VE Day in Moscow

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by Owen, Apr 5, 2007.

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    You'll find these to your taste then :)

    Zhukov in the Moscow victory parade, riding Stalin's white horse with Rokossovsky on another!

    Also, the Moscow Victory Parade in colour smile.gif (well, probably colourized but I'm not sure)





    Somewhere I have a longer youtube film of your 2005 victory parade. As soon as I re-dig it out again I'll post it here. We'll discuss that later when I find it.

    The artillery salvos are not by one crummy piece, they are double battery salvos! Chills your blood realyy, imagine the racket!
  3. Za Rodinu

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    I think these are the ones I meant before: (Soviet WWII victory parade, Moscow, 1945) (60th victory anniversary parade, Moscow, 2005)

    Not Youtube though. Be careful with this, for if I'm right the first is 60Mb and the second 100Mb! You were warned!

    The second film is simply delicious, not only because of the troops with period uniforms, but also because the incredible quantity of veterans they got in the parade! What they did was get a large number of period trucks and fill them with the vets, medals and all! And you can discern quite a good number of Stars of Hero of the Soviet Union, so this is not only small fish.

    If you can handle dowloading all these Mbs then go for it, it's worth the time and effort!
  4. von Poop

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    They don't muck about do they. One thing learnt under communism was how to hold a damned fine parade!
    Loved the black and white montage at the end.
  5. Owen

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    1945, brillaint, I so want to go to Moscow for my 40th!
    Oh to stand in Red Square.
    Now to watch the the 2005 one.
    edit at 23.47:how long is this one? How many Veterans, thousands, they're still coming!!!

    Cheers for that, bloody marvelous.
    I agree, the black & white ending was rather good.
  6. Za Rodinu

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    I'm happy you guys liked them :)

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