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    Just joined, so pardon my ignorance if I'm in the wrong spot. Ultimately, I'm posting on my first understanding of the nature of war and something I watched as a young kid. It was an interview, but I can't remember who it was or the full detailes. I can't seem to find it to confirm my memories legitimacy, but it's stuck with me for a couple decades, if I remember it right. This individual was describing checking German bunkers and ultimately a good friend was killed when they entered one. After this tragedy, he explained that they decided to start grenading the bunkers before entering. After gernading a bunker, he explained that when they entered, he found a family or civilians inside, killed by the blast. He said something to the effect, "that's war, I guess." This moment, for me, was a chilling realization of the terrors these heros endured. Even as a child, it brought me to tears knowing that this man is brave enough to live with these horrors. I'm hesitant to finally discover the interview again, but at the same time would like to know this man's name and remember the hero he is. I've never served, but have a father who served in Vietnam, so I take a active role in understanding the personal battles our vets endured before, during and after the war. I see it in my father, who speaks very little about the Nam.
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    It isn't ringing any bells with me.

    Do you recall the nationality of the interviewee?

    "I guess," uttered in the 40s would suggest an American, wouldn't it?

    Welcome aboard, by the way.
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    I don't. It's probably been 20 yrs or so. At times I'm not sure what I've embellished or remembered correctly. But that phrase, "that's war, I guess,"
    has been stuck with me. I'm positive the story is correct, yet I was very young and memory is always volatile. I believe he was American. For some reason I always believe I was watching the history channel and watching the band of brothers. It's not in the actual theatrical versions I've searched today. I remember where I was when I watched this particular interview. Wish I could pass on more, but it's been so long. I'm betting I'm way off, but my evening has been spent watching interviews and I couldn't help but inquire.

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