W/C B.F.N RAWSON RCAF DFC & Bar Died 23.12.1945 - PTSD

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    "The doctor who wrote that death certificate was far ahead of his time in terms of recognizing what we would now call PTSD," said Shea. As well, correspondence he collected between Rawson and friends showed classic PTSD symptoms. "He had mood swings, an inability to sleep, and he would insist on being called by his rank."
    Shea easily convinced the War Graves Commission that Rawson should have the military honour. And it turns out suicide is an eligible cause of death in the eyes of the Commission. "It doesn't matter how he died as long as he died in service or a result of service. That is the way the Commission has always viewed things in its 101 years of existence," said Boulais.

    Everyone involved comes out well, particularly Shea and the CWGC.
    RIP young man, you did what Duty called.
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