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  1. I am looking for information on a WW2 U.K. Veteran JX234854/co, he served on the HMS Collingwood.

    Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated by his son and grandchildren, thank you.

    Yours in Comradeship
    John Greenfield
    RCL Br178 Bowmanville, Ontario
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    HMS Collingwood is a shore establishment set up in WW2 for initial training of 'hostilities only' seaman and communications ratings. Once you obtain the service records for this man all will become clearer but it is likely that HMS Collingwood was his introduction to the RN.
    HMS Collingwood | Hostilities Only

  4. Tim, thank you for that information, I thought it was a ship at sea.
  5. Clive, I looked into applying for his discharge papers and service records and they want 30 lbs for each application.
  6. Clive, yes his name is John Mclean
  7. James Harvey

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    It will only be 1 charge of £30 plus death certificate if he did not die in service

    Unless his widow is still alive (who gets it free then everyone else has to pay including children
  8. Thanks for the info James, John G

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