Vera Lynn's Private Jet?

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    Too cackhanded to get this picture to rotate, but I'm assuming Vera Lynn didn't have a private jet in 1944 as this claims?

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    I think the first jet airliner was the Comet in the late forties. First small jet was probably the Sabreliner in the late fifties.
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    D-Day: We toasted invasion from the runway, says Vera Lynn [The Times]

    The original “forces sweetheart”, now 102, was travelling back from a trip serenading soldiers in Burma when the aircraft she was aboard stopped to refuel in Djerba on June 6, 1944.

    Hmm - no mention of jet here just 'aircraft'


    Dame Vera recalls D-Day landings
    THE NEWS of the D-Day landings broke over the radio of a private plane transporting Dame Vera Lynn back from Burma
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    uneducated twonk

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    Ha ha! The journalist or me for my lack of ‘image rotation’ skills!
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    ha ha

    really private jet

    oh sorry news reporter found it
    we'll meet again dont know where dont know when


    with a sound studio
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    The worrying thing is that the author titles herself "Defence Correspondent"....... can't put it down to as plain typo either.
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    "Plain" typo?
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    You get the bonus point.
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