VE Day

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    A most pleasant VE Day to all, especially the veterans among us. Here is a link to a recording of Edward R. Murrow's announcement. (If someone else has already posted on this, I apologize).

    VE Day
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    Was in France and Belgium today where it is a national holiday - about time it was here.
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    Seems like it was the last clear cut victory of the western powers along with VJ Day, eh?



    A most pleasant VE Day to all, especially the veterans among us. Here is a link to a recording of Edward R. Murrow's announcement. (If someone else has already posted on this, I apologize).

    VE Day
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    :patriot[1]: Happy VE Day :ukflag[1]:
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    The Times, 8th May 1945

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    Is this the longest we've gone in Western Europe without a war?
    64 years of Peace .
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    I like the way that was narrowed down to Western Europe...How about the Cod Wars do they count ?

    On that front 50 odd million killed as a result of WW2 I wonder how many have been killed since in conflicts around the world since then?
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    And may it last. Thanks to all of the WWII vets.
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    VE Day I shall never forget. ON that day I spent hours in the operating theatre having my legs saved from amputation; by being bone grafted. Lost my hips that your belt sits on. One leg shoter than the other .......BUT all mine!

    Major Charnley Bless him. Orthopaedic surgeon ....Genius!
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    Sapper...This may seem may or may not know...Major Charnley...I have one of his hips...not his...but he sounds like the guy who had the hips named after him...Original hip replacements...the Charnley hip...Or am I barking?
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    You are absolutely correct, Major Charnley, who was a real genius went on to be Sir John Charnley. At that time he was the orthopaedic surgeon in charge of Ward One at Shaftesbury military hospital; ward one was the ward known as the privilege ward. For it had the very worst wound cases.
    He decreed that every man in that ward, should have a pint bottle of beer each day. He recruited the prettiest girls in the neighbourhood to chat to the men, and made sure that we had chocolates and "Goodies" not obtainable outside.

    He came to see me one day and said "You are a young engineer Guy?" "Yes I am Sir"
    "I make all my own equipment,would you like to help me?" "Delighted Sir"

    So I used to go down with my wheel chair, into a room along side the operating theatre and help make his orthopaedic gear and supports. When they were finished he fitted them on me and photographed it. Each time I was given a copy. I have lost them.

    Its a long story of my association with Major Charnley, and is almost book length. HE also had the most delightful convalescent home for us. But the story is too long to post here.

    Let me say this. Major Charnley was a genius, and a outright eccentric. For me a delightful man that never stood fools gladly. So the replacement hip joint is still called "a Charnley" in the medical profession...And I had the privilege of helping him in my Twenties. BY the way the original design is still seen as the best.
    Its a long story. and takes up a great deal of space in my unpublished book "Cameos of War "
    I have been in touch wife his Widow. Lady Jill Charnley. She bless her! sent me a book on his life.
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    Giving this thread a bump with a contribution from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada:

    Bob Mason was a soldier in A Company, a rifle company. Capt. Sherman Day was the commanding officer and was killed by a sniper on May 2, 1945. He had been particularly happy that day because the end of the war was so close.

    Poem by Pte Robert G. Mason, Signals Platoon, about VE-Day


    May 8, 1945

    Just north of Wiefelstede, Germany. Capt Day got killed just before.

    London -- "You should have been there that night" he said

    "For, oh, what a wonderful time we had!

    "The bells were ringing, the sky was red

    "But you weren't there you say ... too bad!!

    "We sang in the street and we danced in the street

    "And many a happy girl I kissed

    "The crowd roared out with a joy complete

    "And ... of what a wonderful night you missed!!"

    Germany -- we crawled back out of the muddy ditch

    And ever the rain came drizzling down

    We suffered from every sodden stitch

    As we moved back into the German town.

    And as I looked in the eyes of men

    Staring out from their heart of boy

    I saw some meaning in life again ...

    A greater look ... but it wasn't joy!

    I saw in the eyes of those men I knew

    A "greater" look that in life will last

    Not only in dreams of a day that's through

    But in tears that tell of an awful past!

    ... No, ... I wasn't there when the lights came on!

    "I missed it all! ... but I can't forget

    That maybe if someone hadn't gone

    "To the switch, there might have been darkness yet!

    (I forget the fellow's name who told me about being in Piccadilly Circus, London, when the lights came on! ...

    But this is the way it was where we were!)
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    Although you & CWGC say the 2nd, Casualty Details , their history (based on the war diary) says this. (the typed roll of honour in the history says 5/02/45 .)

    ''A'' Company was now ordered to pass through and seize a main crossroad about 500 yards farther on; this point taken , the Battalion could close around it and wait the arrival of the Lincoln's from the east. About 0200 hours on the 3rd May, while leading his company forward in accordance with orders , Capt S.F. day was shot and instantly killed by a German sniper . It was tragically ironic that after leading this company from Friesoythe on through some of the most vicious and close-in fighting the Regiment had seen , he should fall two days before the war's end. His brother officers were silent and sad when they heard the unwelcome news.
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    Victory celebrations in France 1945. These may be of interest

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    During the Victory parade through Paris a Storch flew over it. Storchs were built in France and after the war a re-engined version was built and sold under a French name.
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    More shots of the Paris victory parade

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