War Diaries of 11th Armoured Division: Ops EPSOM & GOODWOOD

Discussion in 'Higher Formations' started by Gold, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Gold

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    Is there anyone here you can help me please ? i would like to know if someone has war diaries of 11th armoured division during EPSOM and GOODWOOD please.

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  2. Sheldrake

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    I have the HQRA diaries for august and the regimental WD for June and July.
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  3. Gold

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    Is it possible to post them here or on personal message please ?
  4. Bleblond

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    11th Armoured Division - WAR DIARIES
    On this Web Site are the War Diaries of the 11th armoured I have been able to collect and transcribe so far
  5. Bleblond

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    I don't have this war diary would you agree to send them to me to transcribe them

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