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  1. Dear all,
    My great-aunt Maisie served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. I would like to request her personnel records and have all the information and documents requested by the RAF. They ask for a £30 fee, payable by cheque. Now, I'm a Dutch citizen and we have stopped using cheques in about 1860, and Dutch banks no longer provide cheques for international transfers. The government website states that international money orders are accepted, but no further details are provided. Does anyone know and/or have experience ordering records using a Western Union money order with the RAF? Or any other way to tackle this cheque-problem.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Hello you could email the below with your query

    Email: apc-sp-disclosures1ATmod.gov.uk

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    A better way is to contact the branch of service she served with

    RAF Disclosures at Royal Air Force Cranwell

    Tel: 01400 268163
    Email: Air-Cospers-DisclosuresATmod.gov.uk

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  4. Thanks a lot!

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