War Diary, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, BEF - Sep 1939 to Jun 1940

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    From The Times, 22 Aug 1939, a month before this War Diary started; 7th Guards Brigade on Brigade Training at Tidworth, also one photo of Reservists training with Grenadier Guards

    Transcribed from copy War Diaries kindly supplied by Drew.

    TNA Catalogue Reference: WO 167/698

    1939 September 1
    Pirbright Camp
    Mobilisation ordered.
    Received over the telephone from Acting Staff Captain 7th GUARDS BRIGADE (Geoffrey BULL).
    Reservists had been called up the previous day. (see appendix 1)
    Lighting restrictions for Air Raid precautions enforced (see appendix 2)
    First batch of reservists arrived from R.H.Q. about 1500 hours, and went on arriving till 0100 hours in batches of 20.

    1939 September 2
    Pirbright Camp
    Anti-Tank Company of 7th GUARDS BRIGADE formed by one Platoon from each of 1st Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS, 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS and 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS. (appendix 3)
    First day of general Mobilisation.
    Owing to influx of TRAINING BATTALIONS into PIRBRIGHT, all rifle Companies of the Battalion were sent to Billets or camp.
    No.s 2 and 3 Companies to billets in PIRBRIGHT village area, No.s 1 and 4 Companies to S? CASTLE Camp.

    1939 September 3
    Pirbright Camp
    Severe thunderstorm on Saturday night making conditions for those under canvas pretty unpleasant.
    A fine day soon mended their spirit.
    Reserve Officers joining, the Battalion complete.
    1115 hours ENGLAND declared war on GERMANY, given out on the wireless.
    Wire from LONDON received later in the day. (see appendix 3A)

    1939 September 4
    Whole Battalion inoculated.
    Visit by the DIVISIONAL Commander (MONTGOMERY)
    Carrying on with Mobilization.

    1939 September 5
    First message about Air attacks received from ALDERSHOT Command (see appendix 4)
    CORPS Commander (BROOKE) visited 7th GUARDS BRIGADE.
    Companies started War Training.
    Shooting of rifle and Bren gun by reservists commenced.

    1939 September 6
    0930 hours
    Pirbright Camp
    First Air Raid warning received.
    No raid actually took place.
    1515 hours H.R.H. the DUKE of CONNAUGHT visited all Battalions in the 7th GUARDS BRIGADE.
    Battalion up to War Establishment plus First Reinforcments and Home Details.

    1939 September 7
    Quiet day of Training and continuation of Mobilization.
    Captain A.E.C. TENNYSON-d’EYNCOURT joined.
    One of the Carriers turned over during Training, with no casualties luckily.

    1939 September 8
    Pirbright Camp
    Very hot weather.
    A clear day for final kit inspections.
    All quiet.

    New promotions made and Roll of Officers made out. (see appendix 5)
    Lieutenant-Colonel A. de CAZENOVE, M.V.O.
    Major S.A. FORSTER
    Major I.N. McC. TUBBS
    Captain D.C. FORDE
    Captain R.F.S. GOOCH
    Captain and Adjutant St.J.O.A.W. FORBES
    Captain The Lord Frederick CAMBRIDGE
    Captain J.R. CAMPBELL
    Captain J. CHANDOS-POLE
    Lieutenant H.J.L. GREEN
    Lieutenant J.E.B. POPE
    Lieutenant L.J. GRAHAM-CLARKE
    Lieutenant Sir C.J. CHILD, Bt.
    Lieutenant C.P. DAWNAY
    Lieutenant C.H.S. PRESTON
    Lieutenant R.E.F. WALKER
    2/Lieutenant J. INNES
    2/Lieutenant J.D. WIGAN
    2/Lieutenant G.H. BRIGGS
    Lieutenant & Quartermaster W.F. SMITH, M.B.E.

    First Reinforcements
    Captain C.R. PEEL
    2/Lieutenant A.V. PRIESTLEY
    2/Lieutenant P.L. ALLIX
    2/Lieutenant D.T. MacGREGOR

    1939 September 9
    Pirbright Camp
    Again very hot.
    Signal Exercise carried out in the morning in the CHOBHAM District.
    Not a success owing to too hurried orders.
    As many men as possible sent on 24 hours leave.

    1939 September 10
    0800 hours Pirbright Camp
    Advanced Party left for Concentration area, YEOVIL, SOMERSET.
    Unable to complete Mobilization owing to large deficiencies of War Equipment on ?indent.
    Otherwise the Battalion is ready to move.

    1939 September 11
    Pirbright Camp
    12 impressed 30-cwt trucks drawn.
    None of them covered and no tarpaulins!
    10 more men from TRAINING BATTALION joined for Home Details.
    More orders for Battalion move to concentration area prepared. (see appendix 6)
    Motor Transport now complete.
    Carrier Platoon still one short.

    1939 September 12
    Pirbright Camp
    H.M. the KING inspected 7th GUARDS BRIGADE (see appendix 7)
    Battalion packing up to move to Concentration area to-morrow.

    1939 September 13
    1530 hours Yeovil Battalion H.Q., H.Q. Company, No. 1 Company by train and moved into Billets.
    1530 hours Motor Transport column arrived.
    One accident only, not serious.
    1700 hours No.s 2, 3, and 4 Companies arrived by train and moved into Billets.
    1830 hours Carriers arrived.

    1939 September 14
    All rifle Companies went on Route March of at least 12 miles.
    Signallers connected Companies with Battalion H.Q.
    1300 hours Warning order for DIVISIONAL Scheme of taking over trench system received.
    This entails a long march to the area, bivouacs or billets for the night, and then movement to trench system by night. (see appendix 8)

    Summary of difficulties encountered during Mobilization:-
    1. No Mobilization kit should be issued to Companies till Z + 5 at earliest in order to get all peace equipment handed in first.
    This should avoid muddles.
    2. Having no Peace Station, the storage of Battalion property is a big problem.
    3. Peace time indents very slow to materialise, so holding up issue of Mobilization equipment.
    4. Difficulty of accounting with Peace time methods after Mobilization.
    It is suggested that a War basis should be adopted from Mobilization and not from time the Battalion goes overseas.
    5. Change of senior ranks among N.C.O.s leads to chaos in Company books.

    1939 September 15
    Company Training continued.
    Intelligence Officer located billets for DIVISIONAL Scheme commencing 17th September.
    Accommodation in these temporary billets appears inadequate.
    A quiet day.

    1939 September 16
    Orders for DIVISIONAL Scheme arrived.
    This entailed 16 mile march to billets at FRAMPTON.
    Orders written for Battalion and issued by 1799 hours. (see appendix 9

    1939 September 17
    1530 hours Frampton “B” Echelon arrive escorted by Carrier Platoon.
    1630 hours Adjutant and Office truck arrived.
    Companies billeted in FRAMPTON COURT, and farm buildings in the area of the house and village Hall in FRAMPTON.

    1939 September 18
    1100 hours Frampton 50 rounds per rifle issued.
    Company Commanders reconnoitred trench system to be taken over in the evening, a mile WEST of COMPTON VALENCE.
    1700 hours Operation Order (see appendix 10) received from BRIGADE 1700 hours.
    1915 hours Battalion left FRAMPTON with “A” Echelon and reached the trench line at 2130 hours.
    Relief completed by 2330 hours.
    A very cold night.

    1939 September 19
    0530 hours Eggardon Hill Stood to in trench system.
    630 hours Stood down and breakfasted and rested the Battalion.
    1145 hours H.M. the KING visited the Battalion.
    1330 hours Conference for Company Commander held.
    1530 hours Brigadier visited the Battalion.
    1730 hours Operation Order from BRIGADE received (see appendix 11)
    1930 hours Stood to in trench system.
    2030 hours Stood down.
    Another cold night.

    1939 September 20
    0030 hours Eggardon Hill Fighting patrol went out.
    0130 hours Fighting patrol returned without meeting enemy.
    0430 hours Recce patrol went out.
    0530 hours Recce patrol returned with nothing to report.
    Stood to in trench system.
    0630 hours Stood down and breakfasted.
    0800 hours DIVISIONAL Scheme ended.
    Commenced filling in trenches.
    1730 hours “B” Echelon left EGGARDON HILL for YEOVIL.
    1900 hours Battalion left EGGARDON HILL to march to YEOVIL,
    2230 hours halting for dinners at MELBURY.

    1939 September 21
    0200 hours Yeovil
    Battalion reached YEOVIL, rested and bathed.
    Advance Party consisting of Captain CAMPBELL and two Other Ranks left for overseas.

    1939 September 22
    All Battalion transport loaded up ready for dispatch overseas.
    The Battalion now only retains such equipment etc as can be carried.
    1510 hours Orders received from BRIGADE for movement of transport overseas.

    1939 September 23
    0830 hours Yeovil Carriers and Transport left for Port of Embarkation for overeseas.

    1939 September 24
    News received that all Transport arrived safely at Port of Embarkation (PLYMOUTH).
    Whole Battalion attended Church in HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, YEOVIL.
    A quiet day.

    1939 September 25
    Battalion paraded by Companies for P.T. and Stretcher Bearing.
    Lecture by Medical Officer to all Companies.
    Another quiet day.

    1939 September 26
    1130 hours Yeovil
    General Instructions for the movement of the 3rd DIVISION by rail received from BRIGADE.
    Battalion inspected by Companies in full equipment carrying packs, and went for a three mile march.
    Letter received from the MAYOR of YEOVIL expressing appreciation of the high standard of all Ranks during their stay.

    1939 September 27
    1430 hours Yeovil Visit by the Major General, LONDON DISTRICT.
    Advance Party of 6th QUEENS (131st INFANTRY BRIGADE) arrived to reconnoitre billets.
    A quiet day.

    1939 September 28
    Orders received that the Battalion will leave YEOVIL by rail tomorrow, September 29th.
    Q Stores, bicycles, Company’s Boxes etc loaded on baggage knobs.

    1939 September 29
    1150 hours No.s 1 and 2 Companies and 1/2 H.Q. Company left YEOVIL by train for Port of Embarkation (SOUTHAMPTON)
    1250 hours Yeovil No.s 3 and 4 Companies and 1/2 H.Q. Company left YEOVIL by train for Port of Embarkation. (SOUTHAMPTON)
    1500 hours s.s. Duke of Argyll Embarked on s.s. DUKE OF ARGYLL.
    1700 hours Sailed from SOUTHAMPTON Docks and anchored off PORTSMOUTH.

    List of Officers embarked with the Battalion for Overseas.
    Commanding Officer - Lieutenant A. de L. CAZENOVE, M.V.O.
    Second-in-Command - Major S.A. FORSTER
    Adjutant - Captain St.J.O. FORBES
    Quartermaster - Lieutenant W.F. SMITH, M.B.E.

    H.Q. Wing - Captain J. CHANDOS-POLE
    H.Q. Wing - Lieutenant H.J.L. GREEN (Carrier Platoon)
    H.Q. Wing - Lieutenant L.J. GRAHAM-CLARKE (Motor Transport Officer)
    H.Q. Wing - Lieutenant C.P. DAWNAY (Intelligence Officer)
    H.Q. Wing - 2/Lieutenant J. INNES (Signals Officer)
    H.Q. Wing - Lieutenant H. WALTAR (Medical Officer)
    H.Q. Wing - Captain A.E. STEVENS (Padre R.C.)

    No. 1 Company - Major I. McC. TUBBS
    No. 1 Company - Captain J.R. CAMPBELL
    No. 1 Company - Lieutenant Sir John CHILD
    No. 1 Company - 2/Lieutenant D.T. MacGREGOR (1st Reinforcements)

    No. 2 Company - Captain the Lord Frederick CAMBRIDGE
    No. 2 Company - Lieutenant C.H. PRESTON
    No. 2 Company - 2/Lieutenant G.H. BRIGGS
    No. 2 Company - Lieutenant J.E. TOLLEMACHE (1st Reinforcements)

    No. 3 Company - Captain R.F.S. GOOCH
    No. 3 Company - Lieutenant J.E. POPE
    No. 3 Company - Lieutenant R. FAURE-WALKER
    No. 3 Company - 2/Lieutenant P.L ALLIX (1st Reinforcements)

    No. 4 Company - Captain D.C. FORDE
    No. 4 Company - Captain A. TENNYSON-d’EYNCOURT
    No. 4 Company - 2/Lieutenant J.D. WIGAN

    1939 September 30
    0100 hours s.s. Duke of Argyll
    Sailed from PORTSMOUTH (No Man’s Land Fort) in Convoy with four other Troopships and two Destroyers for escort.
    A beam wind, sea smooth, a full moon.
    0700 hours Entered CHERBOURG outer harbour.
    0830 hours Cherbourg Disembarked, breakfasts on quayside.
    Marched up to the Townhall where the Battalion was billeted for the day.
    1800 hours Entrained at CHERBOURG Station.
    Supplies in the train.
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    1939 October 1
    0100 hours In train
    Halted for an hour for breakfast.
    Only sufficient water for half train and no Officer of Movement Control present.
    1215 hours Sille le Guillaume Arrived at SILLE LE GUILLAUME and detrained.
    1530 hours Sille le Guillaume Motor Transport arrived having motored from BREST in 2 1/2 days.
    Battalion marched out.
    1810 hours Tennie Battalion arrived at TENNIE and went into billets.

    1939 October 2
    A quiet day sorting out baggage from M.T. and cleaning up generally.
    Warm and sunny.
    2030 hours DIVISIONAL Warning Order No. 1 received for move from Assembly Area to Concentration Area.
    Road Parties move October 6th, Rail Parties October 8th.

    1939 October 3
    Drill Parades in morning and kit inspections.
    T.E.W.T. for Company Commanders in the afternoon.
    Colder raining from Tea onwards.

    1939 October 4
    1100 hours Commanding Officer and Adjutant attended a Conference at BRIGAD, ie move to Concentration Area.
    Notes of Conference and Copy of DIVISIONAL Operation Order No. 3 in appendix 17.
    1400 hours Order received that 50% of First Reinforcements will leave tomorrow October 5th for Base Depot at LE MANS.
    Drill Parades in morning and T.E.W.T. for Platoon Commanders in the afternoon.
    Cooler ? rain.
    1900 hours Battalion Operation Order No. 1 issued.

    1939 October 5
    0100 hours DIVISIONAL Movement Table for Road Parties received from BRIGADE.
    0900 hours 2/Lieutenant J. INNES left with Interpreter, Servant and Diver, in P.O. as advance party.
    1000 hours Field General Court Martial on Corporal (Acting Serjeant) COLDICOTT.
    Drill Parades.
    Fine and warm, sunny.
    1730 hours Copy of DIVISIONAL Order No. 5 received.

    1939 October 6
    0630 hours - 0800 hours
    Road Party, substantially all M.T. left; billeting party under 2/Lieutenant BRIGGS and Transport under Lieutenant GRAHAM-CLARKE and 2/Lieutenant MacGREGOR.
    Destination LILLE area.
    1400 hours Lieutenant TOLLEMACHE and 68 Other Ranks (50% of First Reinforcements) left for Base Depot at LE MANS Depot.
    Companies went for a six mile Route March.
    Colder and showers.
    2000 hours Train arrangements for Battalion move received.

    1939 October 7
    Drill Parades in Companies during morning.
    1400 hours Commanding Officer (CAZENOVE) and Intelligence Officer (DAWNAY) left by car for LILLE area to recce Battalion billets and line to be taken over.
    All Platoon Commanders and above taken out for T.E.W.T. by FORSTER.

    1939 October 8
    1300 hours Transport started loading from BERNAY and taking baggage to SILLE Railway Station.
    A shuttle service of four 30-cwt and 2 15-cwt trucks was used to take all Battalion baggage to station (about 9 miles).
    1700 hours Personal marched to SILLE, No.s 1 and 4 Companies from BERNAY, No.s 2, 3 and H.Q. Companies from TENNIE.
    2100 hours Battalion entrained at SILLE LA GUILLAUME for SECLIN, sharing train with half 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS and some Field Ambulance personnel.
    Train commander Major S.A. FORSTER.
    Train left at 0019 hours, October 9.

    1939 October 9
    Sille le Guillaume
    0019 hours Left SILLE in pouring rain.
    0815 hours Very dark night.
    1030 hours Sotteville Troops stopped at SOTTEVILLE (ROUEN) for 50 minutes where fresh tea was brewed, and all men had a wash.
    Tea was put in containers throughout the train, each ? having its own tea and rations.
    System worked well
    1800 hours Amiens - Arras A short halt at AMEINS and then 50 minutes halt at ARRAS for teas.
    2045 hours Lesquin Arrived in pouring rain at LESQUIN and detrained.
    Marched about 5 miles into billets in THUMESNIL, an industrial suburb of LILLE (due South).
    A lot of the Officers could not yet get into their billets, as the Battalion did not arrive till midnight.
    The M.T. had arrived during the afternoon, and met the train with the Commanding Officer leading them.

    1939 October 10
    0815 hours Commanding Officer attended Conference at BRIGADE H.Q., and later in the morning made a recce with Intelligence Officer of line to be taken over.
    1000 hours Carrier Platoon arrived safely having travelled on a later train from SILLE.
    1430 hours Company Commanders, Adjutant, Signals Officer, OC ? Platoon taken up to the line which runs in a line roughly NORTH and SOUTH in the area LANNOY - LE CIVRON - TOUFFLERS with No. 4 Company (FORSTER) on the Right, No. 3 Company in Centre (GOOCH), No. 2 Company on Left (CAMBRIDGE), No. 1 Company in reserve (TUBBS).
    1800 hours Returned with the recce party to Battalion H.Q. in THUMESNIL about 1800 hours.

    1939 October 11
    1030 hours Warning Order received from BRIGADE for move up to line.
    1330 hours Order from BRIGADE received Appendix 23.
    Battalion Operation Order issued Appendix 24.

    1939 October 12
    0830 hours Commanding Officer, Company Commanders, sections to man Pill Boxes, and Platoon to be billeted in TOUFFLERS left THUMESNIL.
    1030 hours Relief of 201st FRENCH REGIMENT in Pill Boxes completed, and Platoon under 2/Lieutenant BRIGGS took over outpost duties in TOUFFLERS.
    1115 hours Anti-Tank guns and crews completed manning Pill Boxes.
    1400 hours Battalion less unit transport and 1st Reinforcements moved by March Route from THUMESNIL to billets in LANNOY and LES TROIS BAUDETS arriving at 1730 hours.
    Battalion H.Q., H.Q. Company, No. 2 Company, No. 3 Company in LANNOY, No.s 1 and 4 Companies in LES TROIS BAUDETS.
    1630 hours 7th GUARDS BRIGADE Operation Instruction No. 1 received (appendix 25)
    1930 hours 7th GUARDS BRIGADE Security Instruction No. 1 received (appendix 26)
    Operation Instruction No. 1 issued to all Companies from Battalion (appendix 27)
    Commander-in-Chief lunched at the Battalion H.Q.
    Captain CHANDOS-POLE, Lieutenant G. CLARKE, Lieutenant & Quartermaster W.F. SMITH, 2/Lieutenant MacGREGOR, and 2/Lieutenant ALLIX remained in THUMESNIL

    1939 October 13
    Visits during the morning from Brigadier, French Liaison Officer from DIVISION, ROYAL ENGINEERS Officers, M.G. Officers.
    Commanding Officer visited FRENCH on our left, and then lunched with 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS.
    A solid stream of paper came in from BRIGADE all day, a good deal of it a waste of time!
    1430 hours Company Commanders Conference to discuss Digging Tasks and siting of Sections.
    1530 hours Commanding Officer went to BRIGADE.
    Battalion Operation Instruction No. 2 issued (appendix 28)

    1939 October 14
    Commanding Officer visited Officer Commanding 2nd Battalion FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT, which has today taken over the line on our immediate Left.
    A Press Party arrived, lunched and were taken round the Front.
    Party consisted of 2 Americans, and representatives of DAILY TELEGRAPH and B.B.C.
    Visit from the BRIGADIER during the afternoon.

    1939 October 15
    Visit from the Captain commanding the FRENCH INFANTRY COMPANY immediately on our Left.
    He arrived as the Battalion marched off to Church Parade, which mystified him until he was told the name of the C.O.; he at once assumed that Battalion to be HUGENOT and was interested in “the rites of our cult.”
    Marked out Digging Tasks with the help of ROYAL ENGINEERS.
    First Reinforcements brought up to LANNOY.

    1939 October 16
    All Companies commenced Digging Tasks.
    Visit from Colonel of 100th FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT, with Commandant of 2nd Battalion, Captain and Lieutenant of that Battalion’s Right Company.
    Commandant BARTEIL, Adjutant, and Lieutenant BADER (2nd Battalion 100th REGIMENT) to lunch.

    1939 October 17
    Digging Tasks continued in fine weather, but water struck in many places two feet below the surface.
    Visit from BRIGADIER in the morning.
    Commanding Officer, Second-in-Command, and Intelligence Officer lunched with Commandant BARTEIL and H.Q. Mess of 2nd Battalion 100th FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT.
    1830 hours Operation Instruction No. 2 received from Brigade (appendix 29)

    1939 October 18
    Digging Tasks continued.
    Misty with rain in the afternoon.
    H.R.H. the DUKE of GLOUCESTER visited the Battalion during the afternoon.
    An Air Raid warning sounded at 1155 hours and the All Clear Signal at 1225 hours.
    No hostile aircraft were seen.

    1939 October 19
    Digging Tasks continued in rain.
    ROYAL ENGINEERS Party consisting of 1 Officer and 60 Other Ranks attached was to assist in preparation of defensive position.
    All “A” Echelon brought up to LANNOY.
    Issue of RUM made.

    1939 October 20
    Digging continued in rain, which cleared in the afternoon.
    The CORPS Commander (BROOKS) visited the Battalion and inspected the line.
    First appearance of Gunners.
    Issue of RUM made.

    1939 October 21
    Inspections during the morning, and baths in LILLE in the afternoon.
    A fine day at last.
    Commanding Officer and Adjutant visited 2nd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS at BACHY.
    Gunfire, heard for a short while at Midday to the SOUTH, was reported to have been by Anti-Aircraft batteries at unidentified aircraft.
    No Air Raid warning was sounded.

    1939 October 22
    Church Parade in football field.
    Colder, but no rain.
    Football match against a FRENCH ARMY team on the ROUBAIX ground in afternoon.
    We lost 1-4 after a fast game.
    The Drums and the Band of the 100th FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT played before during and after the game, which was watched by the BRIGADIER and the FRENCH GENERAL.
    Newspaper Report (appendix 30)
    Commanding Officer, CHICHESTER and McCorquodale come over from the 2nd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS to lunch.

    1939 October 23
    Second Digging Task commenced.
    Fine and cold, but many trenches still hold water.
    Visit from BRIGADIER.

    1939 October 24
    Digging continued in showery weather.
    Visit from Commandant BARTEIL and Captain DEVOUELL about the boundary between the FRENCH and us.
    The Commander-in-Chief, Divisional Commander, Brigadier and others, met a number of FRENCH GENERALS outside our H.Q. this afternoon.
    Warning Order received from BRIGADE for the occupation of the Defensive Position for a period of 48 hours. (appendix 31)

    1939 October 25
    Digging and wiring continued in heavy rain.
    Warning Order from BRIGADE that position to be manned from after dark Monday, October 30th to Friday early morning November 3rd.
    One F.S. Policeman arrived for duty in LANNOY.
    Overt hopes of catching a few opi?s or communists.

    1939 October 26
    Digging and wiring continued in heavy rain with hail and even a flurry or two of snow.

    1939 October 27
    Digging continued.
    Bright cold day.
    No rain.
    Brigadier to lunch.

    1939 October 28
    Digging continued in morning.
    Baths in afternoon.
    Continuous drizzle all day.
    Battalion Operation Order No. 3 and Operation Instructions No. 3 issued. (appendix 32)

    1939 October 29
    Commanding Officer conducted a battlefield tour in the LOOS - LENS area.
    1 Officer, 1 Warrant Officer, 2 Serjeants, 3 Corporals, 7 Guardsmen from each Company attended.
    Party from 2nd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS came over to play football against No. 2 Company, result draw 1-1-.

    1939 October 30
    Drill Parade in morning followed by digging.
    1939 October Divisional Commander visited the line with the BRIGADIER.
    1939 October The Battalion moved into the line on the Divisional Exercise after suppers.
    1939 October Battalion H.Q. closed at LANNOY at 2030 hours and opened at that hour at LES TROIS BAUDETS.
    1939 October Field Return of Officers and Other Ranks attached. (see appendix 33)

    1939 October 31
    Les Trois Baudets
    0545 hours Stand to in trenches.
    Cooking don by sections in trenches.
    1715 hours Remainder of day spent in trenches.
    Stand to at 1715 hours - 1815 hours.
    1900 hours Conference for Company Commanders on result of day in trenches.
    2130 hours S.O.S. sent up at trial to see if it could be seen from Battle H.Q. and by Gunner Observation Post.
    It worked all right.
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    1939 November 1
    0800 hours Battalion H.Q. closed at LES TROIS BAUDETS and reopened at LANNOY.
    Battalion moved back to billets out of the line after stand down at 0630 hours.
    We were lucky to have 36 hours of fine weather.
    It started raining again at midday.
    Work on trenches continued at 2000 hours.

    1939 November 2
    0600 hours Digging in trenches ceased.
    Morning men rested in billets
    1400 hours Company visited 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS to see their trenches.
    No.s 2 and 3 Companies 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS visited our line.
    An Air Raid warning was sounded at about 1030 hours and this bore fruit.
    An aerial battle took place over ROUBAIX (about 2 miles away) and resulted in two GERMAN recce planes being brought down.
    These were the first shots of the war to be witnessed by the Battalion.
    1830 hours Battalion returned to the line to dig again till 0230 hours, November 3rd.
    Early part of the night pretty wet.

    1939 November 3
    Digging finished at 0100 hours after a very dark night, with some rain.
    An English Film arranged to be shown in the local Cinema this afternoon (1730 hours)

    1939 November 4
    Battalion Parade under the Adjutant.
    Commandant BARTEIL and the Commanding Officer laid out the Anti-Tank obstacle between LYS-LEZ-LANNOY and TOUFFLERS NORD.

    1939 November 5 1030 hours Lannoy Church Parade.
    1330 hours Battlefield Tour Party set off for LOOS - LENS area.
    Same as last Sunday.
    1430 hours Battalion 1st XI played INNSILLINGS at ROUBAIX and Battalion 2nd XI played 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS at LANNOY at association football.

    1939 November 6
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Gendarme Post established at Crossroads 809388 and wiring completed over all subsidiary roads and tracks.
    Everyone now has to pass through this post unless armed with a pass.
    Air Raid alarm sounded at 1115 hours, and the All Clear at 1200 hours.
    No hostile aircraft seen.
    A party of ROYAL ENGINEERS arrived with four mechanical excavators, and started work on the Anti-Tank obstacle.
    The FRENCH also started an excavating machine from LYS-LES-LANNOY Blockhouse.

    1939 November 7
    Digging and wiring continued, and work an excavating Anti-Tank obstacle.
    Air Raid Training in the morning.
    Anti-Aircraft fire heard to the SOUTH.
    Visit from the BRIGADIER.

    1939 November 8
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Defence Scheme issued (appendix 34)
    1430 hours Commander 3rd DIVISION visited the Battalion.
    A party of 40 Officers and N.C.O.s of the INNISKILLINGS came over to see the trenches dug by the Battalion.
    Drawings of the Battalion Front attached (appendix 35), done by Adjutant.

    1939 November 9
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Three enemy aeroplanes flew over high at noon.
    Anti-Aircraft fire heard and our fighters in pursuit, but the enemy got away in the clouds.
    The Air-Raid alarm sounded ten minutes after the enemy aeroplanes had disappeared.

    1939 November 10
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Enemy recce aircraft came over as usual about noon.
    Cinema (English) at 1730 hours.
    The third fine day in succession.

    1939 November 11
    Drill Parades under Company arrangements in the morning.
    The Carrier Platoon mounted our aircraft Sections throughout the day.
    The two minutes silence was held by Companies or individually without formality, and no sirens were blown to denote the silence.
    Advance Party of 12th LANCERS arrived in search of possible billets. and the BRIGADIER came over in the afternoon.
    It rained hard.

    1939 November 12
    Church Parade in morning.
    The BRIGADIER, Colonel ?LORRIE/LOMIE/LONIE G.S.O.1. and Captain CLARKE came to lunch, though the football match against the FRENCH was postponed.
    A grey soggy day, though without rain.
    2215 hours Message from BRIGADE arrived putting Battalion at 4 hours notice to move.

    1939 November 13
    0100 hours
    BRIGADE H.Q. moved up to LE RECEUIL to be nearer to Battalions.
    1000 hours Conference of Company Commanders.
    1200 hours Commanding Officer attended Conference at BRIGADE.
    1430 hours Conference of Company Commanders.
    G.H.Q. expect HOLLAND to be invaded between Nov 12th - 15th.
    If BELGIUM to be invaded as well we move to BELGIUM.
    12th LANCERS arrived in LANNOY.

    1939 November 14
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Visit from the Commandant of the 201st FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT, which has relieved the 100th INFANTRY REGIMENT on our Left.

    1939 November 15
    Digging and wiring continued.
    1200 hours - 1215 hours Air Raid warning at 1200 hours with All Clear at 1215 hours.
    Visit from DIVISIONAL Commander.

    1939 November 16
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Visit from the BRIGADIER.
    Rained hard all day.

    1939 November 17
    Lannoy Digging and wiring continued.
    An ENGLISH Film shown at the local Cinema.

    1939 November 18
    Drill Parades by Companies.
    Visit of the MINISTER OF WAR (HORE-BELISHA), Commander-in-Chief, and many others to the Left of our Line, where it joins the FRENCH.
    Eton Field game against the Officers of the 2nd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS resulted in a win for the GRENADIERS by one goal to one ? (3-1)
    1045 hours - 1145 hours Air Raid warning 1045 hours - 1145 hours.

    1939 November 19
    Church Parade in morning.
    Football match against 2nd Battalion 201st FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENT, won easily 6-1.
    Battlefield Tour of LOOS and VIMY RIDGE.

    1939 November 20
    Digging and wiring continued.
    More rain.

    1939 November 21
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Visit from the BRIGADIER.
    Usual morning Air-Raid warning, which we get whenever it is fine.

    1939 November 22
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Visit from the DIVISIONAL Commander and the BRIGADIER.
    1100 hours - 1200 hours Usual Air Raid 1100 hours - 1200 hours.
    Cold clear day after a night frost.
    ROUBAIX Rifle range allotted to us for this and succeeding Wednesdays up to CHRISTMAS.

    1939 November 23
    Digging and wiring continued.
    1130 hours - 1200 hours Air Raid warning 1130 hours - 1200 hours.
    H.Q. Company Concert, which the BRIGADIER came to.
    A great success, partly due to a ? by the Commanding Officer, Second-in-Command, and INNES.
    Fine again.
    Church of England Padre arrived to be attached to us.

    1939 November 24
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Rained hard again.
    ENGLISH Film shown at the Cinema.

    1939 November 25
    Drill Parades in morning.
    Baths in afternoon.
    Visit of 2 French War Correspondent.

    1939 November 26
    Church Parade in morning.
    Football match against 1st Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS
    Battlefield Tour postponed owing to bad weather.

    1939 November 27
    Digging and wiring continued.
    A really bad day with high wind and heavy rain.

    1939 November 28
    Digging and wiring continued.
    A fine day with the sun shining at last.
    No Air Raid, though Anti-Aircraft gunfire heard to the SOUTH.
    52 Other Ranks went to see Readers[?] Concert Party at SECLIN.

    1939 November 29
    Digging and wiring continued.
    Another beastly day.

    1939 November 30
    Digging continued up till dinners.
    Very wet again.
    Field Returns attached (appendix 36)
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    1939 December 1
    A very wet day.
    Nothing unusual to report.
    The “COBBLESTONES” gave a Concert at Battalion H.Q. this evening.

    1939 December 2
    A fine day.
    0830 hours & 1015 hours H.Q. Company and the M.T. did Drill at 0830 a.m. and 10.15 a.m. respectively.
    Captain H.P. MARTIN, the Quartermaster of the Battalion, having been to G.H.Q. as Assistant Camp Commandant, R.S.M. JONES, of this Battalion, is to be Quartermaster in his place.
    He has not yet been commissioned, but Drill Sergeant A. TOMBS, from the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, took over as Regimental Sergeant Major of the Battalion on 1st December 1939.
    He is acting R.S.M., on one month’s probation.

    1939 December 3
    0830 hours Church of England Service was held for No.s 2 and 3 Companies, in No. 2 Company’s barn.
    Methodist Service held as same time in No. 3 Company’s Office.
    Commanding Officer’s Conference, at Battalion H.Q.

    1939 December 4
    Battalion had baths at OSTRICOURT, as usual.
    Nothing unusual to report.

    1939 December 5
    H.M. the KING visited the Battalion, during an inspection of the B.E.F. and the Front Line.
    1230 hours He arrived, with the Commander-in-Chief, staff, etc., at 1230 hours and had luncheon in the CAFE DE LA GARE, which is normally used as H.Q. and No. 1 Company’s Sergeant’s Mess and Corporal's Mess.
    The Commanding Officer was presented to HIS MAJESTY.

    1939 December 6
    Drill Parade for No.s 2 and 3 Companies at Battalion H.Q.
    1939 December A new Corporal’s Class was started today.

    1939 December 7
    A fine day.
    Nothing unusual to report.
    1400 hours Company Commander’s Conference at 2 p.m.

    1939 December 8
    A very wet day.
    1845 hours The first performance of the CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME was given, in the “B” Echelon M.T. Billets.

    1939 December 9
    1000 hours Commanding Officer and Intelligence Officer attended BRIGADE Commander’s Conference at BRIGADE H.Q.
    Captain T.R.D. BATT has returned from being attached to 3rd INFANTRY BRIGADE in the MAGINOT LINE, and is to be appointed Staff Captain, 1st GUARDS BRIGADE.

    1939 December 10
    0830 hours Church Parade for No. 4 Company.
    0930 hours Commanding Officer’s Conference, at Battalion H.Q.
    Work as usual on the Battalion defences.

    1939 December 11
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 3 Company at Battalion H.Q.
    1830 hours Performance of CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME to No.s 2, 3 and 4 Companies.

    1939 December 12
    Work as usual on the Battalion defences.

    1939 December 13
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 2 Company.
    Performance of CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME given to 1st Battalion ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT.

    1939 December 14
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 1 Company.
    Work as usual on the Battalion defences.

    1939 December 15
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 1 Company.
    Work as usual.
    Performance of CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME to H.Q and No. 1 Companies.
    The final performance of the PANTOMIME to be given to members of the Battalion.
    The PANTOMIME “? ? AND THE SEVEN GIANTS”, was written by Guardsman RAE, Anti-Tank Platoon, and produced by 2/Lieutenant C.A. BLACKWELL.
    It has been a very great success.

    1939 December 16
    0830 hours Drill Parade for H.Q. Company.
    O.H.E.G. [?] Inspection of the Battalion transport began.
    1130 hours The PRIME MINISTER visited a portion of the Line near the Battalion’s position.

    1939 December 17
    0830 hours Church Parade for H.Q. and No. 1 Companies.
    0930 hours The Commanding Officer lectured to all Officers, Warrant Officers and Serjeants on the different parts of the Battalion defensive positions.
    After the lecture, everyone went round the Battalion's rear position.
    The members of the Serjeant’s Mess visited the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS today and had a joint dinner with the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS’ Serjeants.
    1700 hours The first Leave Party left Battalion H.Q. for ENGLAND.
    Major A. McCORQUODALE was in charge.
    The Drums of the Battalion visited a FRENCH CAVALRY REGIMENT today.

    1939 December 18
    Work as usual on the Battalion defences.

    1939 December 19
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No.s 1 and 3 Companies at Battalion H.Q.
    Work on the Battalion position as usual.

    1939 December 20
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 2 Company, at Battalion H.Q.
    The Party which has been attached to the 3rd INFANTRY BRIGADE, on the MAGINOT LINE, returned to the Battalion today.
    Lance-Corporal ?I??, one of the Party, was left behind, in hospital, with appendicitis.
    Everyone else returned safely.

    1939 December 21
    Work as usual today.

    1939 December 22
    0830 hours Drill Parade for No. 4 Company.
    A musketry Party, of 4 Officers and 140 Other Ranks, went to DANNES, near LE TOUQUET, to fire a musketry course.]
    Commander of the Party:- Captain C.W.S. BLACKETT
    Extremely cold today.

    1939 December 23
    1015 hours Drill for M.T. personnel, at “B” Echelon billets.
    The last day of work on the present position, before the Battalion moves next week.

    1939 December 24
    Christmas Services today.
    One at 0830 a.m., for No.s 2, 3 and 4 Companies, and one at 11.30 a.m., for No. 1 and H.Q. Companies.
    A Treasure Hunt was held this morning, and was won by No. 2 Company.
    This evening a CHRISTMAS PARTY was given, in No. 2 Company’s barn, to the children of the village.

    1939 December 25
    Very cold with a very white hoar frost.
    An inter-Company Cross-country football competition was held this morning.
    Winners: H.Q. Company.
    The Commanding Officer went round all the Companies’ dinners.
    A Concert was held in Battalion H.Q. Serjeants’ Mess tonight.
    All Officers were invited.

    1939 December 26
    Today was spent in packing up.
    A Battalion Parade was held this morning.
    Companies drilled, by Squads, for 3/4 of an hour, at Battalion H.Q.

    1939 December 27
    1100 hours The Battalion left BACHY by M.T. at 1100 hours and went to billets at FEUCHY and ATHIES, two villages near ARRAS.
    An uneventful journey, safely carried out.
    Quiet good billets in our rear area.
    Battalion H.Q. at FEUCHY.

    1939 December 28
    Companies settling into billets.
    The Commanding Officer went round billets.
    1400 hours Company Commander’s Conference, at Battalion H.Q.

    1939 December 29
    Companies began individual Training.

    1939 December 30
    Companies continued Training.
    Intensely cold, with quite a heavy fall of snow yesterday and last night.

    1939 December 31
    A draft consisting of Lieutenant A. GIBBS, and 38 Other Ranks joined the Battalion today, from the base.
    Reservists from all 3 Battalions included.
    1130 hours Church Parade for No.s 3, 4 and H.Q. Companies, at Battalion H.Q.

    1939 December
    4 - A.F. W. 3008 - No.s 1-4
    4 - A.F. W. 3009 - No.s 5-8
    Move Orders 27th December 1939 - No. 9
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    1940 January 1
    Companies carried out individual Training.
    Quite good billets here.
    Extremely cold.
    All the roads covered with snow and frozen.

    1940 January 2
    Individual Training by Companies continued.
    Still very cold.

    1940 January 3
    Platoon Training by Companies.
    The Commander-in-Chief and the DUKE of GLOUCESTER paid a visit to the Battalion this morning.

    1940 January 4
    Platoon Training continued.
    A Scheme for the Signal Platoon this afternoon and evening.
    Everyone is having a good change from digging here.

    1940 January 5
    All M.T. of the Battalion, and certain other personnel as well, took part in a DIVISION M.T. Exercise today.
    The Divisional Commander paid a visit to the Battalion this morning.
    Weather warmer.

    1940 January 6
    The Battalion took part in a BRIGADE Exercise today.
    The Battalion was moved by M.T. to take up a position on the CANAL du NORD near MOEUVRES (6684), Ref Map 1:60000, Sheet 86.
    1940 January
    1400 hours Scheme ended 1400 hours.
    1600 hours Battalion back by 1600 hours.

    1940 January 7
    0930 hours Lecture to Officers, C.S.M.s and C.Q.M.S.s by C.Q.M.S. ?KEYS, No. 1 Company on his experiences when attached to 3rd INFANTRY BRIGADE in the SAAR.
    Very interesting lecture.
    1130 hours In the absence of a Padre, the Commanding Officer took a Service for No.s 1 and 2 and 1/2 H.Q. Companies.
    The Commanding Officer went on Leave today.
    Captain R.G. FEILDEN, Staff Captain 7th GUARDS BRIGADE, and St.J.O.A.W. FORBES, Adjutant, 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, came to luncheon here today.

    1940 January 8
    Companies carried out Platoon Training in the morning.
    A tragedy occurred, when Lance-Corporal NEVETT, No. 4 Company, suddenly collapsed and died, while out Training.
    Warmer today, with some rain.

    1940 January 9
    Companies carried out Training again.
    Very cold again.
    In the evening a lecture was given to Officers and Warrant Officers of all Companies by Lieutenant-Colonel GATEHOUSE, Commanding 4 ROYAL TANKS.
    A most interesting and instructive lecture.

    1940 January 10
    Companies Training as usual.
    Lance-Corporal NEVETT, No. 4 Company, who died on 8th January 1940, was buried today at the ORCHARD DUMP CEMETERY, about 10 miles from ARRAS.
    From about 11 a.m. today there has been considerable confusion as to whether the Battalion is to take part in an Exercise tomorrow with the 4th ROYAL TANKS.
    Originally it was arranged that we would do it tomorrow, but this morning the date was changed by 1st DIVISION from the 11th to the 12th, and twice then it has been changed again 4 times.
    Finally it was settled that we do it on the 12th.

    1940 January 11
    Companies Training again.
    Very cold indeed.

    1940 January 12
    The Battalion today carried out an Exercise in conjunction with the 4th ROYAL TANKS, near BUCQUOY.
    A very cold day, with an icy wind.
    0830 hours We left FEUCHY at 0830 hours.
    1000 hours - 1130 hoursThe Scheme began at 1000 hours and ended at 1130 hours.
    1420 hours We were back in billets by 1420 hours.
    Quite an interesting Scheme, but desperately cold.

    1940 January 13
    0900 hours No.s 1 and 2 Companies left their billets at ATHIES at 0900 hours and returned to BACHY.
    The Carriers also returned to BACHY.
    Blockhouses and the DOUANE Patrol taken over again today, from 2nd Battalion HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT.

    1940 January 14
    H.Q. Company and No.s 3 and 4 Companies returned to the BACHY billets again today.
    We are back in the same billets as before we went to the Training Area.
    Just as we were leaving FEUCHY this morning, we were told we were at 4 hours’ notice to move forward into BELGIUM, as an invasion of BELGIUM by GERMAN is expected.
    We all got back to BACHY, and made all preparations to move forward.
    A Conference was held at BRIGADE H.Q., and Orders were issued for taking up a position EAST of BRUSSELS.
    Major W.S. STEWART BROWN is at present in Command of the Battalion.
    The Commanding Officer, Quartermaster and R.S.M. are all on Leave in ENGLAND.
    Captain C.W.S. BLACKETT, Commanding No. 1 Company, is also on Leave, and Captain R.A. PILKINGTON, M.P. (temporarily in Command) was just leaving to attend the HOUSE of COMMONS, on three days’ leave, but was recalled at the last moment.
    All Leave cancelled at present.

    1940 January 15
    The Battalion stood by, ready to move.
    According to the plan we are working on, we do not move until two days after “ZERO”.Ground still very hard, but rather warmer.

    1940 January 16
    Snow today.
    We are still at short notice to move.
    No further news.
    Dose not seem so likely that anything will happen now.

    1940 January 17
    Bachy Very cold indeed again.
    An icy NORTH EAST wind.
    We carried out a practise move today, as if we were actually moving into BELGIUM.
    Leave is starting again today.
    We are still at short notice to move, but it looks as if the tension is dying down.

    1940 January 18
    The notice to moved under which we have been for the past few days, was cancelled this morning.
    The acting Commanding Officer (Major W.S. STEWART BROWN) and the Adjutant, both attended a Conference at BRIGADE H.Q. this morning.
    Very cold.
    The Commanding Officer returned from Leave tonight.

    1940 January 19
    Nothing special on today.
    Very cold still, with an good deal of snow on the ground.

    1940 January 20
    H.Q. Company and No. 1 Company did Drill this morning.
    The Drums were on Parade, and it was so cold that the ?notes of the Flutes froze up.
    Nothing else to report.
    It is too hard for digging now, and Companies are Training every day.

    1940 January 21
    Church Parade for H.Q. and No. 1 Companies this morning at Battalion H.Q.
    Commanding Officer’s Conference at Battalion H.Q. in the afternoon.
    Orders were received tonight for the Battalion to move to a part of the MAGINOT LINE on February 5th, with the remainder of 1st GUARD BRIGADE.

    1940 January 22
    No. 1 Company did Drill this morning.
    Remaining Companies Training.
    Company Commanders’ Conference this morning.
    Slight warmer today.

    1940 January 23
    Companies continued Training today.
    Very cold indeed still, and extremely hard frost.

    1940 January 24
    Companies continued Training.
    A new Medical Officer has joined the Battalion, Captain C.S. BLACKER, M.C., who was Adjutant of this Battalion during part of the last war.
    The Medical Officer has been with the Battalion since the war began, Lieutenant J.J.T. MORRISON, has now left, and has gone to the 5th FIELD AMBULANCE.

    1940 January 25
    Companies continued Training.
    Still extremely cold.

    1940 January 26
    Companies continued Training.

    1940 January 27
    The Commanding Officer attended a Conference at BRIGADE H.Q. this morning.
    Companies continued Training.

    1940 January 28
    0830 hours Church Parade for No. 4 Company this morning, in their Barn at Company H.Q.
    0930 hours Commanding Officer’s Conference, at Battalion H.Q.
    A thaw has started.
    The snow is melting, leaving the roads underneath a sheet of ice.

    1940 January 29
    Companies continued Training.
    Warmer today.

    1940 January 30
    The Adjutant and Quartermaster attended a Conference at BRIGADE H.Q. on the move of the Battalion and the next of the BRIGADE to the SAAR, next Sunday, 4th February 1940.
    Companies continued Training.

    1940 January 31
    Thawing hard now.
    Roads extremely slippery.
    Companies continued Training.

    1940 January
    1940 January 1-3 Operation Orders
    1940 January 4 Instruction for Tank Exercise
    1940 January 5 Move Orders
    1940 January 6-13 AFs W. 3008 & W 3009
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    1940 February 1
    Advance Party left for the SAAR front.
    Captain R.C. ROBIN, Lieutenant C.H. FIELDEN, M. de St. GENYS, one N.C.O. from each Company, and Officers’ servants.
    The thaw continues.
    Companies continued Training.

    1940 February 2
    Baggage not going to the SAAR with the Battalion sent over to PONT A MARQ today.
    We go there after the SAAR.
    Nothing else of interest.

    1940 February 3
    Busy packing up, for tomorrow’s move.
    Companies had baths at CYS?G this morning.

    1940 February 4
    1045 hours Bachy
    Left BACHY 1045 hours.
    Marched to TEMPLEUVE Station.
    1430 hours Entrained there, and train left 1430 hours.
    3rd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS shared train.
    Transport left by a different train, from O??HI??, at 0930 hours, under command of Major W.S. STEWART BROWN

    1940 February 5
    1600 hours Lorry-les-Metz Train arrived WOIPPY Station at about 1600 hours.
    Battalion marched up to billets in LORRY-LES-METZ, about 2 miles away.
    Transport already here, having arrived quite early this morning.
    A good deal of snow still here, but it is thawing and everything is very wet and damp.
    Not very good billets, which have been left perfectly filthy by former BRITISH Battalions.
    Houses have been ?relieved in and there are tins and filth everywhere.
    The inhabitants are not too friendly in consequence, especially ? ? they have had things stolen out of their houses by BRITISH Soldiers.

    1940 February 6
    Company Commanders’ Conference in the Orderly Room this morning.
    The Commanding Officer gave out instructions for the time we are here.
    Companies settled in today, and made an attempt to clear away some of the muck left here.

    1940 February 7
    Companies did some Drill their morning, in the village street.
    A great deal of sickness in the Battalion now.
    A rather virulent type of influenza is attacking a great many Officers and men.

    1940 February 8
    The Commanding Officer, Major W.S. STEWART BROWN, and Intelligence Officer did a recce of the LIGNE de RECUEIL, into which we go on to the 10th this morning.
    Commanding Officer’s Conference and orders this evening.
    A lot more cases of influenza today.
    The Medical Officer Captain C.F. BLACKER, is now ill.
    Also, one case of SCARLET FEVER.

    1940 February 9
    Companies cleaning up billets today, and clearing away some more of the filth left here.
    Company Commanders made a recce this morning of the LIGNE DE RECUEIL.
    We go forward tomorrow.

    1940 February 10
    St. Francois Lacroix
    1700 hours The Battalion moved forward by M.T. to the LIGNE DE RECUEIL.
    Battalion H.Q. at St. Francois Lacroix, an evacuated village.
    1930 hours In new positions by 1930 hours.

    1940 February 11
    St. Francois Lacroix
    A quiet day.
    Very cold.
    Troops cleaning up billets, which were left filthy.
    3rd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS are in front of us in LIGNE DE CONTACT, and 2nd HAMPSHIRES behind, on LIGNE ?D’ARRET.
    We are in front of MAGINOT LINE.

    1940 February 12
    St. Francois Lacroix
    Companies started work on positions.
    Only being small amount of progress made, as ground completely frozen, and under deep snow.
    A little firing by FRENCH guns near us.

    1940 February 13
    St. Francois Lacroix
    Another quiet day.
    Very cold still.
    Some ‘flu in the Battalion.

    1940 February 14
    St. Francois Lacroix
    Another quiet day.
    Troops continued trying to work on positions.

    1940 February 15
    St. Francois Lacroix
    Conference this evening; the Commanding Officer gave out orders for our move forward tomorrow into the LIGNE DE CONTACT.
    Still a good deal of sickness in the Battalion, due to the very severe weather.

    1940 February 16
    1000 hours Our Battalion H.Q. changed places with Battalion H.Q of 3rd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS.
    1700 hours Companies moved forward to positions in LIGNE DE CONTACT.
    2130 hours Relief of 3rd GRENADIER GUARDS complete by 2130 hours.
    Some shelling on 3rd GRENADIER GUARDS’ Right Company this morning, but all quiet during relief.

    1940 February 17
    Nothing to report.
    Patrols went out tonight.

    12 - 2CG INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY 7(b) Patrols - see Appendix A

    (i) A Patrol of two Officers and ten men went up the HELTENBACK from GRINDORFF-EWIG.

    Patrol Report by 2/Lieutenant C.L. THOMAS. 2 Officers, 10 Other Ranks. I left GRINDORFF 2100 hours. As we cleared the wire, Artillery and Small Arms Fire broke out a long way off on our left bank. Bursts of this activity continued until 2245 hours. We crossed Bridge over HERMESBACH at 41232881 and turned right handed and hit HELTENBACH wire at 41242882. I turned left and stopped by the wire at 41242883. I chose the bend of stream at 41252883 to lie up. I left one N.C.O. and 3 with T.G. on the wire and took the remainder of the patrol the 30 yards to the stream. The banks are 5ft sheer this side and about 3ft the far side, the stream is about 10ft wide, and there is a thin layer of ice right across. From where we lay we could see the line of trees on the track at 41272883. We lay from 2230 hours till 2350 hours and this hour and 10 minutes, flat in the snow was about the limit the patrol could have remained still. We saw and heard NO enemy. The owl was hooting continually from the right flank. It once sounded un-natural when it sounded as if its voice had cracked. The dog in ZEURANGE occasionally barked. Once it sounded very close and I do not think it was tied up. 2350 hours I withdrew past old FRENCH Posts at 41232882, crossed HERMESBACH by plank bridge at 41242879, returned GRINDORFF 0100 hours.

    (ii) Two other Patrols went out to cover the relief of the Battalion in the LIGNE DE CONTACT.

    Patrol Report by 2/Lieutenant R.C. WINDSOR-CLIVE. 1 Officer, 8 Other Ranks. I left edge of wood 41112895 at 1830 hours and went to the area 41172893. I arrived there at 1900 hours and lay up for three hours till 2200 hours. At 2200 hours I left, and returned Pt 262, 41042894. I returned to HALSTROFF down the road.

    Patrol Report Lieutenant FORDE. 1 Officer, 12 Other Ranks. I moved out at 1900 hours from WOOD 285 down the SOUTH edge of EIG WOOD. We lay up by the old FRENCH positions at the bottom of the wood for about 1 1/2 hours, returning by the NORTH edge of the wood and arriving back at the post at 2200 hours and at HALSTROFF at 2300 hours. We heard or saw nothing unusual. The road was not wired or blocked at BIZING or at the Railway Cafe.

    1940 February 18
    Very cold still.
    All quiet again.
    Patrols out tonight.

    13 - 2CG INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY 7(b) Patrols - see Appendix A

    (i) A Patrol of one Officer and three men in ZEURANGE area.

    Patrol Report by Lieutenant E. FORD. 1 Officer, 3 Other Ranks. I went out from HARTBUSCH WOOD at 0210 hours over the HELTENBACH at 41272875, skirted ZEURANGE widely to the NORTH. I lay up for some time as my P.S.M. said he saw a light in the village. We then went on to within 300 yards of the NORTH WEST side of LE REHFESCH WOOD but I heard no movement in the wood. We returned by the same route through HARTBUSCH WOOD at 0530 hours.

    (ii) A Patrol of one Officer and two men in the area 412289.

    Patrol Report by 2/Lieutenant R.C. WINDSOR-CLIVE. 1 Officer, 2 Other Ranks. I left corner of WOOD 41112895 at 2359 hours. I went SOUTH EAST till i hit the Railway Line about 41202891. I then turned NORTH EAST till I met the wire on the WEST bank of the HELTENBACH at 41242895 about 0145 hours. I lay and listened some time then turned SOUTH along the wire, got through and investigated the Bridge 41242894. There were no tracks or other signs of the enemy. This bridge is really a small tunnel through the embankment about 12 feet high. There did not appear to be much room for the enemy to use this as the stream nearly fills the bottom of the tunnel. I crossed the HELTENBACH here may way up the Railway Cutting about 41262896 where I lay for a time. I then turned NORTH up the cutting for about 100 yards and listened again. As it was by then 0240 hours I decided it was time to return. I turned due WEST down to the HELTENBACH which here has steep banks about 8 feet high. I turned SOUTH down the stream to where the steep banks disappear. As it was not frozen in the centre I was able to step into it and fount it was only some 9 inches deep. I crossed the stream about 150 yards NORTH of the Railway. The only wire EAST of the HELTENBACH is a plain wire round an orchard. This fence is in bad repair near the stream but very tight higher up the hill. I returned to the road crossing the HERMESBACH at 0415 hours. The only thing I heard throughout the patrol was a dog barking between 0215 hours and 0245 hours from the direction of LOHWALD 41192902. There was some artillery activity away to the NORTH as I came home.

    1940 February 19
    Starting to thaw today
    1940 February A little enemy activity seen at various points, as if working parties, etc. were out.
    1940 February No shelling.

    16 - 2CG INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY 7(b) Patrols - see Appendix A

    A Patrol of one Officer and two men in area 413289.

    Patrol Report by 2/Lieutenant C.L. THOMAS. 1 Officer, 2 Other Ranks. We left GRENDORFF 2210 hours along the WEST side of the village, and went straight down to the HERMESBACH stream crossing by a footbridge at 41182883. We then cut across to the HELTENBACH stream and crossed over a log 41252883. From the stream we made for a line of trees approximately 300 yards in front, then changing direction half left we reached the road 41312893 at 0015 hours. We stood there for 15 minutes and then moved further up the hill to the right of the road crossing the spur at 41342893 and down to the line of trees 41332894. After listening for 15 minutes we returned over the road and down a line of trees to a footbridge 41242884. Having found a gap in a line of wire, we made across country to bridge 41152884, crossed the railway 41132883, and more wire 41082883 and so to the road along the EAST side of the railway. Reached HALSTROFF 0345 hours. Observations: - No enemy seen, distinct cough heard in BLAUENBERG WOOD. Two burst L.M.G. fire heard on right flank 2130 hours.

    1940 February 20
    Small parties of enemy seen again.
    Patrols out again at night, but nothing to report.
    A little shelling on our Left Company Front (No. 3 Company) but no damage.

    18 - 2CG INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY 7(b) Patrols - see Appendix A

    A Patrol of One Officer and two men in ZEURANGE area.

    Patrol Report by Lieutenant E. FORD. 1 Officer, 2 Other Ranks. I left the HARTBUCH at 1000 hours and moved quickly down to the HELTENBACH. At the Bridge 41322873 the river was in full spate, and I prodded with a stick and within 4 feet of the bank it was some 5 feet deep, and running very fast. At that point the stream was 20-30 feet could cross without having to swim, and even then I think we would have been swept away. I decided to try the ford at 41272875. There the trickling rivulet which we had always crossed so easily, was a turbulent torrent, varying from 10 to 40 yards wide. We could not find a crossing place there. I attempted another crossing between the ford and the bridge where I saw tracks leading from ZEURANGE to EWIG WOOD (pre-thaw). I waded into the water until it was up to the top of my gum-boots, but the stream was impossible. We lay up on the approach to EWIG WOOD for about 20 minutes before returning to HARTBUCH at 2000 hours. I heard and saw nothing of the enemy. In my opinion the stream is impassable at the moment.

    1940 February 21
    Our last day in the Line.
    1100 hours 2nd Battalion HAMPSHIRES relieved our Battalion H.Q. this morning, at 1100 hours.
    2300 hours Relief of Company positions complete by 2300 hours.

    1940 February 22
    0200 hours Battalion back in LIGNE D’A?ET (behind MAGINOT LINE), by 0200 hours.
    Battalion H.Q. at ?EDANGE.
    Companies billeted in ?EDANGE Camp.

    1940 February 23
    Guard of Honour of 50 Other Ranks and 2 Officers this morning, for General HASSLA, Commander of FRENCH DIVISION in which we were.
    Lieutenant E.L. GIBBS in command, 2/Lieutenant B.G. BRITTON, ??
    2100 hours Lorry-les-Metz Battalion left for LORRY-LES-METZ.

    1940 February 24
    Battalion in billets here by 2300 hours last night.
    Spent today cleaning up.
    Weather much improved, and fairly warm and sunny.

    1940 February 25
    Sunday. Church Parade at 1100 hours.
    A quiet day but Sec. and Patrols rejoined Battalion from ?HALSTROFF.

    1940 February 26
    Advance Party left today.
    Captain R.C. ROBIN and M. de St. GENYS.
    Battalion move back to NORTH of FRANCE on 28th February 1940.

    1940 February 27
    Drums of the Battalion, combined with those of 3rd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS, played in METZ this morning.
    Nothing else to report.
    Weather fine.

    1940 February 28
    0900 hours - 1420 hours
    Metz - Templeuve
    M.T. left under Major W.S. STEWART BROWN
    Remainder of Battalion left.
    Sharing train with part of 3rd Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS.
    Lieutenant-Colonel Sir J. AIRD in command of train.

    1940 February 29 1330 hours Templeuve Arrived TEMPLEUVE Station.
    1940 February Pont a Marcq Companies marched to billets at PONT A MARCQ.
    1940 February 1530 hours All in by 1530 hours.
  7. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    1940 March 1
    Pont a Marcq
    Companies settling into billets.
    All Companies except No. 2 Company at PONT-A-MARCQ.
    No. 2 Company at CAPELLE.
    Battalion H.Q. at PONT-A-MARCQ.

    1940 March 2
    Pont a Marcq
    Companies did Drill this morning.
    A fine day and warmer.

    1940 March 3
    1015 hours Sunday. Church Parade at 10.15 hours.
    Nothing else to report.

    1940 March 4
    Pont a Marcq
    The Adjutant proceeded on leave today.
    A large number of promotions made in the Battalion.

    1940 March 5
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parade for No. 1 Company.
    The Battalion is finding a large number of Fatigues this week.
    Early morning frost.

    1940 March 6
    Pont a Marcq
    Snow fell during last night.
    A sunny day.
    Drill Parade for No. 3 Company.
    Captain WYATT promoted to Acting Major vice ?SMITH with effect from 3rd February 1940.

    1940 March 7
    Pont a Marcq
    Snow again fell during the previous night.
    Drill Parade for No. 4 Company.
    The Commanding Officer accompanied the Brigadier on a tour of the Battalion defensive positions.

    1940 March 8
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parade for H.Q. Company.
    Weather much warmer today.

    1940 March 9
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parade for “B” Echelon at FME D’AIGREMONT.
    2/Lieutenant R.D.E. SPEED and a party of 6 Other Ranks joined the Battalion from 1st Reinforcements.
    2/Lieutenant SPEED has been posted to No. 1 Company.

    1940 March 10
    Pont a Marcq
    0900 hours Battalion (less 2 Companies) paraded at 9 a.m. for Church.
    1100 hours At 11 a.m. the Drums played in front of the Church at PONT-A-MARCQ.
    The Commanding Officer and other Officers afterwards took wine with the MAYOR.

    1940 March 11
    Pont a Marcq
    0930 hours
    09.30 a.m. Drill Parade for No. 2 Company at CAPPELLE.
    The remainder of the Battalion kept very busy with working parties.

    1940 March 12
    Pont a Marcq
    0900 hours 9 a.m. Drill Parade for No. 3 Company.
    The weather which had been very fine for the last few days showed signs of ?

    1940 March 13
    Pont a Marcq
    A wet and windy day.
    The Commanding Officer started a Platoon Commanders Course of a fortnight.
    A selected Guardsman’s Course - for potential N.C.O.s was also begun.

    1940 March 14
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report.
    Companies all occupied with Fatigues and working parties for the ROYAL ENGINEERS.

    1940 March 15
    Pont a Marcq
    The usual working parties for the ROYAL ENGINEERS.
    The selected Guardsmen’s Course was continued.
    The Commanding Officer’s Platoon Commander’s Course was continued.

    1940 March 16
    Pont a Marcq
    A beautifully fine day.
    Weather much warmer.
    Working Parties and Fatigues as usual.

    1940 March 17
    Pont a Marcq
    Sunday. St. Patrick’s Day.
    Church Parade at 1000 hours.
    ? owing to doubtful weather.
    A little rain.
    A quiet day.
    Several Officers of the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS came over this afternoon.

    1940 March 18
    Pont a Marcq
    Working Parties as usual.
    Everything very quiet.
    Weather finer again.

    1940 March 19
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report.
    Working Parties as usual.
    Every man in the Battalion who is able to be spared is taken for these ROYAL ENGINEERS Fatigues, which consist of unloading gravel, etc and cutting h? wood.

    1940 March 20
    Pont a Marcq
    Another lovely day.
    The usual routine.
    Very quiet.
    Good billets here, and everyone seems to like their place.
    The troops play a good deal of football, and there are numerous Concerts.
    We have several men who work for the farmers and one man ploughs every day.

    1940 March 21
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report.
    Working Parties as usual.

    1940 March 22
    Pont a Marcq
    Good Friday.
    A short voluntary Service held in No. 4 Company’s billet.
    Otherwise, an ordinary working day.
    Beautiful weather.

    1940 March 23
    Pont a Marcq
    Working Parties for the ROYAL ENGINEERS as usual.
    Companies had baths at CAPELLE today.

    1940 March 24
    Pont a Marcq
    Easter Day.
    A fine day.
    0945 hours Church Parade at 9.45 a.m., out of doors.
    The Battalion played football against the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, at ROUBAIX, the 1st Battalion billets.
    We lost, 5-1.

    1940 March 25
    Pont a Marcq
    Working Parties for the ROYAL ENGINEERS as usual.
    Nothing to report.

    1940 March 26
    Pont a Marcq
    No. 1 Company did Drill this morning.
    The rest of the Battalion were on ROYAL ENGINEERS Fatigues.

    1940 March 27
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parade for No. 2 Company this morning, at their billets at CAPELLE.
    Nothing further to report.

    1940 March 28
    Pont a Marcq
    H.Q. Company did Drill this morning.
    Working Parties as usual.
    Companies are doing Route Marches every week now, and cover about 14-16 miles.
    The Platoon Commanders’ Course is being continued, and is nearly finished now.

    1940 March 29
    Pont a Marcq
    Weather cold, and some snow fell, but did not lie for long.
    Nothing further to report.

    1940 March 30
    Pont a Marcq
    Warmer again.
    No. 3 Company did Drill.
    Remainder of Battalion on Fatigues.
    Platoon Commander’s Course ended.

    1940 March 31
    Pont a Marcq
    0930 hours Sunday. Church Parade, out doors, at 9.30 a.m.
    The Drums played in front of the village Church afterwards.
    A quiet day.
  8. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    1940 April 1
    Pont a Marcq
    A 1st CORPS Exercise, for ? defences, was begun.
    Everyone was in positions, by 12 noon.
    Battalion H.Q. at LA CROIX.
    Weather fine.
    CORPS Exercise continued.

    1940 April 2
    Pont a Marcq
    Not very exciting.
    We started in DIVISIONAL Reserve positions, but by this evening all troops in front of us were over-run, and we are now in the Front Line.

    1940 April 3
    Pont a Marcq
    Battalion took part in an attack at dawn, which was successful.
    0900 hours When that was complete, the Scheme ended, at about 0900 hours.
    A wet morning.
    Most of the troops were wet by the time they were back in billets.
    Everyone back for Dinners.

    1940 April 4
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report.
    Companies cleaning up after the CORPS Exercise

    1940 April 5
    Pont a Marcq
    A quiet day.
    Commanding Officer’s Conference on the CORPS Exercise, at MOO??, in H.Q. Company Billet.
    All Officers, Warrant Officers and N.C.O.s attended.

    1940 April 6
    Pont a Marcq
    A musketry Party, under command of Lieutenant E.L. GIBBS, left at 0800 hours for DANNES, which is near LE TOUQUET.
    Major W.S. STEWART BROWN and the Advance Party left yesterday.
    The Party is to shoot Bren Guns, 2” Mortars and 3” Mortars tomorrow, and return on Monday 8th April 1940.
    Battalion beat 2nd INFANTRY BRIGADE Anti-Tank Company at Association Football today, by 6-5, in 1st round of 1st DIVISION Tournament.

    1940 April 7
    Pont a Marcq
    1000 hours
    Sunday. Church Parade at 1000 hours, as usual.
    No Drums to play, as they are all away at DANNES ranges.
    We had a piano instead, played by Lance-Serjeant SWINBURN, No. 4 Company.
    We played the 1st Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS here this afternoon, in a friendly Association match.
    We won, 4-3.
    Lieutenant-Colonel A. de L. CAZENOVE and several other Officers of the 1st Battalion came over to watch.
    Brigadier J.A.C. WHITAKER commanding 7th GUARDS BRIGADE, also came.
    A glorious day, and quite hot.

    1940 April 8
    Pont a Marcq
    No. 4 Company did Drill today.
    Rest of the Battalion on ROYAL ENGINEERS working Parties and Fatigues.

    1940 April 9
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report in the Battalion.
    GERMANY invaded NORWAY and DENMARK yesterday and is now at war with both these countries.
    Tension is renewed between GERMANY and HOLLAND and BELGIUM.
    B.E.F. Leave has been stopped and there is again a possibility of “Plan D” being put into operation.

    1940 April 10
    Pont a Marcq
    No. 2 Company did Drill this morning.
    Remainder of Battalion on Fatigues and baths.
    Weather much colder again.

    1940 April 11
    Pont a Marcq
    The Commanding Officer inspected billets this morning.
    All fairly good.
    No. 4 Company‘s about the best.
    H.Q. Company had a Drill Parade.
    Remainder of Battalion on Fatigues and working Parties.

    1940 April 12
    Pont a Marcq
    Preliminary administrative orders issued from BRIGADE H.Q., in case we move forward into BELGIUM.
    If we move and take up a defensive position, the BRIGADE will be in reserve, so that we move behind the other BRIGADES in 1st DIVISION and are therefore not at any very short notice to move.
    Other BRIGADES are at 4 hours’ notice.
    The Commanding Officer has issued preliminary orders to Company Commanders, but nothing more so far.

    1940 April 13
    Pont a Marcq
    The tension between GERMANY and the LOW COUNTRIES continues.
    Preparations for a move forward continued today.
    No. 3 Company did Dill this morning, and were very clean and well turned-out.

    1940 April 14
    Pont a Marcq
    Church Parade at 1000 hours.
    Lance-Serjeant SWINBURN again played the piano.
    The Drums played outside the village Church after Church Parade.

    1940 April 15
    Pont a Marcq
    Working Parties and baths today, also Company Training.
    A move forward is now fully expected, and all preparations are being made.

    1940 April 16
    Pont a Marcq
    Nearly every available man in the Battalion on the ROYAL ENGINEERS ENGINEERS Fatigues today.
    Baths for others.
    No further news on Orders as to a move into BELGIUM.
    Company Training continued.

    1940 April 17
    Pont a Marcq
    Company Training and ROYAL ENGINEERS Fatigues as usual.
    We continue to stand by for a move.

    1940 April 18
    Pont a Marcq
    Battalion Training.
    The Battalion carried out a dawn attack, near the billeting area.
    Back for breakfast.
    Nothing else on today.

    1940 April 19
    Pont a Marcq
    Nothing to report.
    It does not seem likely that we shall move now.

    1940 April 20
    Pont a Marcq
    Again nothing to report.
    The “scare” is dying down, but we are still at notice to move.
    Leave is still stopped.

    1940 April 21
    Pont a Marcq
    Sunday. A lovely hot day.
    1000 hours Church Parade as usual, at 1000 hours.
    Captain E.R. HILL has joined the Battalion from ENGLAND, and is to be command H.Q. Company.

    1940 April 22
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parade for No. 1 Company.
    News has come that General Sir J.G. DILL, 1st CORPS Commander, has given up his command, as he is going home to be D.C.IG.
    General BARKER from ALDERSHOT Command, is his successor.

    1940 April 23
    Pont a Marcq
    0800 hours At 0800 hours the Commanding Officer addressed the Battalion, on the occasion of St. George’s Day, at the ?
    ? with of the Colonel of the Regiment, Lieutenant-General Sir A.E. CODINGTON.
    The Command Officer inspected billets this morning.

    1940 April 24
    Pont a Marcq
    0930 hours Drill Parade for No. 3 Company, at 0930 hours.
    Company Training and ROYAL ENGINEERS Fatigues continued.

    1940 April 25
    Pont a Marcq
    Leave has begun again.
    We are no longer at notice to move.
    The “scare” is off for the present.
    We were to have done a Battalion Exercise today but it was cancelled, owing to rain.

    1940 April 26
    Pont a Marcq
    0930 hours Drill Parade for No. 2 Company, at 0930 hours.
    Captain P.H. FLOWER and Lieutenant ? GIBBS have gone to 1st Reinforcments.
    Lieutenant R.T. COMBE has rejoined the Battalion, after temporary duty at 1st Reinforcments.
    Leave has been put off again temporarily owing to fog in the CHANNEL.

    1940 April 27
    Pont a Marcq
    0830 hours Drill Parade for H.Q. Company, at 0830 hours.
    Nothing else to report.

    1940 April 28
    Pont a Marcq
    1000 hours Sunday. Parade Service at 1000 hours as usual.
    The Drums went over to CAPELLE, and played at No. 2 Company’s Service there.
    The Drums afterwards played in PONT-A-MARCQ.

    1940 April 29
    Pont a Marcq
    Leave is now on again.
    Working Parties and Company Training as usual.

    1940 April 30
    Pont a Marcq
    Drill Parades for No.s 3 and 4 Companies.
    2000 hours - 0200 hours. The Battalion took part in a 1 CORPS ROYAL ENGINEERS Exercise, leaving billets by M.T. at 2000 hours, and getting back by about 0200 hours.
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    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    May 1940
    1CG May 1940 a.JPG 1CG May 1940 B.JPG 1CG May 1940 C.JPG 1CG May 1940 D.JPG 1CG May 1940 E.JPG 1CG May 1940 F.JPG 1CG May 1940 G.JPG 1CG May 1940 H.JPG 1CG May 1940 I.JPG 1CG May 1940 J.JPG 1CG May 1940 K.JPG 1CG May 1940 L.JPG 1CG May 1940 M.JPG 1CG May 1940 N.JPG 1CG May 1940 O.JPG 1CG May 1940 P.JPG 1CG May 1940 Q.JPG 1CG May 1940 R.JPG 1CG May 1940 S.JPG
  10. Eaw458

    Eaw458 Junior Member

    Hi all,

    I'm sorry to be begging in such a direct way, but I would very much like to ask if anyone might be able to share a copy of 1 Coldstream Guards' war diary covering the first week of May.

    I'd like to understand in some more detail how this batallion was deployed on the N side of Leuven/Louvain. I've learnt so far that their positions covered the area between the station / marshalling yard just on the edge of the city and the point where the Leuven-Mechelen canal bends to the NW.

    I have found a transcribed war diary on this forum, but it stops at the end of April (and that is not a moan - I fully well know how much time and effort this takes!).

    Many thanks,

  11. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

  12. dbf

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  13. dbf

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    June 1940

    1CG June 1940 A.JPG 1CG June 1940 B.JPG 1CG June 1940 C.JPG 1CG June 1940 D.JPG 1CG June 1940 E.JPG 1CG June 1940 F.JPG 1CG June 1940 G.JPG 1CG June 1940 H.JPG 1CG June 1940 I.JPG 1CG June 1940 J.JPG
  14. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    From The Record of the Coldstream Guards 1650-1950


  15. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Hi Walter,

    Send me your postal name and address via PM and I'll send you a copy of the Battalion, Brigade Anti-Tank Company and Brigade war diaries, complete with appendices. You've posted some great stuff on here (more please) so look at it as a thank you ;)

    Ps make sure any future books get published in English :p

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  16. Eaw458

    Eaw458 Junior Member

    Thank you very much. Bit of a shame that the author was all a bit brief for the entries on 13th and 14th May. ;)

    But then in contrast to 2LINCS on the S side of Leuven, who quite clearly state that they did not take over any Belgian pillboxes as the British automatic weapons would not fit on the support shelves, 1CG seemed to have found a use for the pillboxes in their part of the line.



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