HQ CRASC 34 Tpt Coln.
    1500 Wksps officer to conference at HQ CRASC 34 Tpt Coln.
    2100 Verbal orders issued for Coy HQ to move to area DARNETAL on 22 Oct. Capt. O’Driscoll to recce and report.

    21 October 1944 GRENAS
    Capt. O’Driscoll reported result of recce. Coy HQ to move to RONCHEROLES am Sunday. Capt Parker to remain at GRENAS as Adm HQ.

    22 October 1944 GRENAS
    Coy HQ moved to Roncheroles less detachment remaining at GRENAS under comd Capt. PARKER which det would be Adm HQ of coy.

    23 October 1944 GRENAS
    OC to DIEPPE to visit A Pl and on to ELBEUF to see CRASC 41 Tpt Coln regarding mail tasks.

    24 October 1944 GRENAS
    Capt. O’Driscoll relieved Capt. Brims at DARNETAL STA for one week.

    25 October 1944 GRENAS
    C and D Pls inspected by OC as to adm and discipline.

    26 October 1944 GRENAS
    C and D Pls inspected by OC as to M.T. records.

    27 October 1944 GRENAS
    Instructions issued by Adm HQ for 20 x 3 ton to be collected also 8 m/c. W/Shops at DARNETAL to collect. Also a further 24 4 x 4 would be exchanged for 4 x 2.

    28 October 1944 GRENAS
    Strength 10 officers and 387 ORs.

    29 October 1944
    Church Parade at DARNETAL for C + D and one at MONDICOURT under auspices of 34 Tpt Coln for det at GRENAS.

    30 October 1944 GRENAS
    Instructions received to backload 24 4 x 4 and collect 4 x 2 from CAEN and instructions passed to W/Shops.

    31 October 1944 GRENAS
    Instructions issued for HQ at RONCHEROLLES to return to GRENAS but Wksps Officer to remain at DARNETAL to clear up veh situation. Capt. O’DRISCOLL to be det comd. Capt. BRIMS remaining comd DARNETAL STA.
  8. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    1 November 1944 GRENAS
    Rear HQ arrived from RONCHEROLLES.
    C Pl at DARNETAL detailed 25 x 3 ton for 244 Pet Depot and carried 220 jerricans of pet – each veh overloaded 1½ tons.
    A Pl (on tranco run) left staging camp at HAL with 20 vehs and arrived Coy locn at 1200 hrs where refuelled.
    No report B Pl. D Pl carried out normal details with 26 x 3-ton vehs.

    2 November 1944 GRENAS
    Jerrican filling Centre in Coy locn made a Coy responsibility and handed over to Lt CANTER by Lt. STALLARD.
    1340 A Pl left locn on detail for RMA with 15 vehs and staged with C Pl at DARNETAL. C Pl on normal details. D Pl on normal details.

    3 November 1944 GRENAS
    Visited by Col. GILCHRIST with Comd 34 Tpt Coln and routine inspection carried out.
    A Pl left DARNETAL 0700 hrs & arr. RMA 1130 hrs. C Pl on normal details: collected 30 new vehs for C & D Pls; D Pl on normal details.

    4 November 1944 GRENAS
    A Pl detained all day at RMA loading; C Pl normal details; D Pl supplied 33 x 3 ton for normal duties.

    5 November 1944 GRENAS
    Normal work by all pls; A Pl left RMA 0715 and staged at ALBERT 1815 hrs; C Pl received 9 new vehs.

    6 November 1944 GRENAS
    OC proceeded to DARNETAL; A Pl left ALBERT 0715 and arrived 15 AOD 1630 hrs; C + D on normal details.

    7 November 1944 GRENAS
    OC arrived back from DARNETAL; A Pl completed delivery by 1600 + proceeded to return at 1615 hrs – stages TOURNAI 1845 hrs; C + D on normal details; D Pl received information of suspected collaborators in French Police Force – infm passed to Intelligence.

    8 November 1944 GRENAS
    Report received that DARNETAL STA would be closing down and work was being reduced; A left TOURNAI 0715 and arrived in Coy locn 1000 hrs – detailed at 2100 hrs to leave on 9 Nov; B C & D on normal details; C Pl received 5 new vehs.

    9 November 1944 GRENAS
    Court of Inquiry re Sergeant. A Pl left locan at 1230 hrs for DIEPPE and arrived there 1700 hrs; B, C + D on normal duties.

    10 November 1944 GRENAS
    Adm Offr to DARNETAL for Adm Inspection which was successfully carried out – no complaints; A completed loading 1230 hrs and left DIEPPE 1300 hrs, arriving ARRAS 1830 hrs; B, C + D on normal duties; Comd 34 Tpt Coln visited D Pl, C Pl out on details as Pet Depot unworkable.

    11 November 1944 GRENAS
    Adm Offr returned; A left ARRAS 0650 arriving BRUSSELS 1400; B, C + D on normal details.

    12 November 1944 GRENAS
    A Pl offloaded by 1300 hrs but under difficulty as had parked on local fruit market – left BRUSSELS 1345 and arrived LILLE 1755; B, C + D on normal details.
    1500 DR despatched to C Pl at DARNETAL for that Pl to join Coy at GRENAS on 13 Nov.

    13 November 1944 GRENAS
    A Pl left LILLE 0730 and arrived Coy locn 1000 hrs and laid off details for 4 or 5 days.
    0800 Information received Coy would move complete in few days.
    1300 C Pl arrived to join Coy bringing with it residues of HQ.
    D Pl only pl working, remainder on maintenance.
    2300 Orders received to move Coy (less D Pl) to area BRUSSELS on 15 Nov and one pl to arrive by 14 1600 hrs, A Pl detailed; recce party for Coy to depart first light.

    14 November 1944 GRENAS
    Recce party left.
    1000 A Pl departed and contacted guide from recce party and were told to report to GENDARMERIE BOULEVARD GEN JACQUES BRUSSELS and would be on detail on 15 Nov. Remainder of Coy (less D) packed up.

    15 November 1944
    Coy moved out from GRENAS for BRUSSELS.
    2000 Whole Coy (less D) in locn at GENDARMERIE Bd GEN JACQUES.
    0645 A Pl left locn to report to CA Det at Lunatic Asylum ST ANTONIUS near ANTWERP.
    1100 A Pl arrived destination and was ordered to convey lunatics to various destinations.
    B + C employed on local details.
    1200 Coy under comd 35 Tpt Coln.

    16 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    A Pl on detail at ANTWERP; B + C on local details; Coy HQ location at Gendarmerie Bd. General Jacques as “a temporary measure”.

    17 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    A Pl still on ANTWERP detail; C Pl 30 vehs at LOUVAIN carrying amn & POL for RAF; B Pl on local details in and around BRUSSELS; C Pl ordered to find location at LOUVAIN for ease of detail as job with RAF to become permanent.
    1500 D Pl joined Coy work having ceased at DARNETAL.

    18 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    B Pl on local details; C Pl located at Chasseau de Wavre de FONTAINE des PHILOSPHES OLD HEVERSLEE.
    1300 A Pl returned from detail at ANTWERP.

    19 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    A, B & D on local details; C Pl with RAF at LOUVAIN.

    20 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    A, B & D on local details; C Pl with RAF at LOUVAIN.

    21 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    A, B & D on local details; C Pl with RAF at LOUVAIN.

    22 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    LT STALLARD proceeded on course to UK, thence to leave; pls on details as for 21st.

    23 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as 22nd.

    24 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.
    1000 Lt Col. SP Perry, Comd 35 Tpt Coln visited Coy HQ and inspected billets.

    25 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as on 24th.

    26 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.
    2000 General instructions received to confine all ranks to billets in case of trouble in disarming Belgian Forces of Interior; all ranks confined to barracks.

    27 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.

    28 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.

    29 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.
    1630 Confinement to barracks cancelled.

    30 November 1944 BRUSSELS
    Pls on details as yesterday.
    1200 Strength 10 Offrs, 389 ORs.
  9. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    1 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged on local details, except C at LOUVAIN working for RAF; these details to be permanent in all cases.

    2 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Inspection carried out by Q(AE); Coy engaged on local details.

    3 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged on local details. 1 Veh detailed for PARIS.
    0830 Church parade held in Coy HQ building.

    4 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged on local details.

    5 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Work as yesterday.

    6 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    PARIS detail not yet back; Coy engaged on local details.

    7 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Message received from NCO i/c PARIS detail that he had been given orders to proceed 300 miles past PARIS and did not expect to return for some days.

    8 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged locally.

    9 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details carried out.
    1000 Coy visited by Comd 35 Tpt Coln.
    2300 Information received that veh to PARIS had been involved in an accident and one man killed, one seriously injured and one injured. Lt Joffe detailed to leave for PARIS to investigate.

    10 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Lt Joffe departed.
    Coy engaged locally.

    11 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details.

    12 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details carried out.

    13 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged on local details in and around BRUSSELS.

    14 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details carried out. Leave documents received.
    1630 Lt Joffe returned and reported L/Cpl BARKER had been killed in vehicle accident and DVR KAVANAGH was seriously injured and would be evacuated; veh a complete write off.

    15 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Vehs engaged on local details.
    1230 LT STALLARD rejoined Coy from Course and leave in UK.

    16 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details carried out.

    17 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Church Parade at HQ Coy. Engaged on local details.

    18 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Court of Enquiry held re death of BARKER. Coy on local work.
    1200 Offices and office systems inspection by Comd 35 Tpt Coln.
    2215 Orders received for nominal roll of A1 men under 35 to be sent to higher formation by 22 Dec.

    19 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Date for nominal roll advanced to 20 Dec. Coy on details locally.

    20 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Nominal roll of personnel for inf fwd to 35 Tpt Coln, 137 men affected.
    Coy engaged on local details.

    21 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details. Orders received for 16 men to be posted to Inf and to report by 26 Dec.

    22 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Message received to detail an inlying picquet of 30 men in case of need and OC to attend conference 0900 hrs tomorrow. Men confined. Coy on local details.

    23 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy engaged on details in and around BRUSSELS.
    0900 OC to conference at 35 Tpt Coln. Coy on local details.
    1030 Conference of all officers when verbal orders given.
    1200 Special Op Instruction No 1 issued. Fire plan issued. Appx “A” & “B”

    24 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Signal received “Stand to”.
    0050 Coy completely stood to and ready for any emergency.
    0245 Orders received to stand down.
    1300 Orders received to post LT NORRINGTON.
    1640 Men ceased to be confined to barracks.
    Coy engaged on local details.

    25 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    No work.
    1300 Men had Xmas dinner and were visited by Comd 35 Tpt Coln.
    Draw made for first 50 to go on leave.
    1600 Posting order for LT NORRINGTON raised – he was to go to 756 Station maintenance Coy at LILLE.

    26 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    16 men for Inf departed. Coy engaged on local details.
    2300 Enemy plane machine gunned Boulevard on which Coy locn situate. No damage or casualties to this unit but 1 civilian woman killed.

    27 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details and normal routine.
    1900 Orders received to have inlying picquet at 15 minutes call.

    28 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Local details.
    1000 Verbal information received that Gendarmerie occupied as Coy location must be vacated in 48 hrs.
    1700 Orders received to relax all special anti paratroop etc precautions.
    1800 Alternative accommodation found and settled Coy to move tomorrow.

    29 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy moved and HQ est at 31 Rue de Printemps Lente; pls occupying various houses adjacent.
    1800 LT MORRIS joined Coy from 756 Station Maintenance Coy in exchange for LT NORRINGTON.
    Coy engaged on local details.

    30 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Lt NORRINGTON left to join new Coy.
    1600 Orders received to post LT JOHNSON to 719 Coy to fill vacancy as Wksps Offr to join on 1 Jan; LT WISWOULD posted to Coy to join same date.
    Coy on local details.

    31 December 1944 BRUSSELS
    Coy on local details.
  10. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Appendix D

    282 COY R.A.S.C. (GEN TPT).


    Date: 23 Dec 44

    The Coy is required to have ready at call Mobile Column for action beyond Coy location and tps at call for defence of location as required.

    Coy will be so arranged as to provide standing ‘F’ Group during hours of darkness and remainder of Coy will stand by as available for additional calls during whole 24 hrs.

    3. METHOD.
    1. Personnel to provide the standing Mobile Column and Guard of the location will consist of 1 Sgt, 1 Cpl and 50 men and will be detailed daily to Pls by CSM.

    2. A general warning for Stand-to will be given by the sounding of long blasts on klaxon horn.

    3. ‘F’ Group will remain dressed at all times and will turn out immediately on the warning and will come under the command of the Duty Officer.

    4. The assembly point for the ‘F’ Group will be in the main hall outside HQ office.

    5. On receipt of warning all Pls will rise, dress in Battle Order and with weapons and will assemble in Pl assembly areas.

    6. ‘A’ Pl will detail 4 standing vehs for transport of mobile column and will notify Nos and parking place of vehs so allocated.

    7. Duty Officer will send runners to rouse all officers on the receipt of warnings ‘CREAM’ or ‘MILK’.

    8. Capt. O’Driscoll will prepare defence plan for Coy Location.

    9. Sgt. i/c ‘F’ Group will detail air spotters in addition to normal Guards.

    10. All ranks will carry personal weapons unloaded and ammunition at all times.

    1. If Mobile Column is called out O. i/c will draw 24 hr rations if time permits.

    2. NCO i/c ‘F’ Group will draw 2 Bren guns and loaded magazines each evening for Guard mounting from Coy HQ and will return them the following morning.

    1. By M/cycle.

    2. Coy command post will be established at Coy HQ office.

    [sgd; ??]
    Major, R.A.S.C.
    Comd 282 Coy RASC (G.T.)

    CRASC, 35 Tpt Coln
    All officers (10)
    War Diary
  11. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    That's all I've got unfortunately, so if anyone comes across any more I'd be very interested in seeing it.

    I hope it is of interest. Thanks for the likes.

  12. Tom,

    "all you've got" is a hell of a lot! Many thanks for transcribing and posting this War Diary.

    While looking for new photos of DUKW, yesterday I found this great Norwegian photo bank with lots of post D Day photos, including a few showing Norwegian coaster Vestmannrød on 14 June 1944 being unloaded by a DUKW and a K5, the latter belonging to, I believe (and hope), 282 GT Coy. Since the images, although available in various formats, are all very large (between 13 and 57 MB!), I have cropped the K5 part from one of the sharper photos:

    K5 prob 282 GT Coy - _10071Fo30141708180011 cropped - 90pct.jpg

    Some other images showing the same lorry L772276:
    Den norske handelsflåten med i invasjonen av Normandie
    Den norske handelsflåten med i invasjonen av Normandie
    Den norske handelsflåten med i invasjonen av Normandie

    From other photos in the same series, the location is JUNO Area (more precisely, the western end of NAN WHITE Beach at Bernières-sur-Mer), so the lorry must be part of the lorry-equipped unit attached to 102 Beach Sub Area, i.e. 282 GT Coy (MSN 24131). With the eye of the faith I can read the loading code as follows:

    LST II
    (chalk number, maybe 153?)

    The 7 Cdn Inf Bde Gp Landing Table dated 3 May 44 confirms that LST 1159 was to carry eight 3 Ton GS lorries from 282 GT Coy in her Tank Deck, with seven more on her Main Deck.

    This would answer my long standing interrogation about 282 Coy's Arm of Service Serial, which would thus be 1375b. Note that the "1375' is painted right above the White bar, rather than at the usual location half-way up the AoS Flash.

    The Formation Sign should be the Beach Group's fouled anchor, which might be what we see on the opposite mudguard, although the shadows make it look more like a dark diamond...

    I do not know for sure what the reversed "30" in the lower offside corner of the windscreen is. Maybe the Vehicle number within the Platoon, but then the Platoon letter is not visible.

    Notice also the different orientation of the nearside front tyre tread.

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  13. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    That's very nice, Michael. It's quite common to see the maximum permitted speed painted on the inside of the windscreen. Would 30 mph be right for the 'Screamer' ?
  14. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    That's a fantastic photo - many thanks for posting up here. Obviously the Norwegians have good taste in 3 ton lorries! She is a beauty.:D


  15. I attach the Unit Sheets for 282 GT Coy RASC with 7, 8 & 9 Cdn Inf Bdes plus the summary Unit Staff Table with 3 Cdn Inf Div. Note that the total number of 3 ton GS from the 3 Unit Sheets dated 2-3 May 44 (15+27+98=140 lorries) is 3 lorries short of that from the Unit Staff Table dated 7 Apr 44 (19+8+106+2+8=143 lorries). There must have been a slight change between those two dates.

    I suppose that the 3 ton GS lorries in excess of those in the 4 transport platoons of 33 each = 132 lorries are so-called 'domestic' vehicles for the unit's own use.

    Unit Sheet - T-7620 - 0142 - 7 CIB Gp Unit Sheets - 118 - 3 May 44 - 282 GT Coy.jpg Unit Sheet - T-12158 - 1208 - 8 CIB Gp Unit Sheets - 2 May 44 - 035 - 282 GT Coy.jpg Unit Sheet - T-12331 - 0343 - 9 CIB Gp Unit Sheets - 2 May 44 - 029 - 282 GT Coy Less Det.jpg Unit Staff Table - T-7620 - 1595 - Unit Staff Table - 3 CID - 136 - A 388 - 282 GT Coy.jpg
    Links to full-size images:
    War diaries : T-7620 - Héritage
    War diaries : T-12158 - Héritage
    War diaries : T-12331 - Héritage
    War diaries : T-7620 - Héritage
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