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Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by Ka7en, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Ka7en

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    Iv been doing my family tree for years now and it's just occurred to me that iv never come across anything at all to do with my great nan who was I think in the WAAF.

    How easy is it to find their service numbers? Any more difficult then anyone else serving in WW2?


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  2. RAFCommands

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  3. Ka7en

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    Hi thanks for that, she's not coming up at all.
    Her name isn't common so that wouldn't be an issue.
    I might just send off for them..an see what comes back if anything.

    Thank you
  4. RAFCommands

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  5. Ka7en

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    I'll try and do that now.

    Thanks Ross
  6. Reid

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    My nan doesn't appear in either of these, but I contacted the RAF records department (many years ago) and was sent a colour photocopy of her service record. It was *very* light-on: it didn't even mention her War Medal but did provide me with some dates.

    Admittedly she was discharged a couple of years after enlistment, due to pregnancy, so that might be the reason for such limited information.
  7. Ka7en

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    Iv just found out she wasn't even in the WAAF but the ATS.. Glad u checked lol

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