Veteran's association for 53rd Welch Reconnaissance Division.

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  1. Oldleg

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    Can anyone tell me if there is any veterans association for the 53rd Welch reconnaissance Division? I am trying to help raise money for a memorial to be erected in the forest of Lyons, close to Lyons La Forêt for members of the regiment that were killed in '44. There is none for the 53rd if anyone can recommend any other associations that would be helpfull.. I know that the Royal British Legion don't do it. The Souvenir Français are already involved but we need to find more funds.


  2. Swiper

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    "53rd Welsh Reconnaissance Division"

    Never existed.

    53rd Reconnaissance Regiment was 53rd (Welsh) Division's Reconnaissance Regiment.

    Wiki has the structure to hand.
    53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division - Wikipedia

    There were two Veterans Associations after the war over disagreement whether the Division was 'Welsh' or 'Welch', the former were right, the latter... well that's another story.

    One problem is... if you don't know the location of the incident raising a memorial will make visitors believe the event happened 'there', so I do caution on those grounds, or have a plaque in the nearest village. If one gets this wrong you simply create new mythstory.
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    Swiper, thank you, I realised the mistake well after I had posted this.
  4. Oldleg

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    Concerning the location. We have two documents that date from that period both mention two different locations which are within 200 meters of each other. We know it definitely happened and thanks to a previous post that I had put up about three dead I the forest of Lyons I was able to find three names thanks to the tremendous reponse I got which I am eternally grateful for. There is a forth name from the same regiment who died that day but I do not know if his death is related. He now lays buried in Les Hogues cemetery where as the other three I think are buried at Longeval cemetary.
  5. Swiper

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    Can you email me the information? I'd be curious to see it.

    As I last recall the material was far too vague to even suggest a specific location.
  6. Oldleg

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    Swiper, did I ever send you anything?
  7. Swiper

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    Not from this batch, shall message you email.
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    My great uncle was with the 53rd Recce Regt., RAC, sadly he was #KIA during Operation Market Garden in Sept’44 near Luyksgestel & is buried at the CWGC Cemetery in Mierlo.
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    Dear Sir, A good friend is collecting everything about the 53 Welsh and eager to get in touch with you. He is living not far from Luyksgestel and a hugh interest in the battles who fought by the 53 Welsh

    Please contact me off board
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  10. Npteggchaser

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    Cheers for that, good to know, will do soon. Thank you.

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