Vandals trash Stamford model railway exhibition

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    drunk sixteen-year-olds is becoming a tautology in some places. At 16 I didn't get drunk - not out of some innate moral superiority but because I didn't have the money and nor did any of my mates. The occasional illicit half of bitter was about as much as we could manage.
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    We got into home brewing as we could make a gallon of beer for the price of a pint in the pub. First brew we just had a half to taste it and it was so strong that I think we just sat there in a daze while it wore off. We then were making about 8 gallons a week, so we had to have parties once a month, just so we had bottles for the next brew!
    One problem was that by making your own, you get used to the strength, so pub beer didn't really have any effect, which is the main reason many drink.
    All that meant to us was that we could hold our drink (in both senses) and not get stupidly drunk.
    I still retain the ability to drink (steadily) and not get a hangover.
    Possibly when I lose that ability, I'll know I've got old!!

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