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    Hi All,

    Today when walking around Beckenham Cemetery found this headstone of William John George Evans VC and took a few photos....


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    Hi All

    Here is my small collection to Cyril Bassett VC

    His, 1915 Signalling training manual.
    1917 military map reading guide.
    3 draw telescope he brought in France ww1
    His WW2 notebooks full of information on the establishment of signals ww2
    Some cigarette cards from ww1 relating to him and Lord Robert's memorial fund stamp plus 1954 reunion card and a military cover

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    Shoeing Smith Alfred Ernest Ind.

    Royal Horse Artillery X1 section Pom Poms


    20th December 1901.

    On December 20th 1901, a sharp action was fought in the Orange River Colony, at a place called Tafelkop. So fierce and accurate was the fire of the enemy, that the whole of those serving the Pompom had, with exception of Ind, been shot down. Disregarding his comrades fate, Ind stuck to his post, firing into the advancing Boers until the last possible moment. So heroic was his behaviour on this occasion, that Captain Jeffcoat, mortally wounded as he was, signified his wish that Ind's conduct be brought to the notice of his superior officer, and, eventually, to the authorities, not only had he, on this special occasion, behaved with conspicuous bravery, but on every one in which he had been engaged since his section had been in action.

    Alfred Ernest Ind is the son of George Ind, of Tetbury Gloucestershire, where he was born September 16th 1872. Entered the Royal Horse Artillery on February 19th 1901, being promoted Corporal subsequent to the action above described. For his services during the war has been awarded the Queen's and King's medal with clasps to each, and is now a member of that celebrated battery known as the "Chestnut Troop"
    He was once wounded and four times mentioned in despatched, including that in which he was named for the Victoria Cross, which was pinned to his breast at Buckingham Palace on November 26th 1902 by H.M the King.
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    I'll add a British recipient ..

    I have a photograph taken in Keswick, early on in the War, and both he and my dad are on it. They were together during the Dieppe raid - both on that charge.

    My dad had the utmost respect for Pat - truly inspirational.

    I'm not sure if links are permissable (or if it works) - if not, please excuse me.
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    I just received a set of commemorative medals released to help raise funds for one of this country's premier support groups for veterans of the current conflicts/

    Australia's four living Victoria Cross recipients and sole George Cross recipient came together today for the first time in history, to launch a series of limited-edition medallions in support of Soldier On and Australia's wounded military personnel.

    Officially launched by the Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison, 'In the Service of Others' is a series of five medallions and a medallion set, featuring the images of Warrant Officer Class Two Keith Payne VC, Constable Michael Pratt GC, Corporal (then Trooper) Mark Donaldson VC, Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG and Corporal Daniel Keighran VC.

    Struck with the support of the recipients, the medallions come with a replica Victoria Cross or George Cross.

    Only 1000 of each medallion and 1000 medallion sets will be released, with all profits from their sale being donated to Soldier On.

    Victoria Cross for Australia recipient and Soldier On Patron-In-Chief Corporal Mark Donaldson VC said he hoped the medallions would inspire others to acknowledge the sacrifices of those wounded while in the service of the nation.

    "Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the impact and sacrifices of our military personnel," Corporal Donaldson said.

    "It is clear the public wants to help and these medallions are a way for them to support our wounded.

    "I was proud last year to come on board with Soldier On and to be helping them enhance, inspire and empower the lives of physically and mentally wounded servicemen and women.

    "I hope this collection of medallions helps inspire Australians too, to give back to our wounded by raising funds for Soldier On."

    CEO and founder of Soldier On, John Bale, said today's launch was an important show of support for wounded service personnel, who although receiving great support from Defence, benefit from additional support and opportunities during their rehabilitation.

    "It is a tremendous honour to have Australia's four living Victoria Cross recipients and sole George Cross recipient get behind this project, and we are very grateful for their support," Mr Bale said

    "I hope the community also gets on board by securing these unique medallions.

    "Our projects require funding and we are counting on the public to help us raise the money needed to support Australia's wounded warriors."

    In the Service of Others: For Valour and Gallantry is an inspiring collection minted from brass and finished in highly polished silver plate.

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    I turned on the radio yesterday and heard the end of an interview with the author Paul Carter. He was talking about a collection of envelopes belonging to his late father, signed by 81 WW2 Victoria Cross winners. He then proceeded to tell some extraordinary details of New Zealander Charles Hazlitt Upham who was one of the few men who has been awarded the Victoria Cross twice.

    You can listen or download the interview, and the section I have mentioned commences at approximately 32.45 minutes (Conversations with Richard Fidler)

    Charles Hazlitt Upham is described in this Wikipedia link

    Paul Carter’s website is

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    Given that there are only 5 surviving VC recipients for actions prior to 2005 (the four since then are technically 3 x VC for Australia & 1 x NZ VC) - of the 5 older recipients, they each represent a specific war:

    John Alexander Cruickshank in 1944 while serving with 210 Squadron RAF in Atlantic - WW2

    William Speakman 1951 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) (att'd 1st Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers) Korea

    Rambahadur Limbu 1966 2nd Bn, 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles - Sarawak, Malaysia

    Keith Payne 1969 Australian Army Training Team Vietnam - Ben Het, Vietnam

    Johnson Beharry 2005 1st Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires) Al-Amarah, Iraq

    I have attached a series of photos taken in a park near to my home in Brisbane, Australia - it is named the Keith Payne VC Park and besides info on the man himself (nice bloke, had a beer with him a few years ago) there are plaques for all Australian VC recipients across the years. The plaques are on large stones lined up across a small square that features a representation of the cross inlaid in the pattern.

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    Gazette full citation (I think...):

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