War Diary 16 Coy RASC (Tank Bde)

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  1. Teresa Mould

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    Thank you for the great information. Rereading my grandfather's records it looks like he was 374 general transport company 1941-1942 and then 30 company 42-45. I know he served in Egypt and heard stories of him riding a motorbike and later transporting surrendering troops.
    Would you know how easy it is to locate and read/transcribe the relevant diaries at Kew?
  2. hutt

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    For 374 GT Company, there only appears to be a single relevant diary, WO160/6015 for Jan - April 42.
    Re actually seeing the diaries.
    Basically you have 4 options.
    Ask Kew to copy them (for a very significant fee)
    Ask nicely if anyone has them already (and is happy to share)
    Ask if anyone on this forum will copy them (for a very modest fee compared with Kew)
    Visit Kew and read / photograph them yourself.
    I'm not certain what the current procedure is for a new reader to obtain a ticket and placing document orders in advance of a readers ticket number but have a look through this forum and if you have any questions, pop them on the forum and someone with the most up to date info will advise. I last visited in July and I have an in date readers ticket so could advance order my documents. You will also need to make sure you book a camera stand if you intend to seriously copy the whole of one of these diaries.
    I suspect they wont be particularly big and may disappoint in their detail but could well give a reasonable narrative of what the unit did. If you are lucky 'other ranks' names may appear but no guarantee.
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  3. Teresa Mould

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  4. Teresa Mould

    Teresa Mould Member

    Thank you. I think that asking someone to photograph/copy them for me appears to be a sensible route as I think it maybe a quicker process. Although I'm hoping to help my grandchildren understand better my grandfather's story, it's also for my mum, his daughter who is 88 this week.
    So, please forgive another question.
    How or who can I ask to undertake this and is it rude to ask what a modest fee maybe?
    I really appreciate your help and am so pleased that I found this group.
  5. hutt

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    Hi Teresa
    I've lost track of who is currently offering to do this and I think some of the regulars who did this in the past have found the cost and logistics of getting to Kew during the pandemic to be particularly difficult. I don't anticipate a visit until some point next year I'm afraid.
    Hopefully by posting this reply, someone will add this info.
    To be honest, if you can make a visit it is certainly worth while as you can easily access other family history data that would otherwise require a subscription.
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    Evening Teresa,

    The photo which Hutt mentions of the RASC Badge outside 30 Coy, RASC HQ in Suez (1940s) is 13 x 8cms and can be purchased at this link for £7.50 (300dpi) or £15 (600dpi). The picture does not contain any people in it.

    Order image licence - RLC Digital Archive

    Depending on where you live, you could always visit the RLC Museum which has recently moved to Winchester. They do hold a small box on most RASC Companies containing information you will not find at Kew. However, the War Diaries will be at Kew.

    I am happy to call the RLC Museum and enquire about 30 & 374 Companies on your behalf if you wish - I am a serving member of the RLC!


  7. Teresa Mould

    Teresa Mould Member

    That is very kind of you and I would appreciate it. Winchester is much closer to me although Kew seems to be worthwhile trip too.
    Would I need to pre book a time and request specific company information in advance?

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