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    Unfortunately, the picture with the amphibious vehicle is not 14 Company as the Company drove 'trucks' all the way to Austria.

    The military records you have would suggest he was not taken prisoner as he went onto Italy; 14 Company (part of the 8th Army) were in Egypt when most were taken prisoner. Also, yes POWs did receive medals too. The research has taken years! My main interest is that I was Officer Commanding the present day 14 Company (now known as 14 Squadron, RLC) from 2015-17. Unfortunately, no one knew the history and I aim to make a small book on the Company when I retire!


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    Ahh.. was hoping it may be another photo of my Grandad with his COY.. just wishful thinking!
    Thank you.. I have so much to learn. I have watched two documentaries over the weekend trying to familiarise myself with the jargon and learn about the battles in Egypt/Libya (and the Desert Rats) I also watched a programme about the vehicles that they used, the different tanks, and even the Rolls Royce Armoured cars!

    Wow..What a wonderful project!.. and I love the sentiment behind it…it must mean so much. I would most certainly purchase that book!!

    My Grandad passed the bug on for mechanical engineering to my own Father who also went on to join the Army (with the REMEs) and he did his training out in Germany in the 60s. He went on to become an Engineer.
    I only wish I knew all of this information years ago when I lived in Hertfordshire. I worked in London for 15yrs for the Court Service so could have traveled more easily to the National Archives had I only known..( I moved to Northamptonshire some years ago - so a bit further to go now!)
    I have now worked out that the port that my Grandad disembarked at on 19/9/40 was Tewfik in Egypt .. most probably after sailing round Africa…and he was posted with his unit on 13/12/40… so quite a gap in time from arriving.. any ideas where he might have been?
    Training I assume…
    Thank you
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    Hi, I am currently researching L/Cpl Joseph B Devlin who sadly was posted missing on the 26th June 42 and was one of the 8 (?) men of the 14th Coy killed on the SS Scillin. If you have any information on him I would be most grateful, I am indebted to all the research that has been done. Terry M

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