War Diaries 1/7th Duke of Wellingtons Regiment Iceland 1940-1942

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    Its been a while since I last posted on the forum after a pause with my work focused on my relatives in WWII.

    I have just received the service record of a Great Uncle who served with 1/7th Duke of Wellington Regiment, 147th Brigade, 49th Division in Iceland 1940-1942. Due to sickness he changed units when the 1/7th returned to the UK, and he did not serve overseas again.

    I would like to know about the Battalions activities in Iceland and have bought 'The Polar Bears' by Delaforce, but it includes very little information about the unit while in Iceland. The war diary is probably my best option, I see some are posted on the forum but not the 1/7th DWR.

    I can get a researcher to make a copy, before I do that, does any member of the forum have the diary and could tell me how many pages it is? I want to get an idea of the costs involved before ordering it.

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    Hello Steve, If this helps? I have The History of The Duke of Wellington's Regiment. There are only two pages which give mention of the 1/7th in Iceland 1940 - 1942. The Battalion returned to the UK 26th April 1942. The only sign of enemy activity on the island occurred in March 1941.It seems they constructed an airfield.Also, a Nissen - hutted camp. Winter 1941 saw the Battalion ski training and climbing exercise. All were subject to a rigorous medical. The standard was A1+. Those who did not attain this were sent home.Many old members of the Battalion left about this time and were lost until the end of the war.
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    Found this yesterday in Iceland and I think it was my grandfathers.
    Hi did serve in Iceland 1940 to 1941

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