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Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by Chris Basey, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Chris Basey

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    It would be interesting to hear of members’ experiences of interviewing WWII Veterans. We are just starting a project that will try to record the stories of those who live in our village (30 - 40 of them) and I am anxious that we don’t miss a good story for the want of ‘the right approach’.

    In some cases, I know, it will be difficult to stop them talking! Others, I suspect, may be reluctant to talk for all sorts of reasons and I bet they are the ones who had an interesting war.

    Would like to know if you use particular techniques and any tips that might help our project along.
  2. salientpoints

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    When I have dealt with them I start with normal conversation and then perhaps lead into something relevant/connecting to where you want to get to. Once they begin with something you will often find they then carry on. If they do not 'bite' at first opportunity it may be they are not interested in sharing anything at that moment in time.

  3. salientpoints

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  4. Dave Leonard

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    If of any assistance, I have found (inadvertantly) if you can get one talking, quite often he will introduce you to others who will do the same. It's a trust thing I assume.

    Also, as they are in their twilight years, they may not have talked to their familys over the years, but many are itching to open up. A person showing interest in making a oral history may be just the ticket for some of them.

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