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Discussion in 'General' started by spidge, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. bamboo43

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    Thanks VP.

    An outstanding act of bravery, not just in protecting his comrades, but also regaining control of the engagement.
  2. SDP

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    I don't normally give up my British stoicism by referring to all and sundry as Heroes, that is because this guy can only be described as a Super Hero. They simply don't make them better than this. An amazing man.
  3. KevinC

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    When does he actually receive it? I watched a bit on Sky last night and I didn't see any presentation of the medal.
  4. Owen

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    already mentioned on 2 previous threads.
    do members read the forum or use 'search' ?

    post #55 onwards he's mentioned.

    and post #2 onwards here.

    That was just the announcement , he'll go to Buckingham Palace & see The Queen.

    Edit: merged threads - very interesting the two Leakeys are related? ~vP.
  5. von Poop

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    There's always at least one striking phrase in VC citations isn't there.
    Here, I suspect it may be: "with rounds impacting on the frame of the gun itself"...

    Interesting it was earnt while fighting alongside US troops - must look into reporting of it from the USMC viewpoint.
  6. Drew5233

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    Indeed..The bit that caught my eye was:

  7. The Cooler King

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