Victor J. DeLuca (506th PIR)

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    I recently bought a picture of Victor J. Deluca (ASN: 36177147). Victor was born in Pennsylvania on 13 November 1919. He was a member of the 101st AD, 506th PIR, Company I. He enlisted in Fort Custer, Michigan on 24 March 1942.

    Victor was transferred from Hq 19th Repl Depot APO 176 US Army to the Service Company of the 506th PIR on 17 June 1944. He was later transferred from the Service Company to “I” Company of the 506th PIR on 25 July 1944.

    According to the American plane loading manifest of C-47A 43-15137, Victor jumped from a C-47 (A.A.F. Serial Number 43-15137) during operation Market Graden on 17th September 1944.

    He was KIA on 18th September 1944 in the area of Eindhoven. He is buried at Margraten Cemetery, The Netherlands

    Its possible Victor was killed allongside Francis Louis Swanson (Also a member of I Company). They were both KIA on 18th September 1944 (around Eindhoven during Market Garden) and were first buried alongside each other on a temporary cemetery (Zon) in the area of Eindhoven. They were both reburied (on the same row) to the cemetery of Margraten.

    I want to make framed display of Victor his picture for Memorial day at Margraten this May. I will pay my respect by laying flowers at his grave. But I also want to complete his story what happened to him during WWII, to keep his memory and sacrifice alive. He and his sacrifice must never be forgotten.

    Does anyone has any other information on Victor and Francis? I’m also searching for a picture of Francis to give his name a face at Margraten Cemetery.


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    hello Marcel

    Your best bet is to post the info on our sister site
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