Valentine tanks - can anyone help me with these abbreviations/references?

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Chris C, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Chris C

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    Hi all,

    The following image is from the section on Canadian-made Valentine tanks in Design Record, Canadian-Developed Military Vehicles, World War II. I'm interested in digging down into these original reports at LAC if I can find them.


    I believe the War Museum's research centre has the tank instruction books. And I think I have found the LAC archival reference for the Field Trial Reports.

    I'm guessing - from the article on the Skink in wikipedia - that D.M.S. is Department of Munition and Supply, and A.E.D.B. is Army Engineering Design Branch?
    What about HQS, D.A.D., and I.B.U.K.?

    I'm also trying to make sense of "Tanks and M/T Library Ref" -- was there a Tanks and Motor Transport Library at one point?
  2. BFBSM

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    D.A.D. - Design and Development?

    You could try contacting the Tank Museum at Bovington, they may have copies of these documents they can supply.

  3. Chris C

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    That makes sense for D.A.D.! Thanks!

    Is the Tank Museum in the habit of providing copies of documents? That's interesting. I don't know whether they'd have copies or not... (Actually, honestly, I don't know whether these reports would have been sent to the U.K. or not. The idea that I might be able to request something from the Museum is actually amazing, I don't know what I would request, but it's exciting nonetheless!)

    Found a list of military abbreviations at LAC (that's Library and Archives Canada to you Brits). HQS is often headquarters staff...

    Could I.B.U.K. & C. be (something) U.K. & Company? A publisher...?
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  4. BFBSM

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    I think it might be I.B. United Kingdom and Canada.

    The Tank Museum do hold documents in their library which, from looking at their website, they will assist with, access and or/copies. A payment may be requested.

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