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Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by noe, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Happy homecoming.

    I'll have a double as a chaser please!

    Kind regards, always,


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    Just another one, perhaps, to "pursue" ;-)

    Vera Lynn = Gin | Bespoke Barware


    Vera Lynn = Gin

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    Suddenly it's "Out of Stock" - someone there must keep up with the news....
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    I wonder what they have for Brandy
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    Fine n Dandy

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  7. Chris C

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    She's 103 today! Amazing.
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  8. PackRat

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    The great lady mentioned in the April 1944 war diary of 130 Fld Regt, in the midst of the Second Arakan Campaign, holding concerts not far from the front line for the troops in Burma:

  9. bamboo43

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    Fantastic to see her reach such an age.
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    Great that she's still going. She must have been a blessing for the troops stationed overseas and the people on the Home Front.
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  11. bamboo43

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    For sure. All the Chindit boys who met her out there thought she was great.
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  13. Reid

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  14. JimHerriot

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    Thanks so much for posting this sad news.

    On the recent anniversary of VE Day I had "When the lights go on again" sounding out loud and clear from the record player, and it's ready to go for the anniversary of VJ day.

    It will now be an even more poignant day.

    Dame Vera was indeed a wonderful lady who's singing will keep memories of herself and many other departed alive in our hearts.

    Always remember, never forget,

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  15. DavidW

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  16. bamboo43

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    Yes, a terrible shame. I’m not sure if she was going to be involved in this year’s VJ Day 75 events, but if they take place she will be very much missed.
  17. Tony56

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    A sad loss. RIP
  18. Grasmere

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    She was mentioned by the Queen in her coronavirus speech, and in the VE Day commemorations. She did a lot for the troops in Burma. RIP.
  19. TTH

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    It says she died surrounded by family, which suggests that her death was not due to the virus. That at least is a little heartening. Covid is an ugly, painful way to go and I'm glad that she didn't have to suffer that.
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    The Space Rock years.
    (Anti smack gig, 1985.)

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