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    Vanishing pictures.
    Lots were lost in a forum merger several years ago. Two forums that shared the same software were brought together, so one of them's sets of images had the same filenames as the other's. They were inadvertantly allowed to overwrite the other set which led to a worse outcome than no pictures at all - the wrong pictures turning up in odd places.

    Other things such as dead links and Photobucket albums going untended is the way of the web, attachments are probably the most stable way to keep pictures here, but as the merger error was no doubt unintentional it could always happen again one day (touch wood it won't). Keep your own copies of anything of interest to you!

    A good feature to add would be the forum to be able to make it rain candy.
    I was thinking more the spirit of one's choice?
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    This new software sounds interesting.

    I do like the portal though. It's kind of like the living room of a house where we can all talk about stuff, and if you want to venture into one of the other rooms to browse about, you can.

    The GWF is a classic example. There is no portal and to me it just looks to complicated to navigate.

    I look forward to the update with anticipation.


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