Vernon John 4th BTN Welsh Reg 53rd Div KIA,Reusel 26th Sept 1944

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  1. Pete Mansell

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    Does anyone have any additional information on the actions and Vernons whereabouts from as i understand landing on Sword beach later in June through Evrecy right up to Reusel.He does not have a grave although i received an email from CWG saying a request was sent to the MOD by some of his old comrades saying that one of the unmarked graves at the CWG plot in Reusels cemetery was Vernons but apparently there was not enough evidence to prove this.
  2. harkness

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    2 men killed that day:


    8 Bransby Road, Rhondda, Glamorganshire, Wales
    Stephen John 19 Apr 1881 Provision Salesman
    Sarah John ? Jan 1881 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Lilian John 19 May 1916 Comptomiter Operator & Clerk
    Vernon J John 26 Jun 1920 Wine Waiter (Unemployed)
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
  3. Pete Mansell

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    Thankyou !!
  4. harkness

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    You're welcome!

    Just noticed that the other chap, Beck, was buried in Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery.

  5. Pete Mansell

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    Ok thanks again.I have travelled over to Holland to pay my respects on the 70th anniversary of Market Garden.Vernon has a memorial plaque at Groesbeek Canadian Cemetery.Ironically Vernons younger brother dropped troops there on the first day and was later shot down just a few days before Vernon.A terrible time for the family.
  6. XRayX

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    Interesting topic. I do not live far from Reusel and have some files stacked up about the fighting and casualties in that area. What are you hoping to find?
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  7. Philip Reinders

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  8. Pete Mansell

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    any information relating to the 4ths actions and if at all possible any details of his unit and his and their actions.Thanks for the message.
  9. Pete Mansell

    Pete Mansell Member

    Thanks Phil.Very interesting.Vernons memorial is on a plaque at Groesbeek Canadian Cemetery which i have visited.
  10. Drew5233

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    From the battalion diary
  11. Pete Mansell

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    Thank you for this.Very interesting.Trying to figure out which company Vernon would have been in.I have heard that Vernon was fighting in and around the church so it looks like he was in D Coy ?
  12. Pete Mansell

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    Hi.My daughter in law is looking for information on service records of Meirion Stanley "stan" jones.Survived the war but did lose an arm.Was in 4th battalion welsh regiment.Lived out his final days as a Chelsea pensioner.
  13. CL1

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    Hello Pete the only place you will find service records is here and you need to apply for them Get a copy of military service records
    You will not find them anywhere on the internet
    If you require further war diaries a couple of forum members offer a copy service at the National Archive at Kew for a reasonable rate.

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  14. Pete Mansell

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    Hi. After visiting Reusel and commemorating the events there I am still working,along with the town, Marcel Vosters,Frank Peter van de Goor and Raimondo in getting more evidence for Vernon to have the headstone he deserves.So after reading an extract from Emrys Davies who was with Vernon, it seems that Vernons dog tags were removed and given to the company commander,Major Tranter.Anybody out there who may know where his relatives may be or any idea where he could have given the dog tags to .Long shot !!??
  15. Ronny

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    Emrys told to me several times that Vernon lies in Reusel.
  16. jonheyworth

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    I wonder when Sheen was identified and how ?

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