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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Wise1, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way."

    General George S. Patton ;)
  2. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Well the server is fine, the game panel is installed and it is all working fine, the unfortunate art here is that I know little about online gaming and its cofiguration.

    I have been trying to set up Wolf ET and Americas Army but its just not working for me. I can see what needs to be done but its going to take a fair bit of research before I can get this up and running.

    So unless anyone can guide me through either of the above games in the first instance so that I can see them functioning properly I wont be able to move onto MOHAA and COD.
  3. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Nice idea - looking forward to some MOH and COD/COD-UO battles in due course!
  4. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Quick update, wolfenstein is running on the server and I am just giving it a bit of time to settle in before I left others loose on it, I know some of you want COD and MOHAA but I just want to configure the freely available stuff first to esnure everyone has a fair go at playing.

    So for the time being, I need testers to tak part in some wolfet gaming to see how that goes, if you need to download Wolf ET you can do so from my server.

    Its a big download about 253mb, so the better connection you have the better, but it will always be there so you can take as long as you need to download it. The link to download it is in the wolf et server post.
  5. MaryFM

    MaryFM Junior Member

    Hi Lee

    I think what you are doing is really great and wish you great success with it. I am very much a beginner and have never played a game on my pc but have often looked at the ones in my local game shops.
    I tend to use my PS2 and have completed all the MOH games & almost all the MG's, I would be really interested to know what the MOH games are like when played on pc as I have often thought about buying one. I really prefer games that I don't have to take a team with me as I have enough trouble trying to keep myself from being "bumped off"

    Best wishes


    P's Although my spelling is really quite good, having a checker on is a godsend!
  6. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    We differ in the respect that I just cant use those Playstation controllers to play a game, I need a keyboard and mouse :)
  7. MaryFM

    MaryFM Junior Member

    Hi Lee

    I was wondering really the difference between using your keyboard, mouse and a PS controller, how the gameplay compares action wise etc., as I have often pondered on getting a game for my pc, has any of the lads got any suggestions as to their favourite games and what they like about them?


  8. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Well you if like the war theme then you could try americas army to start you off, you can download it for free and give that a go just to see how it works for you using a keyboard and mouse.

    you can download it at http://www.americasarmy.com/

    Not a ww2 game as such but its a freebie just to try it out.

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