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    Pip Roberts said of Oliver Leese:
    "During a battle a visit by a senior officer is either a “depressant” or a morale raiser. Although I served directly under General Oliver for only a short time I remember very clearly that his visits to me always left me feeling in better “form” than before he arrived. I know other Generals who shall be nameless that left me with an air of bewilderment - had I done right, had I done wrong, what should I do next, etc - but with Oliver Leese not at all - there was always encouragement and, when necessary advice and he himself always in optimistic form."

    Anyone heard of other accounts?
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    I've seen an awful lot of photographs of British general officers and Leese usually has an boyish grin on his face, while Alexander has a permanent a twinkle in his eye that says he either has something up his sleeve or a date with somebody's wife.

    An nice little character sketch of Leese here by one of his post-war employees:

    At lunch time the General would produce a bountiful wicker hamper from the boot of his car and we would all sit around on rugs spread on the ground, inside the marquee, sharing dainty titbits, prepared in Lower Hall’s kitchen – and served on elegant china. The General and his wife kept the conversation flowing, dispensing wine and beer, discussing the exhibit, questioning each one about their family, asking if our lodgings were satisfactory. The General, I sensed, had an endearing fatherly attitude towards his employees that inspired loyalty and a willingness to go that extra mile. It was easy to imagine him drawing the best from his junior officers and troops in the heat of battle, his calm, resolute manner inspiring confidence.

    Continued at length: General-1.pdf
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    • IWM - E 22271
      The Prime Minister, Mr Winston Churchill with military leaders during his visit to Tripoli. The group includes: General Sir Oliver Leese, General Sir Harold Alexander, General Sir Alan Brooke and General Sir Bernard Montgomery.
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    This is what Joe Clayton of 24th Lancers thought of Monty and Ike just before the Normandy D-Day. Extract is from the 24th Lancers history 'None Had Lances'.

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    On Page 81 of my Army Album I inserted a photo of General John Harding visiting "A" Squadron of 4th QOH.
    i was particularly pleased with this pic as it showed my Tank Commander SSM "Busty" Thomas.
    What I haven't got is a photo of Montgomery addressing 78 Div troops (including yours truly) before our landings in Sicily. 081%20Page%2081.jpg
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