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    I have taken almost a month to research and complete my next article, devoted to the unobvious historical sites around Dachau Memorial. I have studied a number of books on Holocaust, a 200-page report of the 7th American Army, an archive of first-hand testimonies, the topography of the city and its history, my own photos, documentaries to give you a new deep perspective of the visit to the Dachau city and Memorial. The alternative name to this article I have been thinking a year ago while being in Germany was: “WHY YOU SHOULD WALK DACHAU INSTEAD OF TAKING A BUS. I hope this article would be interesting both for those, who have already been to Dachau, read books (as I had early) and to those, who are on their way to take a journey to this place of historical significance. Would appreciate you sharing the article, your comments and questions.

    SITES BEYOND DACHAU CAMP: Walking the city of Dachau

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