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Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by Mikeo, Apr 28, 2020.

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    The VIs were radio amateurs (civilians) whose transmitters had been impounded at the start of WW2 but nevertheless kept their communications receivers. They were usually too old, too young or medically unfit for conscription. The VIs listened out on specific frequencies (bands of frequencies) for German radio traffic that was being transmitted in Morse code. This subject has been covered in various books and there's a documentary at (www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/5108).

    Can someone pse tell me whether there exists a list of names (perhaps also addresses) of the VIs? Is it possible to ascertain whether such-and-such a person (known to have been a radio amateur before WW2) was ever enlisted as a VI?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am quite sure that the RSGB will have a lot of info on the people and activities. I recall reading articles about in the RSGB journal 'Radcom' at some point in the past.
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    Thanks for the suggestions ... I've written to the RSGB. I will report back but, in the meantime, if anyone else has ideas I'd be grateful for comments.
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    Mikeo - my book RADIO WAR has the most comprehensive list we have of the WWII VI and RSS operators. It is an appendix to the book. Hope that helps
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    I can add three not in David's book:

    John Blair GM5FT
    Walter John Abbey Anderson GM3TD
    John Purves 2CGY, later GM2CGY

    I was given GM5FT's amateur logbook which started in 1936: he used it for his early VI RSS work and this led to the discovery of the other two VIs.


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