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    I am doing research on the above who is on a war memorial at my work in Edinburgh and i have now found out is on a memorial in Salford.
    I am a bit puzzled how he was in the Lancashire Fusiliers when he and the family came from the Hansdsworth area of Birmingham.
    He died in 1944 and is remembered at Kohima in India.
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    It was the BRITISH Army , men were sent to whatever regiment they were needed no matter where they were from.
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    Ok cheers
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    Also makes a difference being an officer.

    Captain. Wilfred George Hollingsworth.

    Rank: Captain

    Service No:149293

    Date of Death: 28/04/1944 (Born 1909)

    Age: 34

    Regiment/Service: Lancashire Fusiliers /8th Bn.

    Grave Reference: 1. A. 12.



    Additional Information:

    Son of Edward Humphrey Vincent and Florence Maria Hollingsworth, of Birmingham

    husband of Constance Josephine Hollingsworth, of Streetly, Birmingham.
    1908 - 1990 married in 1936.
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    I am assuming this is him?


    When doing your research you need to be aware that his name appears to be spelt differently from time to time.

    GRO Birth Register Q4 1909, West Bromwich
    Hollingsworth, Wilfred George

    GRO Marriage Register Q3 1936, Birmingham
    Hollingsworth, Wilfrid G

    GRO War Deaths
    Hollingsworth, Wilfrid G, 2nd Lt, Lancashire Fusiliers, Year 1944, Volume 2, Page 215

    Probate Indexes show Wilfrid

    On the 1911 Census, which was handwritten by his father, Edward, the spelling of his name is not totally clear, but I am fairly sure it is Wilfred.

    The handwritten baptism record for 6 October 1909 shows Wilfred.
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    As the other members have said, you went where there was a need. My grandfather was born and bred in Hampstead, North London, and he was posted to the Deveonshire Regiment and then transferred to the King's Liverpool's a while later.
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    Hi all. Thanks for the replys. I did notice the difference in spelling
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    Having been decimated at Dunkirk the 8th Lancashire fusiliers were very short on men.
    Maybe this was the reason
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    From the London Gazette:

    The undermentioned Cadets from 161st, 162nd, 164th, 165th and I70th O.C.T.U's., to be 2nd Lts. except as otherwise stated. 21st Sept. 1940: —
    Lan. Fus.
    Wilfrid George HOLLINGSWORTH (149293)

    Army Roll of Honour 1939-1945 on ancestry.co.uk gives original unit as Royal Engineers, so maybe went to OCTU from the ranks rather than direct from enlistment:

    Name: Wilfred Hollingsworth
    Given Initials: W
    Rank: Captain
    Death Date: 28 Apr 1944
    Number: 149293
    Birth Place: Staffordshire
    Residence: Birmingham
    Regiment at Enlistment: Royal Engineers
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Burma
    Regiment at Death: Lancashire Fusiliers
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    Some factories and works & Post Office Departments had associated R.E. Territorial Army Battalions pre war. I met someone many years ago who was in the RE TA attached to Southampton University while he was studying engineering there in the 90's. Maybe your company or one of its former incarnations is a clue here, esp if they had a works in the Birmingham area.

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