Villers Bocage - removal of allied prisoners

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    Hello all

    Trying to get a picture of how allied prisoners were removed from Viillers Bocage by the German forces after 13th June.

    Looks like they may nave been marched via Amaye-sur-Orne and / or Vieux into southern part of Caen, and then by rail through France to Germany, and subsequently on to various destinations (Poland for the majority) ?

    Any info or clarification will be most appreciated thanks.

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    Although it begins... (food = foot - correction?)

    "British soldiers are being moved off as prisoner of war.
    A large group of British soldiers fell into German hands during the battle in and around Villers-Bocage. After the battle most prisoners were marched off by food, heading for Caen. Among them was Lt-Col Lord Cranley, commander of the 4th CLY. He was captured the next day, on 14 June, after hiding from the Germans."
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