War Diaries 1 Bn. Leicestershire Regiment

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    Can someone help me with the War Diaries of oktober 1944.
    I need these for my investigation of 2 victims in my place Baarle-Nassau (The Netherlands)
    Buried here are:
    Arthur Hunt (5-10-1944) Casualty and
    John Keith Chapman (8-10-1944) Casualty
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    Grave picture.

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    According to the regimental history, "For the first eighteen days of October the Battalion took part in no major action and was mainly employed keeping open line of communication of the Polish Armoured Division advancing toward Tilburg."
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    - The 1 Bn. Leicester lost 23 man on 26-29 september 1944 with attack area Rijkevorsel, Belgium.
    Today buried at Leopoldsburg War Cemetery.

    - From 3 october 1944 the 1 Bn. Leicester (147 Brigade) moved forward behind the Polish Armoured Division, 1,5 miles south
    of Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands.
    In that period in october Hunt and Chapman were killed in the area of Baarle-Nassau.

    - Later on 21-22 october they lost 24 man in the fight of Stone Bridge ( nord-west of Loenhout, Belgium)
    Today buried at Geel War Cemetery.

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