Violette Szabo

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    I think you have to be a member of the armed forces to be awarded a Victoria Cross.
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    Hi David,

    I think what I was really saying, is that her bravery and service put her into that bracket in terms of recognition. :)
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    I agree with you there!
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    Rumour has it that Lord Ashcroft is interested in these medals. It would be fitting for them to join his VC collection.
  5. RCG

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    My thoughts when I read this.

    "I do so with some regret but it is a decision derived from much careful thought and I have every confidence that the successful purchaser will cherish - and take great care of - them."
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    Not quite right DavidW
    Persons of any rank in the Naval, Military and Air Forces of the United Kingdom, its colonies or territories, and Commonwealth countries that award UK honours; members of the Merchant Navy; and civilians serving under the orders, directions or supervision of any of the above-mentioned forces or services.
  7. Smudger Jnr

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    She wore a British Uniform when in the UK as far as I am aware

    That is good enough for me and yes I to think she should have been awarded the VC.

  8. bamboo43

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  9. Harry Ree

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    At the time of her death,Violette Szabo was a member of the FANY organisation (with the rank of Ensign,equivalent to 2nd Lieutenant) attached to the SOE.

    She was one of a small number of FANYs who undertook intelligence and field duties on the behalf of the SOE in enemy territory...others through service with the Womans Transport Service also were within the FANY organisation.

    Having said that the award of the George Cross to Violette Szabo and other FANYs receiving the award was made as the highest award possible for a civilian and covered "acts of the greatest heroism of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger". (note no reference to "in the face of the enemy")

    VC eligibility....members of the armed forces of Britain,Empire and Britain and the Commonwealth.Civilians did not qualify for the award of the VC.Merchant Navy service was outside the scope of the award of the VC ...regarded as civilians.

    The George Cross was also awarded to military personnel whose actions would not normally be eligible to receive military awards such as gallantry not in the face of the enemy.
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  12. Harry Ree

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    News breaking......reports indicate that Violette's medals are assured of safe custody for the nation, having being bought by the IWM for £260.000
  13. bamboo43

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    Looks like Lord Ashcroft has had a rather large hand in preceedings. Great result all round.
  14. Staffsyeoman

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    £260,000 hammer + 20% premium = £312,000 + 20% VAT on the premium = £10,400 : £322,400.
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    Costly business. :)
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