Victoria Cross:Reginald Alexander John Warneford

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    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Reginald Alexander John Warneford
    Birth Date: 15 Oct 1891
    Birth Place: Near Cooch Behar, Darjeeling, India
    Death Date: 17 Jun 1915
    Death Place: British Military Hospital, Versailles, France

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    Remembered Oxhey War Memorial,Watford.


    Died 17/06/1915

    Aged 23

    Royal Naval Air Service

    V C

    Son of Mrs. M. P. Corkery (formerly Warneford), of Kerry House, Comeytrowe, Taunton, Somerset, and the late R. Warneford.

    An extract from The London Gazette, dated 11th June, 1915, records the following

    "For most conspicuous bravery on the 7th June, 1915, when he attacked and, singlehanded, completely destroyed a Zeppelin in mid-air. This brilliant achievement was accomplished after chasing the Zeppelin from the coast of Flanders to Ghent, where he succeeded in dropping his bombs on to it from a height of only one or two hundred feet. One of these bombs caused a terrific explosion which set the Zeppelin on fire from end to end, but at the same time overturned his Aeroplane and stopped the engine. In spite of this he succeeded in landing safely in hostile country, and after 15 minutes started his engine and returned to his base without damage."
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