VIDEO - D-Day Casualties Disembark at Southampton Docks, 1944

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    Hi Kip,

    Thank you for posting the video. You may already have this concerning one of the cameramen who filmed the causalities disembarking at Southhampton? There are a few web pages devoted to Sergeant Hugh McCaughey of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit who tells of his experience in a letter home to his mother. He mentions as well fellow cinematographer Sgt. Floyd Millon, CFPU, who was also present filming casualties leaving the ships.

    June 9th, 1944. Dear Mother…the most spectacular story… by Sgt. Bruce McCaughey – Welcome to the Canadian Film and Photo Unit website

    WW2 letters to home from combat cameraman

    As for the other cameraman Pvt. Walker I thought this may have been Sgt. Jock Walker with the AFPU but I can't find any evidence he was there at the moment.

    Cameraman Pvt. Walker.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Kip YouTUBE Channel - Southampton on D-Day

    Brilliant. My very grateful thanks. It was difficult making this video. What can I say? In the end I had seen a couple of accounts which I thought worth adding but the video should be seen in the context of the channel. Many thanks again and if you see any mistakes please, please shout as that was my original intention joining the forum. I will attach a video which I am quite proud of with paratroopers as a sort of thank you, if you are interested;

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