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    good day.cmp.yesterday,06:23pm.re:corps of military police,war diaries of the M.P..i have read your post and link.have you anymore history of the m.p's bef.1939/40. at Dunkirk.i had a brother in the M.P.he came home first time out of Dunkirk.lookig forward to your next instalment.regards bernard85
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    Hi Bernard, Sorry but we don't have the earlier one just yet. I'll put in a request for my father to pick that one up on his next trip to the National Archives.
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    Most interesting (especially Part 2 of the NW Europe Series)

    Am I correct in assuming TC stands for Traffic Control? But VP?
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    Bluebell Minor,

    Yes. TC is Traffic Control. VP is Vulnerable Points.

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    Thank you
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    I am very interested in the history of 179 Ports Provost Company.

    Could you please tell me how I can follow their progress from Algiers to Naples (and beyond?)?

    Thank you.
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    I don't think CMP has visited for some time, so you may not get a response unless you send him a private message, he should get a email alert. The unit has a few war diaries at the National Archives and these may be worth considering if you don't get a reply from CMP.

    WO 175/1214 179 Company (Ports) 1942 Nov.- 1943 June
    WO 169/13260 179 Company (Ports) 1943 July- Dec.
    WO 170/3570 Port Provost Sections: 179 Section 1944 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 170/7008 Provost Companies: 179 Company 1945 July- Oct.

    Not to sure where Jan-Jun 1945 though.

    Good luck with your research
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    Try emailing cmp on the email address given on his website , link in post #1.
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    good day cmp.m.18th.may.2013.09:34am.#3.re:corps of military police war dieries.just reading old thread and found your reply.thank you .better late than never,did you ever get the information you were searching for.all th best regards bernard85
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    I'm new to this site but I am very grateful for this link. My father was posted to ME with the 5th Ballalion KOSB and was mandatory transfered to the CMP 203 Prov Coy and 114 Prov Coy. I have found your link a great help. Many thanks.
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    I'm only about 6 years late with this but hopefully you'll find this interesting: Corps of Military Police: Port Provost Companies

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