Want to find anyone who may know people who served with my granddad

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    I'm looking to find anyone who knows or is a relative of anyone who served with or knew my granddad his name was Harry Hopcroft and was in 3rd recce northumbland fusiliers he was married to Nora Hopcroft he came from Rutland but moved to Newcastle upon Tyne where he lived until he died I'd really appreciate any help
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    Hi Laura cannot help with your request but a few pointers if I may.

    Someone on the forum may have information on 3rd RECCE Northumbland Fusiliers and I hope they come along soon.

    Meanwhile a first point of call is always to apply for a copy of the service record of the person you are looking in to. It can provide all kinds of information and pointers where you need to look next. Have a look through some of the posts and contact details and some of the information you can get may help you decide if you want to do this if you have not already done so. .

    Good Luck Brian
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Laura. Lovely to have another Recce on here.

    3 Recce:
    Formed from 8th Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Landed in Normandy on 6th June 1944, and served throughout NW Europe campaign until May 1945.

    Link here to apply for service records:

    Edited; Link here for a thread on the forum for 3 Recce war diaries by Richard Lewis

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    Hello Laura,

    Firstly welcome to the forum.

    My late father served in 3rd Reconnaissance Regt (NF) from 1943-45 in A Squadron and RHQ, so he probably knew your grandfather.

    I see from the Regiment's routine orders of 24 August 1944 that L/Cpl H Hopcroft (Service No. 4984634), Driver Mechanic of A Squadron, was promoted to Corporal.
    View attachment 3 RECCE 1944 08 24 Routine Orders (2015_10_29 12_36_46 UTC).pdf

    In the routine orders of 18 March 1945 it records that he was awarded a Commendation Card for Gallantry. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other orders of the Regiment, no citation is given for the award.
    View attachment 3 RECCE 1945 03 18 Routine Orders (2015_10_29 12_36_46 UTC).pdf

    I hope they are of interest.


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