Victoria Cross:Thomas Crean

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    Victoria Cross:Thomas Crean,buried Kensal Green St Marys RC cemetery,London.

    Thomas Joseph Crean, Surgeon Captain, 1st Imperial Light Horse.

    During the action with De Wet at Tygerskloof on the 18th December 1901, this officer continued to attend to the wounded in the firing line under a heavy fire at only 150 yards range, after he himself had been wounded, and only desisted when he was hit a second time, and as it was first thought, mortally wounded.[6]

    Thomas Crean - Wikipedia
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    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Thomas Joseph Crean
    Birth Date: 19 Apr 1873
    Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
    Death Date: 25 Mar 1923
    Death Place: 18 Queens Street, Mayfair, Central London

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