WAAFs Training at Bridlington.

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    IMG_4413.JPG 14ITWbridlington.jpg IMG_4408.JPG I saw these on eBay and could not pass on them, two photographs showing WAAFs "passing out/ squad photos taken in Bridlington. View attachment 278895 IMG_4412.JPG IMG_4422.JPG
    They are standing on the same steps on which aircrew ITW photos were taken, for this reason, I had to have them.
    Hundreds of men and women must have passed through Bridlington before moving on to other units for training before going to RAF bases and Squadrons.
    The nice thing was the photos were signed on the reverse.
    Attached an ITW (14) Jan. 43 on same location.
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  2. SDP

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    Any idea as to the building? The Spa ballroom?

    And I think you have posted the same WAAF photo twice as there are two sets of signatures.
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  3. Harry Ree

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    Yes it's the Spa,wartime home of No 14 ITW. Had seen better days postwar but some years back it was renovated by the local authority.

    In the summer of 1945,we had a group day outing to Bridlington and lunch was served there. Some of the children had never seen the sea until then and were quite excited.

    I remember that the Bomber Command emergency airstrip at nearby Carnaby had few single engined aircraft circulating and landing....its dedicated use over. Later the airfield was used from 1959 to 1963 as the base for No 150 Squadron equipped with Thor missiles.
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    Apologies for a side track of the thread theme but Dad's Regiment (24th Lancers) were based in Bridlington in 1943 and the Spa pool was used for life saving and swimming lessons.
  5. James S

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    Sorry failed to see this , really must "get my ass to Specsavers". :)
  6. James S

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    Harry I think ths location was "The 3'B ballroom " sadly demolished about 5-6 years ago. Attached how it was in the mid 1980's.

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