Victory on the Eastern Front

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    Plenty of great opportunities for someone who lives near these sites for a 'then and now' series.

    Would be nice wouldn't it.
    We very rarely see urban then & nows from the 'ost' side of the fighting...
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    Did Stalin order that these standards { ensigns? } be destroyed, or did the Russians put them in a museum or something like that?
    Off the cuff, yes, they are in a museum. IIRC they are under a glass plate so that visitors can step over them ;)

    And the SPGs are SU-100, easily distinguished from the SU-85 by the commander's cupola being offset to the right due to the bulk of the gun breech.
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    Do you think that it was wise to grant Königsberg to Russia, when the Poles had requested early on in the war that they annex East Prussia, with Königsberg, for strategic reasons. The Western Allies gave in too easily to Stalin's demands. He wanted Königsberg as a year-round ice free port for the Soviet Navy. By taking Königsberg, he made sure that a post war Germany would lose Stettin to Poland, thus disrupting the idea of the Oder-Neisse line that the Western Allies wanted. With Stettin {the traditional seaport of Berlin} being in Polish territory, Stalin cleverly gave Poland, and the Warsaw Pact, control of the Oder and associated rivers out to the Baltic sea.
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    Könisgberg (Kaliningrad) may have made sense then for the reasons you say, but nowadays with the dissolution of the Soviet Union (totally unforeseen at the time) it is a can of worms of the highest degree, a Russian enclave stuck between Poland, and Lithuania.

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