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    Quoted post is from the Googleearth thread.
    But was impressed by a photo I've just seen on a website that dbf found.

    >> Here Grandads War: 5. France & Germany

    Almost the same view but not quite.

    B 10148

    Bedford MWD trucks and other vehicles of the 4th Wiltshire Regiment, 43rd Division, in Valkenswaard, 21 September 1944.

    51°20'57.03"N 5°27'29.01"E

    Then rotate GE image by 180 degrees so church is at the top then it will be a Now of the Then IWM photo
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    Good one Owen!!
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    I am not sure but I think Fallschirmjager did some D
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    Just saw someone looking at this old thread so have done a better ''Now'' by using GoogleStreetView
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    valkesewaaard 001.jpg valkenswaard.jpg
    Then and Now.This thread reminded me I had on old postcard of Valkenswaard, I then managed to find the same building on google earth, what a differance to the area. We attended a large do her in September 1994 in the ambulance, but they had to abandon it due to severe weather, so all we got was was a book of drink tickets, one tickeT could be exchanged for a drink in any bar around the Marketplien, he was suppose to issue one ticket per head in the vehicles,but because of the weather he gave up as well, gave us the complete book, the drinks flowed that night.

    regards lofty
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    Spotted this on Youtube the other day and thought it was very good indeed.

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    The cemetery at Valkanswaard, which I last visited in 2010. I took some photos of the IG's for Dbf.


    VALKENSWAARD - 6 (Large).JPG


    VALKENSWAARD - 1 (Large).JPG
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    Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 16.18.50.png
    The video link mostly gives an account of the 2nd Armoured Battalion. My father served in No. 1 Platoon, 1 Company, 3rd Battalion Irish Guards and I recall some accounts he gave:

    Michael Delaney was last seen by my father taking shelter under a tank. He'd called for Dad to join him but Dad preferred to risk finding better cover elsewhere with his section. Dad knew him well enough as Delaney had done his Depot training with Dad's cousin.

    Michael Dee wasn't far from my father's position when he was shot and killed by a sniper whilst tending to a wounded German. Dad had almost left his position to do the same, as the German soldier's cries for help were quite pitiable, but he and others had been ordered by one of their sergeants to remain in place.

    Norman Mallon had been a pre-war regular with 1st Battalion Irish Guards. He was regarded as a father figure by many of the younger men in his section and was known for managing to keep his uniform immaculate, no matter what the conditions. According to Dad, Norman left the relative safety of a ditch to retrieve a wounded guardsman who, having lost an arm, was running around oblivious to the danger. While applying a tourniquet Norman and the wounded Mick were killed by a direct hit.

    The narrative states that Walter Williams was killed when a German POW lobbed a grenade into his Loyd carrier. Not many of the Micks had much sympathy for their prisoners after that. They were sent running to the 'cage' with a helping kick or two up the backside. Dad shouted at one German who he thought was too slow but quickly realised why the man was limping: one of his feet was only hanging on by a shred. The man apparently hadn't noticed. It was thanks to that pathetic sight, he said, that all his anger left him. Dad sat him down, gave him a smoke, tended to him and called for other POWs to carry him away.
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