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    Ive been tracing a relative for my family tree. To do this I've had to get copies of some pages of the war diaries from The National Archives. :rolleyes:

    I was just thinking to myself, if anybody else needs or would like copies of the papers I've got, please feel free to drop me a message and I will email them to you. :) Theyre in PDF format, but copies of the original papers.
    :poppy: What I've Got:

    War Diary Ref No: WO 166/12120
    Regiment Relates To: Royal Engineers, 259 Feild Coy Duties
    Location Of Regiment: Agivey Training Camp, Ireland
    Dates Covered: 1st April 1943 - 23st May 1943
    Pages In Total: 8 pages

    The pages mainly cover training duties, though some breaks and lots of exercise operation names are mentioned - such as operation exercise "DUCHESS" and "HATTER" etc. Also some individual names listed.

    If they're any use to to anyone, I'm happy to share. :D

    Take care,

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