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    In June/July time this year, I was posting threads asking about officers uniforms no enable myself to get my own uniform ready for a war themed eveing. Many of you asked for in return of information I posted JPG of me in my uniform. Ive only just remembered to post this thread as I uncovered a 4 month old PM from another forum member. I was fortunate to get my photo taken with Dame Vera Lynn as she was appearing at the war and peace show.

    PS. sorry for the quality as I have no scanner, I had to take a photo of the photo using a flash.
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    You have to laugh !

    Seen in today's Times

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    I don't think they could get away with that in the states.......

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    AFP: WW2 singer Vera Lynn returns to British album charts

    LONDON — Dame Vera Lynn, the "sweetheart" of the armed forces during World War II, became on Sunday the oldest living artist to reach the top 20 of Britain's album charts, her record company said.
    Lynn, who kept up the spirits of millions with her songs and personality during the darkest days of the war, entered the charts at number 20, at the age of 92.
    Her album, "We?ll Meet Again - The Very Best of Vera Lynn", returned her to the charts decades after she topped them in the 1950s.
    "I am extremely excited and delighted to be back in the charts after all these years," she said.
    Her album overtook those of comparative youngsters U2, the Stone Roses, Green Day and Eminem.
    The album was released to coincide with this week's 70-year anniversary of the declaration of World War II.
    A spokeswoman for her record company Decca said: "She has proven that music of this vintage and significance can still resonate with the British public."
    The album features 24 songs from her golden years, including "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart", which was a number one hit in the United States in 1952.
    Lynn was born on March 20, 1917, in London and her singing career was already flourishing when war broke out in 1939.
    She was awarded the title "Forces Sweetheart" following a poll in the Daily Express newspaper, and travelled thousands of miles -- often at great personal risk -- to entertain the troops.
    She also had a BBC radio show on which she performed songs such as "We'll Meet Again", "I'll Be Seeing You", "Wishing", and "If Only I Had Wings".
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    :) That is excellent news.

    Has anyone told Roger Waters? He was asking about this very subject, twenty years ago.

    Von Poop and I know a song about that. Don't we, Adam ..... :lol:
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    Vera Lynn - Forces sweetheart - Her songs are timeless.

    What more can you say.

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    I never saw Vera Lynn in person during WW2, neither did I, now I think about of it, see any of the famous names of the time, in any of the war areas in which I served.

    We did, however, hear lots of wireless, radio to you, and this is where Vera Lynn scored.

    More than any other song, "We'll meet again", whenever I hear it, instantly transports me back to the days of WW2.

    I hate corny titles but if you have to have a "Forces Sweetheart" then Vera Lynn certainly fitted the bill.
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    10 May 2010 22:00–23:00
    BBC Radio 2

    Episode 1
    1/2. Katherine Jenkins guides us through Vera Lynn's life and legacy as the nation's sweetheart

    BBC - BBC Radio 2 Programmes - Keep Calm and Carry On: The Vera Lynn Story, Episode 1

    At the tender age of 92, Dame Vera Lynn beat Dizzee Rascal to number one in the album charts, beating the Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles Remastered along the way. Keep Calm And Carry On is a celebration of both Vera's amazing life and her astonishing achievements.
    In this new two-part documentary, Dame Vera talks candidly about her life and legacy as Katherine Jenkins tells the story of a young singer who, in 1944, packed just one dress and a pair of khakis in her bag and went to the front line in Burma to entertain the troops.
    The documentary contains exclusive contributions from Vera herself, musicians, artistes, war veterans and many others. There are also insights into Dame Vera's extraordinary accomplishments from her friends, family and those that have worked with, or been inspired by her; including Curtis Stigers, Simon Weston, Val Doonican, June Whitfield, Lionel Blair, and a man whose job requires him to move pianos through the jungle.
    Music includes Pink Floyd, Curtis Stigers, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles and, of course, plenty from Dame Vera's enormous back catalogue of timeless classics. The programme also features her earliest recordings from her very first record label.
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    I am a big fan of her, she has given a concert here in Oosterbeek during
    the Arnhem Battle commemorations, sadly I can't recall wich year it was.

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    I imagine Roger Waters will be tuning in. He'd been wondering what had become of her :)
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    Nice 1946 Bakelite radio there on the table, pity it fell over near the end. Just seen what they are going for and nearly fell over myself.
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    Sorry about that.
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    good show

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