War Diary: 2 Monmouthshire Regiment

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    2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment War Diary

    [This is all hand written... so will take a while to transcribe]

    1st – 30th June
    Commanding Officer: Lieutenant-Colonel WH Kempster
    Location: Whistable
    1st – 5th June – NIL

    6th June – Battalion placed at 6 hours notice to move to Marshalling Area.

    9th – 15th June – NIL

    16th June – Final despatch of mail from Battalion in UK.

    Location: UK
    18th June – Marching troops depart 1100 hours.

    19th June – Advance Party 58940 Major J Price and 5 ORs depart Whitsable and embarks.
    Battalion moves to Marshalling Area. Vehicle Party departs at 0345 hours.

    19 – 20th June – NIL

    22nd June - Vehicle Party embarks

    23 – 24th June – NIL.

    25th June – Marching troops embark.

    Location: France
    26th June – Marching troops disembark – FRANCE.

    2[7]th June – Advance Party disembarks – FRANCE.

    28th June – Vehicle party disembarks in France – Courseulles-sur-Mer.

    29th June – Battalion established in assembly area at Subles.

    30th June – 0900 – Orders received 0900 hours to move to forward locality at Le Mesnil-Patry.
    Location: Le Mesnil-Patry
    1200 – Battalion established in area Le Mesnil-Patry.
    1600 – Battalion area shelled – casualties: 58632 Temporary Captain WFT [H]erbert, 293744 w/Lieutenant G Edwards – wounded. Two ORs killed – 5 ORs wounded.
    1800 – Orders received for Battalion move to front line position.
    2130 – Advance Party moves to take over position area Mondrainville 9264.
    Main Body moves by march route.

    1st – 31st July
    Location: Mondrainville 9264
    1st July – Battalion HQ established at 925645 [Appendix 1]
    For the are shelled and mortared spasmodically during day.
    Casualties: - 58740 Major J Price – Killed
    - 42446 Cptain TR Baber - Wounded
    - 49532 Cptain Gay – Wounded
    - 3 ORs sick and evacuated

    2nd July – 0630 – Observation post established at 925628. No activity reported on front.
    Battalion HQ and B Company area shelled and mortared. Maintenance train shelled.
    Casualties: 1 OR killed, 3 ORs wounded, 3 ORs sick and evacuated.

    3rd July – Battalion area mortared and shelled occasionally. No casualties.

    4th July – Intensive shelling and mortaring. Battalion moves to new location orders received to prepare to lay minefield on nights 5/6th and 6/7th. Daylight patrols report no activity. Casualties: Lieutenant R Hasted and 1 OR Killed. [Appendix B]
    41233 Major HW Tyear, SWB (2IC) and 37 ORs join Battalion.

    5th July – Mine laying postponed until night 7/8th July 44. Slight enemy shelling and mortaring.
    Casualties: 3 ORs wounded. 2 ORs sick and evacuated.

    6th July – arrangements made for RE representatives and Battalion Pioneer O to make recce night 6/7th June.
    Heavy mortaring and shelling – our arty [replies].
    Casualties: ORs wounded.
    2 ORs sick and evacuated.

    7th July – 0050 – Pioneer and RE representatives proceed on minefield recce from D Company locality.
    Tripwire laid in front of Company position.
    0315 – RE reports in from recce.
    B, C and D Companies sleight mortaring during day.
    Sleight enemy reported by Regimental and Royal Artillery Observation posts.
    2310 – C Company mine laying party proceed to C Panel.
    2315 – D Company mine laying party proceed to B Panel
    2342 – B Company mine laying party proceed to A Panel
    Casualties – 1 OR killed, 1 OR wounded.

    8th July – 0255 – D Company report B Panel complete.
    0445 – Pioneer Officer report A Panel will be completed night 8/9th at 150 yards to be done.
    0425 – C Company report C Panel complete.
    Sleight mortaring during day
    2330 – Recce patrol despatched.
    Casualties – 2 ORs killed, 7 ORs wounded, 3 ORs sick and evacuated.

    9th July – 0200-0245 – Three calls made for arty defensive fire tasks as counter-mortar [support?].
    0400 – Recce patrol returns. Reports NIL.
    Enemy activity during day restricted to shelling and mortaring.
    2330 – Recce patrol despatched. No casualties.

    10th July – 0245 – Patrol returns, reports enemy in wood 917625 (approximately 1 Company)
    0250 to 430 – Commanding Officer calls for nine defensive fire shoots in area 917625 and adjacent enemy positions suspected.
    0450 – Patrol despatched to report on wood 917625.
    0630 – Prisoner taken by D Company and despatched to Brigade.
    1640 – Patrol returns with report on wood 917625. Reports enemy 914625. Royal Artillery shoot on this.
    Casualties – 1 OR killed – 4 ORs wounded.

    11th July – Four Prisoners of war taken during day.
    2115 – A Company reports Cahier 9056628 is enemy strong point. Patrol from this Company sent out to investigate.
    Casualties:- 1 OR.

    12th July – General activity and shelling during night on Battalion left flank.
    0400 – Patrol returns – reports wiring North-East of Cahier
    Casualties 3 ORs – 2 ORS previously casualties returned.

    13th July – 0015-0120 – Intermittent enemy shelling
    0445 – D Company patrol reports enemy infantry activity in West Wood 917625.
    1015 – B Company patrols reports enemy West and North West Wood 917635. Shot one man.
    1040 – C Company report two men missing from Bren group 923638.
    1330 – Cahier area hit by our medium regiment and 25 pounders for ten minutes.
    1350 – Cahier area hit by our 4.2” mortars for ten minutes.
    1630 – Two missing men found dead.
    2130 – Standing patrol of Lieutenant F Evans and 38 ORs briefed and despatched by CO to wood 917625. Task – to remain until prisoner of war taken or withdrawn by CO.
    Casualties:- 3 ORs killed, 1 OR wouned, 2 ORs sick and evacuated.

    14th July – 0530 – Patrol established in Wood 917635.
    Mortaring and shelling intermittently during day.
    2030 – Commanding officer calls for arty fire on 909629 (25 pounders) and 906629 (medium) as result of patrol report.
    Casualties:- 295370 Lieutenant DD Houler – wounded.
    2 ORs wounded, 1 OR sick and evacuated.

    15th July – Prisoner of War identified as 991 Grenadier Regiment bought in by C Company.
    0945 – Report form D Company observation post of enemy platoon approaching company position.
    “Alert” to Battalion HQ, Mortars and Carriers.
    1030 – No activity reported, alert ceases.
    2130 – Mortaring reported A Company locality.
    No casualties.

    15th/16th July – Battalion forward Companies form protection for start line of Ox and Bucks attack which is made through Battalion position. Mortar platoon shoots in support of this attack.
    Standing patrol in Wood 917625 affords flank protection for Ox and Bucks.
    1700 – Relief of standing patrol by unit of 71 Brigade complete.
    2115 – Battalion moves to new area [Appendix 3]
    2300 – Battalion HQ established.
    A Echelon shelled.
    Casualties: 7 ORs killed – 13 ORs wounded, 3 ORs sick and evacuated.
  2. tango

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    hi all, dont know if anyone can help, but i am trying to find out a bit more about my relative Edward Powell who was sadly killed on the 17th july 1944. He was in the monmouthshire regiment. 2nd battalion i think? He was 30 years old when he got killed and was my nans brother.:poppy:
  3. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Welcome to the forum.
    Yes he was 2nd Bn.
    CWGC - Casualty Details

    I hope the members can help out with a bit more info for you.
  4. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Very Senior Member

    Welcome to the forum tango - enjoy!

    Jonny (handle 'Swiper') is the forum's resident expert on 53rd (Welsh) Division, to which the 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment belonged. He posted Message #1 of this thread, which is a transcription of the battalion's War Diary for the period 1 June to 16 July 1944. The whole War Diary WO171/1348 covers the period 1 January to 31 December 1944.

    It may be worthwhile dropping Jonny a PM (private message) - click on 'Private Messages' near your name at the top right hand side of the page and off you go - to ask if he has a transciption of the War Diary for the 17 July 1944, which may give you have information about location, cause, etc. of the death of soldiers on that day.

    Have you obtained Edward's service records?


  5. Tiflo 62

    Tiflo 62 Member


    Do you have the month of September 44 for this unit?

    Thank you.

  6. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    Digitised, but not transcribed sadly.
  7. rich 127

    rich 127 New Member

    Does anyone know the location of 2monmouthshire regt in the first week of march 1945, my great uncle was 12 platoon, b company, 2 Monmouthshire regt when he was wounded March 45, thanks in advance
  8. smdarby

    smdarby Well-Known Member

    Just had a quick look at Delaforce's Red Crown & Dragon. On 6 March 1945 2 Mons led an attack on the Bonninghardt Ridge just to the west of Alpen at a cost of 14 killed and 57 wounded. This seems a likely possibility for where your great uncle was wounded. I'm sure someone with more expertise than me can provide more info.
  9. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    pp93-7 of the Regimental history by GA Brett cover it.

    Without a date of his wounding, can't really help with specifics, although it was likely to be the attack on Alpen (mispelled by Brett)

    B Coy held the reserve + right flank as 2 Mons advanced on a 3 Coy front.
  10. A D Joned

    A D Joned New Member

    Can anyone help me find out how my mother's cousin was killed in action on 14/8/44. He was a private in the 2nd Monmouthshire . He was 19 years old. I have visited his grave to the east of Caen. There are 4 other graves from his battalion with this date next to him at the cemetery . Thanks
  11. rainham boy

    rainham boy Junior Member

    Hi all,
    I have been looking into my father's war records and have discovered that while serving with the 2nd Monmouthshire he was wounded on 6/3/45 at Alpen, is there a way of finding out more about his wounds

  12. John hanbury

    John hanbury New Member

    Hi ..my uncle died on 14.8.44 ash taylor Hanbury ,age 20 , he was in the same battalion ...i wonder if my uncle is 1 of them 4 graves . ?

    Hi ..my uncle died on 14.8.44 ash taylor Hanbury ,age 20 , he was in the same battalion ...i wonder if my uncle is 1 of them 4 graves . ?
    On that same day ,same pattalion my uncle ash taylor Hanbury age 20 died maybe he is 1 of the 4 graves ..would u know by any chance .thanks
  13. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams New Member

    Just seen a post regards 2nd Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment, my Grandfather died 15/08/1944, WILLIAMS, JAMES JOHN
    Service Number 1818175, wondered what, if anything, is posted in the war diaries regards this event/day, Thanks
  14. Hi Swiper,
    Long shot, but do you have 2 Monmouth's War diary for 7 August 1944?
    I am researching a Soldier (4080587 Pte Owen G Morris) who was KIA on 7 August 44, and trying to get a better handle on where, how he was killed and what action the Monmouths saw that day. Pte Morris is buried at Brouay war cemetary and have his details from CWGC
    Thanks in advance for any help !!
  15. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    They're static on the western banks of the Orne, running patrols over to the eastern bank etc.

    No offensive action really.

    Suspect wounded earlier on and died of wounds, so you'd need Owen's Service Record to find more.

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