Verloren in Klessin / Lost in Klessin - 2018 film

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    I recently saw a trailer for a German film called "Verloren in Klessin" / "Lost in Klessin"

    And found a few threads on here that mentioned "Klessin" e.g. : Digging up the Dead: volunteer groups

    ....and a German wiki on "Klessin" that has some details on "Klessin": Klessin – Wikipedia

    With: Google Translate

    As well as this article: Die letzten Tage von Klessin

    With: Google Translate

    Nb. I think that the film was funded "with a small budget" and the participation of volunteers: Upcoming World War II Movie "Verloren in Klessin" (2018)

    I found the trailer intriguing because not all war stories can be told with large budgets and "Klessin" is not something I have previously known much about, other than that I had previously seen it mentioned on here.

    I've not seen any reviews yet, though it may be better known in Germany? And may already have been variously reviewed there?

    Though on the whole, it may not be destined for a very wide release. The above link saying that it was "due to be premiered on October 2018" and simultaneously released on DVD (with English subtitles)

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    Hello to Oxford,

    thank you for posting this.
    I will look out for it, either on TV or else.

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